Happy July 4th everybody! We don’t celebrate it over here of course, as we came second. When we’re beaten fair and square however we don’t behave like the Germans and have a centuries’ long hissy-fit. Speaking of Jerry’s hissy-fits, Tuesday sees the 33rd anniversary of the sabotage by German intelligence (GO2) of the Piper Alpha oil and gas facility in the North Sea. All told Jerry murdered 167 men. At the time it was the single largest insurance loss for a disaster, around £1.7 billion, although a reinsurance swindle magnified that several times over.

There is no doubt that Piper Alpha was sabotaged. Dr Armand Hammer, who was rig owner Occidental’s CEO, was nobody’s fool, with respect, and had a close connection to the KGB. He suspected sabotage from the get go and instructed consulting engineers Arthur D Little to investigate. The ADL report confirmed sabotage.

Team leader the late Ashok Kalelkar, a fine engineer with respect, didn’t deny sabotage when I wrote to him. I suspect he knew that I had already talked to a team member, who confirmed sabotage then clammed up, no doubt on advice from Washington.

I was brought in years later by one of the defrauded insurers. Many of the Lloyds Names who insured the rig were bankrupted, without the courts which bankrupted them being given even a hint that Occidental Petroleum (Caledonia) Ltd, a company which very wisely went into liquidation, had defrauded them. You cannot make an insurance claim on the basis of accident when you know that the insured installation has been sabotaged.

There was an inquiry, of course, but it was only an official one, led by a judge, but only a Scottish one, no offense intended. Other than the basic facts (where the rig was, how many died and so on) you can dispense with the report.

The attack on Piper Alpha was part of the war waged by GO2 and the Cabinet Office on the Thatcher government. It was signed off by Sir Robert Armstrong, a deeply unpleasant man, no offense intended, who spared no thought for the men on the rig. For a raving madman like Robert Armstrong, no offense intended, they were mere pawns, to be sacrificed.

Armstrong thankfully died in 2020, although sadly not horribly. A traitor, no offense intended, he masterminded the 1982 attempt on the life of Queen Elizabeth II, for which he should have been executed, nicely of course. The then Director-General of MI5, Sir John Jones, was a nice chap, but not terribly bright with respect.

A former artilleryman, he was also a bit deaf, which didn’t help. No better man if you wanted to lay down a barrage with some 25 pounders and kill a few Germans, but he was out of his depth dealing with a German-sponsored attempted regicide involving the (Scottish) Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, who should also have been hanged, again nicely, although no need for a silk rope, which should be reserved for peers. Of course there was an argument, which I comprehend, that the Cabinet Secretary and the Met Commissioner should have been hanged by their testicles, but the hangman’s fee would have been higher and it takes far too long.

I should explain that the death penalty for high treason wasn’t abolished until 1998, by the Blair Labour government, as part of its policy to encourage treason. The crime of high treason, the most serious on the statute book, does not require the Sovereign to be murdered. It is sufficient if the condemned encompassed Her death, and rightly so. To have permitted Sir Robert Armstrong and Sir David McNee to carry on living after 1982 was a huge mistake.

After 1998 Cabinet Secretaries and other traitors could only be executed extra-judicially, the ordinary courts no longer having adequate powers of punishment. Thus the next Cabinet Secretary to involve himself in an attempted regicide, Sir Jeremy Heywood, had to be quietly disposed of with a vial of something nasty from Porton Down, who keep a cupboard of the stuff for these occasions. (Technically it’s a secure fridge, but all y’all will get my drift!)

The Piper Alpha sabotage was also part of Germany’s plan to destroy sterling. North Sea oil had Jerry desperately worried, given the positive impact on our balance of payments. The plan to bring in the euro, which was part of the original concept of the European Economic Community developed by the Reich Ministry of Economic Affairs in 1939/1940, was well advanced by 1988.

It should also be placed in the context of Germany’s attempt to strangle Western energy supplies after World War II, which included the Oil Price Shock of the early 70s, staged by German client states in the Middle East, and blowing up a tanker in LA Harbor in 1976. If you’re walking by a tanker and you see a Jerry, duck!

Although mass murder is one of the tools in the Cabinet Office toolkit I am not saying, for the avoidance of doubt, that Sir Robert’s replacement, Sir Robin, now Lord, Butler, was in on the plan to blow up the rig and force Britain to abandon North Sea oil. Even though he was a Cabinet Secretary, no offense intended, Lord Butler is quite a nice chap by all accounts (his son and I were in chambers together in the Inner Temple). Moreover the Germans nearly murdered him, at Brighton, in 1984, when they got their clients the IRA to blow up the Grand Hotel.

Jerry needs to be forced to pay massive compensation for the Piper Alpha sabotage, and I mean massive. First of all the families of the murdered men must be justly compensated. Then the defrauded insurers need to be reimbursed, with interest at 8 per cent and exemplary damages, reflecting the dishonesty of the German state and the Cabinet Office in covering up their criminality over a period of more than 30 years.

This could be done by agreement with our former community partner the Hun, seizing German assets in the UK and under British jurisdiction, or imposing punitive tariffs on German goods entering the UK. Had we done better counter-intelligence work in 1988 and discovered the truth, we could and should have declared war on the Federal Republic of West Germany, waging war until the Federal Republic’s unconditional surrender. Having beaten Germany a third time (or a fourth, if you count the 1966 World Cup) we should have done what we neglected to do in 1945 and broken the country up.

The sabotage of Piper Alpha was an Act of War by West Germany, whose covert DVD and GO2 intelligence services carried out the attack, using traitors like Sir Robert Armstrong. It was a repudiation of the 1945 surrender and proved, if proof were needed, that Germany’s protestations of friendship with the UK are as hollow as her assurance that she wasn’t going to invade Poland.

The souls of the murdered men of Piper Alpha cry out for vengeance.

The Euros

HMS Duke of York, by Norman Grainger

At least we beat Germany in the soccer! England’s two-nil win was their greatest over Germany since Duke of York sank the Scharnhorst on Boxing Day 1943, after which her Captain, the Hon. Guy Russell, ordered mince pies for the crew. (Her crew had had to forego their Christmas lunch as they closed in on the enemy in the towering Arctic seas.)


This was high drama. Sopwith Camel versus Albatross, Spitfire versus Messerschmitt, Good versus the evil, baby-bayonetting, nun-raping, slobbering Hun, no offense intended. Our clean living (well, almost), God-fearing, square-jawed lads gave them what for.

Incidentally should Jerry write in and say that he’s stopped bayonetting babies my answer would be twofold – he may have stopped using bayonets but he’s still murdering children, as we saw with the tragic case of Madeleine McCann, slaughtered to protect a high-ranking pedophile in the evil European Commission. Secondly, any nation which bayonets babies to death in order to terrorise a civilian population into submission must expect to be hated for all time. The Hun may have cowered the Belgians, who were only Europeans after all, and easily intimidated, but we will never bend the knee. We are not all like Cabinet Office rubbish, no offense intended. When the whistle blows and it’s time to go over the top and slot a few Huns you won’t find many of us whimpering in the bottom of the trenches.

We’ve also just beaten the Ukrainians. They didn’t have much of a chance, frankly. Ukraine’s main expertise lies in machine-gunning Jews. We don’t have any Jewish players and if they’d used machine guns in the Stadio Olimpico I imagine that even a UEFA referee would have handed out a yellow card. (For those unfamiliar with the rules of soccer machine guns aren’t allowed, even in the Bundesliga.) For those who watched the quarter-final it was permitted for the Ukrainian players to go into England’s half. They just decided not to.

Next week’s semi-final against Denmark at the Empire Stadium in Wembley (which I think has a silly new name) should be a repeat of the Battle of Copenhagen in 1801. We won that one 15 – 0, even without Harry Kane, although we did have Lord Nelson.

Batley and Spen byelection

Labour just scraped home in Thursday’s byelection, after a weak campaign by the Tories, who went along with the lie that the previous but one MP Jo Cox, was murdered by a ‘right-wing’ extremist. That was the official position, but it was of course nonsense, indeed it almost had to be, since it came from the CPS, no offense intended. Cox of course was murdered by GO2, in order to help the Remain side in the referendum by smearing Leave. Thomas Mair is no more a right-wing extremist than my late aunt Agnes.

Labour’s celebrations may have come too soon. That nice man George Galloway, who came third, is planning a challenge. The result stinks. Polls showed Labour trailing by six points, which in reality meant eight to nine at least. Labour had all but given up hope then had a flurry of activity in the last few days.

Local government in Britain is corrupt, sadly, and reports to the Cabinet Office, who are backing the sinister, Rejoiner Labour leader, Sir Keir ‘von’ Starmer. My analysis is that the Cabinet Office decided to rig the result and ordered the police to dispose of ballots from areas likely to favour Galloway. The turnout was suspiciously low for a tense byelection which might have led to a leadership challenge against Starmer.

I also think that Labour went along with the rigging, and agreed to put on a show to fool the media. Since there were no intelligent journalists covering the byelection that was never going to be difficult. I’m sending a copy of this column to George Galloway of course.

Commonwealth v. Cosby


I know that there have been captious criticisms of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court’s decision (J-100-2020) to free Bill Cosby, but Associate Justice David Wecht’s opinion with respect is a closely reasoned judgment containing a ringing endorsement of the principle that a prosecutor is a minister of justice. I hesitate to speak ill of the man, but I have reason to believe that he’s a Democrat, no offense intended. However any conservative should endorse this decision without hesitation.

The DA publicly stated in 2005 that the great comedian Bill Cosby would not be prosecuted for an alleged sexual assault on Andrea Constand.

Justice Wecht

He had no case, and he knew it, indeed his successor effectively admitted as much by conducting a shameful exercise in character assassination, no offense intended, under the guise of similar fact evidence. In reliance on the DA’s statement Bill Cosby waived his Fifth Amendment rights in the civil proceedings brought by Constand, who had taken care to lawyer up before contacting Canadian police (even though the alleged assault took place in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania!).

In an egregious piece of prosecutorial misconduct with respect the new DA then used partial admissions by Cosby against him in the criminal trial. I respectfully agree with everything said by Justice Wecht and have nothing to add. I am of course forwarding a copy of this column to the learned judge as a courtesy.

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  1. I have a habit of looking for anniversary dates in disasters, and I believe this may be one. Piper Alpha, worst oil rig fire in terms of loss of life, occurred on July 6, 1988. This was 44 years years to the day after another singularly disastrous fire, this time in America during WWII. I’m referring to the Hartford circus fire arson, which killed ~168 people, on July 6, 1944. The dead were mostly women and children, and this fire looks to me to have been designed to destroy morale at home during wartime. It was also 1 month after D-Day (June 6). An answer to D-Day?… The Hartford fire officially killed 168 people, and the Piper Alpha fire killed almost the same number, 168.

  2. I have my suspicions about Michael. I believe he is a double agent and a half mole working both sides of the fence, with very very powerful friends in high places.
    His legal troubles are only a cover to give him street credibility.
    All in all, I think he is a decent fellow at heart.
    No offense intended.

    • Jewish Shrimpton hypocritically uses an anti-German racist slur (“Jerry’s”).

      He knows fully well his Jewish privilege protects him from reciprocation.

    • I actually phoned Israeli’s favorite intelligence agency to help Shrimpton when he was arrested. I didn’t record the call. They let him hang.

    • Shrimpton is not Jewish; he’s a Brit, and a former Catholic who is now Anglican. His extensive family tree is available in his book Spyhunter. Incidentally, Brit is short for British, just as Gerry or Jerry is short for German. Nothing racist about it. However, when he is upset, Shrimpton will refer to the Hun, a term used in aviation during The Great War (WWI). There’s a nice poster in the RAF Museum, of a Brit biplane fighter being followed by a German biplane hiding in the sun. The famous caption on the poster says, “Beware of the Hun in the Sun.”

  3. I don’t know what you have on the guys at VT, that they allow you to print such BS. I have been a Control and Instrumentation Eng. for a sizable chunk of my working life. I worked for several major Petrochemical players and spent 5 years altogether on various drilling and production rigs in the North Sea. Where do you get off talking so much shite, I am simply stunned. The Cullen report was no white-wash, and the overriding of Alarms and ESD systems was widely known. Your Hebrew brethren ensured that production continued irrespective of nigh catastrophic problems, and hey, so a couple of hundred goys go up in smoke, the Co. can wear the fallout. You speak from a position of ignorance, and you make up lines like some fiction paperback writer. In a world of almost non-existent free speech, clowns such as your self should be relegated to creating headlines for the Star and The Sun. God save us from your sort of journalism.

  4. I don’t know what happened, but one line in the story caught my eye:

    “The ADL report confirmed sabotage.”

    The ADL being cited as a legitimate source for anything is amusing — and even more so when it’s blaming the Germans.


    • Pat, you are thinking of the wrong ADL. ADL here refers to the firm of Arthur D Little. Quote from article makes that plain: “He suspected sabotage from the get go and instructed consulting engineers Arthur D Little to investigate. The ADL report confirmed sabotage.”

    • JS,

      Thanks. I quickly skimmed Shimpton’s story, which is why I acknowledged not knowing what happened.

      But I did read his “Full Complete Bio” which confirmed my suspicions about him. Most regulars here at Veterans Today will understand:

      “He has represented US and Israeli intelligence officers in law and briefed in staffers on the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and the Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9-11. In the wake of that murderous attack he addressed panels on terrorism in Washington DC and Los Angeles organized by the respected Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs.”

  5. living in america…

    no he is living here on a diplomatic passport.. very doubtfull he has an american visa..

    and why should WE care !

    did the guy ever think about getting a paying job !

  6. I was offered a job on the Glomar Java Sea which subsequently sank with loss of all hands. Wild cat drilling is dangerous enough without the willful acts of violence from insane criminals.

  7. “When we’re beaten fair and square however we don’t behave like the Germans and have a centuries’ long hissy-fit ”

    What the Brits do when they are beaten physically, is immediately switch to the religion and financial game. This has marked a high rate of success. In the US it has been way to easy for them. Look the prince has married and is living here, no mention of the tax obligation….

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