How Guys Can Look Their Best This Summer

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Summer temps are here, and it’s not just the ladies who want to look and feel their best. Guys get put on the back burner when it comes to the best summer products and routines that help you look and feel your absolute best when the summer heat starts raging.

Summer Styling

Looking your best can start with style. It’s time to put the suits away and break out the casual wear.  Avoid looking slumpy and instead, take your casual wear wardrobe to new levels with these cool and modern tank tops for men.

Not only will you look your best in an updated summer wardrobe, but you will feel just as cool as you look in these one-of-a-kind tanks. Their sleeveless style will keep things breezy and allow you maximum movement capabilities.

Board Shorts Aren’t for the Birds

Building a new summer wardrobe means choosing items that enhance all the aspects of summer that we love, like:

  • Lounging by the pool.
  • Sunbathing in the sand.
  • Swimming in the ocean or the pool.
  • Summer sports like volleyball or surfing.
  • Remote working from home or your vacation spot.
  • A Night with friends on the town.

Board shorts get a bad wrap, but with new designs and styles using fun, unconventional materials and patterns on the market, they can easily be dressed up or down to go from a day at the beach to a night on the town.

Summer Skin

Skin routines aren’t just for the ladies. The gents have skin that’s just as important to care for as the ladies. There is a whole slew of highly-rated products that are perfect additions to your summer skin routine.

Starting a new summer routine is easy. Try out these steps for healthy summer skin:

  • Start with an oil cleanser. Our skin can increase oil production in the summer, especially with increased sun exposure. Our first instinct is to use an astringent cleanser when an oil cleanser will penetrate your layer of natural oil easier and help remove old sunscreen build-up, dirt, and dead skin much more efficiently.
  • Once you’ve effectively cleaned your skin, try using a toner to help clarify your pores and leave your skin feeling refreshed.
  • Next, it is essential to moisturize. The sun can pull moisture from our skin, and our skin is less likely to burn if it is reasonable and hydrated. Add in a daily moisturizer to help manage oil production and make sure your skin starts everyday hydrated.
  • Finally and most important, SPF. A summer routine would not be complete without the most crucial step, sunscreen. Using daily sunscreen helps protect your skin from harmful cancer-causing UV rays and enables you to build a nice base layer for your tan gradually and safely.

Summer Workouts

We know our days are lazy and sun-drenched in summer, but they can also be great opportunities to get your sweat on so you can lounge a little more challenging throughout the day. Building up your heart rate for at least thirty minutes once a day in aerobic or cardio activity will help you keep off unwanted summer pounds, get a better night’s sleep, and feel better. The best part is that cardio is readily available in a variety of different formats all summer long.

Some of our favorite ways to warm the body up with a bit of cardio and enjoy those longer days are:

  • A sun-centered yoga practice. Sun salutations are invigorating, and they are great for getting the body moving first thing in the morning. Why not wake up and appreciate all this glorious warm weather while stretching it out? Two great things about yoga are it requires little to no special equipment ( the sand makes a great yoga mat), and it gets you limber for other fun beach activities.
  • Pick up a morning golf game. Even if you’ve never tried the sport, let this summer be the one where you learn the difference between a birdie or a bogey. Golf is a great activity that gets you outside and uses new muscle groupss, skills, and mental focus. It’s an excellent game to play with friends and enjoy nature. Not to mention there are unique and beautiful golf courses everywhere!
  • Organize a volleyball competition. Get to know other vacationers by organizing a volleyball competition over the week. See how many teams join up to when the top spot by the end of the week. Volleyball is a great low contact sport that gets your heart moving and engages your core as well as some aerobic activity. Just be sure to wear sunscreen.
  • Sign up to go snorkeling. Not only will you get to explore new and exciting places, but you’ll get your body moving while viewing sea life and unique underwater landscapes. Many beach towns offer a short cruise to go along with the snorkeling, where you can enjoy an adult beverage or two—a win-win in our book.
  • Late-night water polo in the condo pool. Grab an even amount of beach buddies. It doesn’t have to be the usual seven per team and set up a late-night game. Glow in the dark volleyballs or beach balls and a polo playlist are a must. You can easily set up a newgroups chair as your goal. Each team will try to get the ball to their end of the pool without pulling the ball underwater. The first team to 20 or 25 goals wins!
  • Interval beach running. There is nothing more relaxing than a cool and beautiful beach sunrise. Optimize your time enjoying the sunrise with a bit of interval training on the beach. The soft sand and waves will keep you on your toes, while the ocean spray keeps you cool while you run the seemingly endless coastline. The beach is usually not crowded first thing, and the tide is still a bit lower, making for an easy and comfortable run in the sand closer to the water.

Once you’ve got your skin routine and your summer workout routine on lockdown, it’s time to start working on that summer body from the inside out. Starting each day with a multivitamin will help you kick start your vacation into high gear. Doctor formulated like Roman Daily Multivitamin is optimum for men’s health with 23 nutrients. Now you can let the multivitamin do the heavy lifting.

A multivitamin like Roman contains a slew of vitamins and minerals:

  • Vitamin D directly supports heart health.
  • B Vitamins for brain function and the healthy formation of red blood cells.
  • Magnesium for keeping the blood pressure down and at a manageable level while calcium supports bone and cardiovascular health.
  • Vitamin A and Zinc for a strong and healthy immune system that supports protein and DNA production in the body.

A high-quality supplement supports your body through play, relaxation. It can even support your skin as it repairs itself from sun exposure, not to mention the everyday immunity support and health elevation.

Style Through Routine and Simplicity

It doesn’t take much to begin looking and feeling your best for summer. Adding a few fresh clothing items, a fresh face, and an essential vitamin to your daily routine will get you feeling ready to take on the waves and all that sunshine this vacation season.


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