Russia: US Army/Israel using Low Dose Sarin Gas to Supplement CV19 Deaths (Hacked/Banned Blockbuster!)



  1. I believe every word, here it’s mostly micronized gel, about 1/500 size drop of water, for 4th July they are running larger chunks in desperation. Sadistic to the end, the dick cutters need entertainment, twenty gallons a day into my yard does the trick.

  2. Strangulation planet, sovereign nation, reservation, the covid cuckoo curse. Spraying no delaying (high pressure, low volume emitters) rigged yards n roof. Inslaw and banking seeds out location. Pychotomimetics all the way…. baby bro sarin too, gambling away of our lives, breathe it in…

  3. Ah, the powers that be, ever on the move, coming up with new and improved methods of human population reduction. These were the same folks that Jesus threw out of the Temple. They’ve never for given him for that to this very day.

    Along with Mihail, you have to wonder if they’re even human anymore, maybe some AI profit algorithm that is determined to rid the planet of human beings, hence: global warming, bioweapons, nuclear warfare, etc. In any case, the powers that be, who or whatever they are, will not prevail as there is indeed a “Higher Power” that is all about justice, compassion, and truth no matter what they tell you.

  4. Look at shape of CV19 virus, perfectly round so it will easily roll down the throat and esophagus to lodge in lungs.
    Not a natural shape but a man-made one by evil sports fans to make sure the virus does it’s job on the targeted human populations.
    How easy to dip the virus-balls in low dose sarin jelly before deployment….
    Iran got hit with the low dose sarin stuff. It’s government was targeted; revenge for the missle attacks on two US airbases. Then it all simply blamed on the wuhan virus which did not contain low dose sarin, but did target Chinese race.
    Italy and Spain hit hard since similar genetics to Iranians, as the Iranian deployment was also a designer-type, made to fuck up Persians but not Israelis or the white fascist types.
    Labor concocted viruses mutate like crazy however. So a monumental fuck up.

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