Rebrand, Repackage, Relaunch!

Pieter Brueghel the Elder, The Blind Leading the Blind, tempera on linen-canvas, 1568. From left to right: Crazy Nancy, Chicken Little Walensky, Sleepy Joe, Kamala I can’t Stop Laughing Hysterically Harris, Snake-Oil Bag-Man Fauci, & Humpty Trump.

by Edmund W. Dalpe, BA. MFA. ©July 4, 2021. VT

▪ The Noose is Hanging

▪ An Immaculate Infection

▪ In Flagrante Delicto

▪ Lilliputian Primacy

▪ The Wrecking Crew

▪ Bibliography

The Noose is Hanging:

Most are familiar with the so called artist statements we have been inundated with –ad nauseam. However, I would like to introduce something completely different, an artist complaint! That’s right, I spent some time in advertising when I was young and as dumb as a box of rocks. Nevertheless, I remember its first three rules; rebrand, repackage, relaunch! So, here you have it:

I have owned nothing for my entire life and learned to love it (Davos, 2021). As such, if you’re looking for sympathy about an economic system that has abused my kind for millenniums, or if you think I care one iota about statecrafters that lie to everyone about everything with every breath they take, … wait for it … you guessed it, –forgetaboutit!

What I do find concerning is, not that our systems are teaming with thieves, or that most can no longer discern the differences between someone speaking the truth or spinning a yarn, what’s disturbing is, how that mass gullibility is harnessed to deploy the mrna experiment medical procedure! To say that’s a problem is an understatement. Simply put, it could mean the ruin of what it means to be a human being –permanently; along with all of its ramifications. But first, let’s talk turkey.

An Immaculate Infection:

Over the millenniums our knowledge has become so vast, that out of expediency, it has become a religion. No comprehension required, just memorize the trivium, “and as memorization is believing, our minds got wrapped in a pious sail” (Dalpe A, pg.8, 2018). What I am inferring is, academia and its various denominations are actually religious institutions run by clerics posing as enlightened beings. Likewise, phrases like “follow the science” makes my ass twitch uncontrollably.

Unlike an academic, artists tend not to worship that morgue of trivium, they challenge it more often than not (Dalpe B, 2018). Nor do they think hypothetically, because hypothetically an elephant can be suspended from a daffodil. Artists think in abstract metaphorical terms, with an innate cognitive capacity inherent in being, which is the only mind set designed for heavy lifting. A yotta-flop of AI processors can not compete with creative thinking, because it’s built upon hypothetical trivium and it’s infertile; it lacks the cardinal variable that can never be programmed –our humanity.

For example, last year, when reports of a pandemic were inundating mass media, I looked along many human pathways and saw no convulsing bodies, just wide eyed bandits hoarding gobs of TP.

Subsequently, when my metaphorical mind dreamed of us all jubilantly hacking off our feet and tossing them into the air with bloody laughter, that told me everything I needed to know about the so called lock-downs. From that point forward academia’s hokum on the issue was considered bad medicine.

My natural mind was expressing the abject absurdity of this social insanity. No, I didn’t need to submit my thinking for peer review, nor did I feel a need to seek the approval of another human being; it’s a visceral understanding built upon lived experience and knowledge inherent in being, not hypothetical conjecture. I trust its council with my life, because that’s its primary function.

Bottom line, if you need to know the nature of a thing, trust in your creative intellect, or god, whatever the case may be. Find your center, listen to your inner voice being drowned out by mass noise and disinformation. If you find yourself mumbling about an issue, i.e., self-censorship, realize that’s what your trained mind’s logic was designed to do –suppress human intuition.

Like mumbling, don’t fall into the social trap of feeling you’re obligated to justify your decisions to anyone, unless those decisions affect them. In this particular context, i.e., the plandemic, the one and only argument that applies is an academic fraud immersed in hydrogel, then wrapped in a protective polyethylene glycol shell, in order to slip past your blood brain barrier to impede your mind’s ability to think clearly. However, all you really need to know is, in all perpetuity, never has a healthy person infected another, unless we are talking about Fauci performing an immaculate infection … na … he couldn’t be, he barely passes for a high priest of a corrupt religious institution (Lancet, 2020).

In Flagrante Delicto:

Now that I have established academia as a religious cult, we can now behold their edicts with all due consideration they merit. However, the question still remains as to how their mrna experimental procedure can ruin humanity, and by ruin I mean destroy our creative potential.

To begin with, academics are all over the place on the question of, will or will not the mrna-tech alter our genome. I can’t speak to that, because it’s not in my skill set. However, what I do know from HS biology is, reverse transcription is assured with the right enzyme present in the vaccine, of which the ingredients are a propriety trade secret, which in turn obligates me to assume the worst.

Let’s also assume a greater than a 50% inoculation target is reached, according to their own ginned up poles. That could mean in several generations, the human genome can become altered permanently into a synthetic GMO, i.e., not hybrid, but fledgling cyborg; it’s the rule of probability and outcome.

Most importantly, when you realize this Franken-Shot was contrived by academia’s pious clerics, and pushed by their religious zealots, whom I would not trust with my pet rock, you grasp, not just the manifold dangers they pose, but their duplicitous method when they brand me as hesitant! I’m not hesitant, I’m emphatic. I have no intention of participating in a possible extinction level event of our own technological contrivances.

Branding me as hesitant infers I am uneducated, i.e., dumb, which is how they control us, via manipulating the hypothetical trivium, which is an impossible purchase from an abstract metaphorical mind, because there is nothing hypothetical about it.

For example, World Health Organization’s lessons learned from their 2008-9 swine-flu fiasco, was to adopt the first three rules of advertising for its resurrection in 2020; rebrand, repackage, and relaunch. Except, instead of rebranding, they re-wrote the language that defines; heard immunity, what a vaccine is [warp-speed my ass], and the nature of a pandemic, which now includes the common flu

(Undercurrents, 2021). However, what they did rebrand is most mortalities to covid deaths. It’s biblical; flu deaths miraculously vanished in the year 2020 AD, deaths from old age took a hiatus, and those that fell down open manholes while texting contracted covid in their buggy ride to the morgue.

Absolutely, many are branded as hesitant, not because they are entertaining getting the shot, it’s because their language was commandeered. Language, like every other academic system, is a rigged game. They rewrote the meaning of pivotal words before the conversation began, which proves that they are as duplicitous as they are dumb, which also supports my earlier assumption that a transcriptase enzyme is most likely in those vile vials. Gratefully we have an incorruptible abstract metaphorical human language to protect us against academics of all denominations, which can never be sullied; that is, until now.

According to Dr. T. in an interview with Beeb magazine, she stated, “mrna covid 19 injections contain a magnetized nano particle attached to the mrna, which crosses the blood brain barrier and then is attracted to the brain, particularly midline structures” (Beeb, 2021). Midline structures is another way of saying, the limbic system. As our brain’s electrical signals will naturally attract all of those magnetized nano particles (Martín,  2021), we may conclude this jab has nothing to do with covid.

So there you have it! It’s mind tech. They are targeting our capacity for creative thought by interfering with the limbic system, “an evolutionary bridge between the higher and lower orders of our mind. It bridges the present with the past to build a future, which makes the limbic system the very kernel of our creative mind” (Dalpe [A], pg. 175, 2018). As an artist, who depends on human creative thinking, agreeing to be injected with anything that can interfere with the limbic system, the very bridge to human creativity, is not even in the realm of possibilities.

Yes, art is mind-tech (AI), in fact it’s our core-tech, because it was the first social extension of how the human mind naturally built meaning, and still does, i.e., dreams and imagination socially expressed as art! However, as our conscious mind is trained exclusively in the socially evolved form of our coretech, i.e., art’s transformation to holy hypothetical trivium, while our subconscious mind still swims in ancient metaphorical waters, we have experienced a crisis of mind and culture, which has been in a perpetual state of war since. The question is, will those whom were inoculated loose what is left of their humanity?

In context to preventing our chromosomes from being sullied by synthetic gametes, if we insure that republicans never do the nasty with a democrat, no matter how desperate they become, that 50/50 ratio, i.e., the supposed percentage that took the shot, will be diminished by half. Because, unlike democrats, most republicans will not take the shot; they have a natural robust immunity to plandemics.

Moreover, conservatives are more likely to be members of the mile high club, as where liberals tend to get a bit confused about the appropriate venue for such urges, like CNN’s Zoom masturbator Jeffrey Toobin. No self respecting conservative would, [A] work for CNN, and [B] engage in flagrante delicto with themselves, i.e., toying with their privy member while conducting business. Conservatives are more eloquent in such matters. Generally, you will have no idea you’ve been shagged by a Republican, until you read the fine print.

More importantly, many esteemed virologists and medical doctors are stating the shot will likely kill many that were injected within the next three years. As sad as that is, we have to find the good in all things, because such a high mortality rate will lower that ratio to almost nil. Meaning, I don’t think we have to do a damn thing to protect the human genome, because academia in its usual efficacy will end up sterilizing, crippling, or killing most of the “volunteers”.

Lilliputian Primacy:

Currently, the open-vaers reporting system, which accounts for 1% of deaths reported, has recorded 6985 killed to date by the mrna experimental medical procedure (VAERS, 2021). That’s almost 70 thousand Americans dead from the initial shock to the human system. The lion’s share of carnage will likely occur over the next few years from various complications of the spike protein, which includes, but is not limited to the following; prion disease (Classen, 2020),  cardiomyopathies (Lei, 2021), Thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (Shimabukuro, 2021), blood clots, embolisms, strokes, heart attacks, and cytokine storms caused by the spike protein interfering with type M-2 macrophages (Tenpenny, 2021).

Therefore, the long-term danger posed to our genome appears to be mitigated for the time being, out of academic gross incompetence. However, those that took the shot are spike protein manufactures, and we have no idea their effect on a healthy population.

Let’s recap as to what we do know:

  1. We know academia has the mrna tech to modify our dna via reverse transcriptase (Wikipedia, 1974).
  2. We know our lieges were, are, and always will be control freaks that have been engaged in habitual lying, thieving and all manner of underhanded endeavors since civilization began.
  3. We also know governors abhor creative independent thinking. i.e., from Plato to cancel culture.
  4. We also know academia has the tech to target specific genetic sequences that can interfere with human behavior (Gates, 2005).
  5. As you have to sign an indemnity contract before getting the shot, which includes a non disclosure clause (NDC), we must conclude, our inevitable injuries and deaths will be kept from the public. That explains why the VAERS reporting system (run by FDA & CDC) is expunging records. The NDC makes it perfectly legal to do so under the emergency authorization act (authored by the same FDA & CDC)!
  6. We also know academia will not tell us what’s in the shot, except for generalities (see #2-4).
  7. We also know more than half of the CDC’s own personnel refused the shot, and I guarantee those are the academics, not the workers in support roles threatened with termination if they refuse.
  8. Finally and gratefully, we also know academia is the graveyard of new ideas, because for them, without peer review, nothing exists (Savory, 2021).

With everything we know, what baffles me are the reasons people give for taking the shot. “I want to get back to normal” is the most popular; whatever it means. Bluntly, I believe that most are so inured with the system, they will not see the truth; it’s too frightening for them. I think J. Edgar Hoover hit the nail square on the head, “The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists”.

Apparently, the most frightened and crass creatures in society have been marshaled to coerce everyone to submit to their social experiment. Which is why news is unpalatable; they have weaponized it against us. Main Stream Media (MSM) is not speaking to an American public, they are giving the Lilliputians their marching orders. And as will become obvious in the final section, social insanity is nothing new to the human experience.

The Wrecking Crew:

I don’t read the bible much, because it gives me a headache. It reads too much like a who’s who in the  godfather’s capo-regime. Nevertheless, I do enjoy some old testament parables. One in particular I never truly understood, until experiencing covid insanity, is the story about Sodom and Gomorrah. I found a Lot of parallels between then and now.

My interpretation of the parable, specifically the egregious crime committed by the inhabitance of those two cities was, … wait for it, … cancel culture! The rebuke against Lot and his guests arose from the Gomorrite’s and Sodomite’s outrage that Lot and company dared to think for themselves. Angels were forced to intercede by striking the riffraff with blindness when they intimidated Lot and his guests for not conforming (Moses, circa 2000 BC).

The parable speaks of god’s, or of human nature’s, intolerance of a hive-mind, because it runs contrary to our creative human independent spirit. Suppression of free will is exposed as a crime of such unimaginable magnitude, that it warrants utter and total annihilation. Unfortunately, the old testament’s solution to that strain of social madness is unthinkable, but then again, carnage is starting to gain its appeal after only one season of the new ab normal.

The good news is, we are behind an aegis of far more than 10 good people. I estimate 75% have refused to get a shot from general observations and MSM’s incessant promotional advertising seizures.

A dawn is breaking over the Mind Eternal in various disciplines, and I’m not talking about those channeling Joseph McCarthy on social media. I’m speaking about humanities, medicine and the law. I have found the thread that binds them all is a fundamental re-evaluation of everything they were trained to believe as truthful in their respective disciplines.

The parable of Sodom and Gomorrah speaks to an endurance of the creative independent spirit and to those who would destroy America by weaponizing fear. Many species find safety in numbers. However, in human culture that stratagem brings out the worst humanity has to offer. You know the mind-set, they are true humanitarians, “I don’t have to run faster than the bear, I just have to run faster than the guy with the limp!” Eventually our social fabric will be torn to shreds.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the 32nd president of the United States, unequivocally understood the insidious nature of fear and how to unite a divided nation when he proclaimed, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself” (Roosevelt, 1933).

Irrefutably, today, America is run by a regime who’s MO is opposite of FDR’s. Fear is their bread and butter, which tells us everything we need to know; they’re a wrecking crew. Moreover, everybody knows Americans will not acquiesce to their agenda, whatever it is, or whomever they martial with their fear mongering, and the experimental mrna shot is obviously central to their duplicitous objective.

The right to bodily integrity, a non-reducible principle of autonomy, shared by all living beings, since time began, will never be open for discussion, except by scavengers, parasites and predators.

PS: In good conscience, I must confess, you have just suffered through an extended artist polemic, that was rebranded as an essay, repackaged with a bit of humor, and relaunched with a smattering of subterfuge. What better way to hide a long drawn out incoherent artistic diatribe against academia, that ordinarily would be avoided like the plague, than to present a mini artist’s gripe from the get go? I.e., misdirection and thus hiding in plain sight!


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  1. I read and found myself agreeing with you. I also have avoided the “shots”. I figure what the hell; if its a gamble, so be it. Plus there has to some folks left to bury everyone. Those spiked proteins are going to be everywhere. Well water, social distancing and lots of Lysol will be the order of the day. Good luck to everyone, no matter what choice you make.

    • I would not worry too much as it lowers your immune system. What is uplifting is academia’s track record of incompetence …

  2. Science follows the 7 day work week based on the sun and six planets (earth excluded) and the names of animals in their tongue are all Latin, so we must conclude that Roman religion is the very source of their entire ideology. And of course they embrace even our own animal name as homo Erectus, (gay man with an erection) which is suspicious coming from the church. I am comfortable with ape man.

  3. Surrealism is the closest to truth art gets. Because Genesis follows the decans and trecenas simultaneously, chapter 18 is Tzikin trecena and the first decan of Libra (Scales). Thus there must be 3 guests, a feast, a favorable outcome for the host, and a cave or tent in the heat of the day, promiscuity, and mystical spiritual origins of said guests, as the Tzikin part (I-Ching # 5). Then it shifts to the discussion of the scales, how many good people have to exist before we call off the bombing run ? and so it goes… hammering down the number of justifiable genocide. The angel rapers really wanted some of that action, and as the trecena flows into the next, the daughters rape the drunk father to preserve the seed, the entire object of the next trecena Qanil. (I-Ching # 18) It was written by sages dedicated to preserving and teaching the elements of time and the noticeable affects on humanity. The year bearer of 2020, is highly suggestive of emotional turmoil, and the spread of disease by way of uncleanliness and carelessness. By submitting myself for experimentation, the quandary now is, will I be able to study myself in my now potentially reduced mental state or not. Will I know if I’m dumber ? So far, I do not feel any more inclined to embrace regulatory institutions but I’ll have to keep observing,.

    • Yes, I agree. The more I learn, the more I find the word truth as an activity akin to chasing my own tail. Surreal is a interesting word for art. I like it, because it’s more of a question.

  4. In the abstract, while the notion of making successive jumps from an airplane, with each jump using a smaller and smaller parachute, the goal being eventually you won’t need a parachute, may sound enticing, gravity is real.

    • Yes, there are what we may call fundamental truths, that are so apparent they can not be hypothetically negotiated –splat!

  5. Light is dawning.
    It is a comfort.
    There is hope.
    The entire universe was created.
    The Creator gave His Word.
    All the mystery of Life is found in it.
    The key to unlocking all its secrets is in believing.
    The Creator does not reward, or enlighten those who believe He does not exist.
    Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.
    To read the Holy Bible, with believing eyes, is like reading a book in a foreign language, after you’ve finally mastered that language.

    • Nicely spoken, words of faith in one’s creative nature. We are amazing beings, if we only listen!

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