by Jonas E. Alexis, VT Editor

I must admit that I have not been paying much attention to critical race theory (CRT) because I never thought that it has any metaphysical substance. But since it is now becoming the new dynamic movement on the block, then it deserves a response.  

It has been around for some years, but it has recently become so controversial in public schools around the country that teachers are being forced to implement it in their classes, despite the fact that “55 percent of teachers said the option to teach CRT in K-12 education should not exist.”

Moreover, “Parents across the country have also publicly opposed the teachings be added to the curriculum of their children’s education. Almost half of U.S. states have proposed legislation against the indoctrination of children through CRT in public schools.”

So, what really is CRT? Take it from two of its finest proponents, Richard Delgado and wife Jean Stefancic. They declare in Critical Race Theory: An Introduction:

“Unlike traditional civil rights discourse, which stresses incrementalism and step-by-step progress, critical race theory questions the very foundations of the liberal order, including equality theory, legal reasoning, Enlightenment rationalism, and neutral principles of constitutional law.

“After the first decade, critical race theory began to splinter and now includes a well-developed Asian American jurisprudence, a forceful Latino-critical (LatCrit) contingent, a feisty LGBT interest group, and now a Muslim and Arab caucus. Although the groups continue to maintain good relations under the umbrella of critical race theory, each has developed its own body of literature and set of priorities.”[1]

What a minute. Isn’t that an implicit denial of what Martin Luther King himself articulated? Didn’t King say that “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character”?

If colorblind is not enough, as Kimberlé Crenshaw argues,[2] then aren’t CRT proponents perpetuating a race-based movement? So why are we focusing on “race” as one of the core issues in the first place[3]? Why not character, as Martin Luther King himself proposed?

As the black scholar John McWhorter of Columbia University will point out in his upcoming book Woke Racism, what the “woke racism” movement is articulating is essentially a new religion, one which has “betrayed black America.” In response to the fraudulent book White Fragility, which actually became a New York Times best-seller, McWhorter wrote that the book “openly infantilized Black people” and “simply dehumanized us.”

What Fragility, McWhorter continued, “does not see fit to address why all of this agonizing soul-searching is necessary to forging change in society. One might ask just how a people can be poised for making change when they have been taught that pretty much anything they say or think is racist and thus antithetical to the good.”[4]

Moreover, if CRT proponents concede that character is part of the equation, then why can’t these people discuss the South Side of Chicago, where people are being shot almost literally every single day?

If people like Kimberlé Crenshaw and Priscilla Ocen are really concerned about “Black Girls Matter,”[5] why don’t they spread the same gospel in the South Side of Chicago? Why are they afraid to address the issue in that environment as well? Over the fourth of July alone, 14 people have been killed and 86 others have been shot in Chicago.[6]

One of the people who got shot was a six-year-old girl.[7] Another five-year-old girl got shot in a Southeast Side alleyway.[8] Moreover, two police officers got shot because they were trying to break up a crowd there.[9] This prompted one individual to call Chicago “a war zone.”[10] So, was George Floyd more important than 14 people who died in Chicago? Was he more important than the police officers who were trying to risk their lives to save the community?

If no, then why don’t CRT proponents and apologists and BLM activists get on the political platform and confront the problem? Why don’t they base their worldview on serious statistical data? All these people have to do is look at the statistical record of violent crime even in the black community, and the statistics show that black-on-black crimes are astronomically higher than policy brutality.

As I write, one article headline is this: “College Football Star Ladarius Clardy Dead at 18 After More Than 50 Shots Are Fired at His Car.” A police officer was not responsible for that. We all know that all hell would break loose if the assailants were either police officers or “whites.”

Now, CRT proponents have to explain to us why they never have the balls to address these issues, which we all know are ubiquitous. The only people who have been fair to these issues are men like Glenn C. Loury, Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, John McWhorter, etc.

What we are seeing here is that CRT theorists are completely disconnected from reality. The world they are fighting against is simply a category of their own making, not an objective category of reality.

Instead of addressing some of these issues, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has declared that 99% of her critics do not attack her for her policy but for her race and gender! “Women and people of color are always held to a different standard,” said Lightfoot. “I’ve known that my whole life.” She added elsewhere:

“Can I do things differently and better? Of course. Life is a lifelong learning experience, I hope, for me and for others. But I absolutely understand that critics, some of them who are out there, are criticizing me cause they don’t like to see a woman assume power and forge ahead on an agenda that is about disrupting the status quo.”[11]

Chicago’s 20th Ward Alderwoman Jeanette Taylor, who is also black, declared:

“That’s not true. That’s the cop-out. At the end of the day, it’s her responsibility and duty as our co-worker to pull us together and have us figure out plans that work for our community.”[12] Lightfoot is known to be a difficult woman to work with, particularly when people vote against her budget. She once told aldermen, “Don’t come to me for shit.”[13]

In short, CRT, like BLM and other subversive movements, does not have a moral and existential ground. It is an offshoot of the same subversive movement which has been around for centuries. If this seems farfetched, then listen to Delgado and Stefancic once again:

“Critical race theory builds on the insights of two previous movements, critical legal studies and radical feminism, to both of which it owes a large debt. It also draws from certain European philosophers and theorists, such as Antonio Gramsci, Michel Foucault, and Jacques Derrida, as well as from the American radical tradition exemplified by such figures as Sojourner Truth, Frederick Douglass, W. E. B. Du Bois, César Chávez, Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Black Power and Chicano movements of the sixties and early seventies.”[14]

We have discussed the philosophies of radical feminism, Michel Foucault, and even Jacques Derrida in the past. Once again, what we are seeing here is that CRT is a racist ideology or reverse discrimination. If you doubt this assessment, then perhaps it is time to bring in critical race guru Ibram X. Kendi, who directs the Center for Antiracist Research at Boston University. He writes in his New York Times best-selling book How to Be an Antiracist:

“The only remedy to racist discrimination is anti-racist discrimination. The only remedy to past discrimination is present discrimination. The only remedy to present discrimination is future discrimination.”[15]

How do we adjudicate antiracist discrimination and racist discrimination? Who’s going to be the arbiter of truth? Kendi? Crenshaw? We are again dealing with reverse discrimination here, and this form of discrimination has been around for decades, particularly through affirmative action.[16] Robin DiAngelo, author of White Fragility, implicitly or indirectly supports this. DiAngelo and his co-author write: “The question is not ‘did racism take place?’ but rather, ‘how did racism manifest in this situation?”[17]

In other words, it’s already assumed that racism pervades virtually every aspect of life, and all the observer has to do is find where it is. This is absolutely nonsense. It is pretty sad that this kind of mumbo jumbo is gaining momentum in academe. As a final thought, we all know the real forces behind subversive movements like CRT.

These forces have been trying to undermine the moral and political order since the beginning of time. People like Harold Cruse knew who those forces were, and he described this phenomenon in The Crisis of Negro Intellectual.

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  1. #6-And FINALLY, show me where White Supremacists have ever “forgiven” and/or “moved on” from even the things THEY have done to Latin America, Africa and Western Asia!? Where’s the “Forgiveness”? Why, Iranians have never “been forgiven” for wanting to rid themselves of the Shah’s U.S.-mandated dictatorship and the Shah’s Savak – an oppressive CIA-like murderous organization that was WORSE than the Einsatzgruppen in Russia!!! And that’s a big hurdle to move in front of, lemme tell ya! When has the U.S. “forgiven” Haitians for wanting real freedom? “Forgiven” ANY Central American, South American and African country for wanting their natural resources and labor utilized for the good of THEIR people, and not stolen by White Supremacist capitalists!? Still investigating it, but James A. Lucas states that the CIA, THE MOST murderous organization in the HISTORY of the world, has either directly and/or indirectly murdered +20 MILLION people since it’s creation in 1947! “What about white-supremacist-on-non-white-peoples’ crime (see earlier Stephin Fetchit reference)?”
    Look, all of that Felto-Carb can be taken to the Frakkin’ Red-Party Nocturnal Mammals and the Blue-Party Nocturnal Mammals. THEY’LL listen to you…

  2. #5-…Fairness isn’t for Black people in the System of “Just-us.” You say that nothing is owed to Black people. Tell me – what do Black people “owe” America!? Has this country ever treated any of its other citizenry the way it has treated us!? Is it our OBLIGATION to ensure that white supremacy is protected from “enemies, both foreign and domestic”!?
    I can document everything that I have said here. Can YOU? Any 19-year-old truly-educated Black man can dismantle what you’re saying here. My time should be devoted to dismantling REAL problems facing Black people…

  3. #4-…said, that Europeans “migrated” to the Nile Valley thousands of years BCE, created the great 1st civilizations, left, & went back to Europe to freeze & live as cavemen. Makes sense, right? What I didn’t “LEARNED” was that these African Nile Valley civilizations existed at least 2,000 years BEFORE the supposed birth of Abraham – as Master Teacher Dr. John Henrik Clarke said, before the European wore a shoe or had a house with a window. What I didn’t “LEARNED” was that there’s NO evidence that the Hebrew people were EVER slaves in Egypt – the BEDROCK of the bible. There is no documentation that Egypt ever HAD any slaves. And if THAT isn’t true, what else in there is TRUE? “Hey-Seuss?”
    White Supremacists’ REAL problem is that, per Alfred McCoy and others, 800 years of White Supremacists rule is coming to an end. Black people don’t “hate” anyone. Black people have been the MOST hospitable people in history. That has proven to be our downfall.
    It’s amazing that every OTHER group of people “deserve” their Reparations – except us Black people. Native Americans just got 1/2 of Oklahoma, based upon past injustices! We’re only asking for the unpaid Direct Labor that was stolen from us, with the direct involvement of the US government (“jointly and severally”). Direct Labor is 1 of the 3 primary parts of goods production. Independent academic analysis puts THAT number at between $14 TRILLION and $22 TRILLION. We’ll never get it, because Fairness isn’t for Black people in the

  4. #3-Ok, Elvin, your last 2 posts appear to confirm that you’ve resorted to Trolling. When that happens, you’re wasting my time. And my time has a cost (in $). Firstly, if “millions of whites and every other race that HAVE HAD a hard luck life” is true, then why are YOU complaining about “DEBT Slavery” (as you define it)? Aren’t we “ALL” going thru “Debt Slavery”? Is “Debt” slavery worse that “Chattel” slavery? When did your ancestors ever experience Kidnapping, BUCK-BREAKING (look it up), Chattel (descendants enslaved in perpetuity) Slavery, Jim Crow, J. Edgar Hoover the Cross-Dresser, & White Supremacy in General? And saying Black South Africans received this “Bonanza” is specious at best. The “Reconciliation” was a joke. Black South Africans received NONE of their stolen land, or compensation FOR it. But had it been WINNIE Mandela, instead of Nelson, elected president, there WOULD have been REAL Reparational change. But you know this…
    All the TRUE history I’ve experienced came from Picking Up a Book post-college – something that is anathema to White Supremacists. I am forced to agree with you about the “False” history that I “LEARNED” in school. Why, I “LEARNED” the “false” history of some European named Charlemagne brought Europe out of the Dark Ages – NOT that it was the African Moors, a military arm of Islam, who invaded and ruled Spain for 700 years until the 14th century, teaching Europeans about civilization. I “LEARNED”, as Master Teacher Dr. John Henrik Clarke said, that Europeans

  5. #2-As a stated before, this “Critical Race Theory” is just a White Supremacist red-herring while the OTHER hand continually strikes any TRUE history out of being taught to Black children (which is the REAL goal). There isn’t this “great” hue and outcry in favor of so-called “Critical Race Theory” coming from Black people. Normal-thinking Black people, just as I said about “Marxism”, have never read Das Capital nor, like most people in this country, CAN’T DEFINE “Marxism” or “Critical Race Theory.” As Master Teacher Dr. John Henrik Clarke stated years ago, “Black people don’t want any so-called ‘REVISIONIST’ history. But Black people DO want some TRUE and CORRECT history!” The red-herring also seeks to imprint on Black people that OUR history did NOT BEGIN in Ancient Kemet, but rather thousands of years later when Black people were “blessed” with Kidnapping, BUCK-BREAKING, Slavery, “Hey-Seuss”, and “Democracy.” There are poor deluded people whose minds just can’t wrap around the fact that this country is ALREADY under Fascism (Mussolini’s definition). But apparently this just seems to be acceptable to the anti-“Marxist” (whatever THAT is) Ol’ Chaps…

    • Come on vhervey, all good hearted white people know what a raw deal blacks have had in America.
      But if you are of that class of person who is never satisfied with any improvements, and always looks for an excuse and someone else to blame, then you will never recognize we’re all in the same boat, and continue to buy into the hate whitey game.

  6. #1-Apparently it’s the Quarterly Advertising Assessment at VT where the determination is made as to how many Black people go to this website. Let the foolishness begin!
    If one’s Criticism of Black people in the U.S. OUTWEIGHS one’s Contributions to Black people in the U.S., then one may be either a Red-Party Nocturnal Mammal, or possibly a Blue-Party Nocturnal Mammal.
    Law-enforcement personnel are the ONLY people that can legally take someone’s life under a Badge of Authority. As Jon Steward said, shouldn’t that cause them to be a little more responsible than the Crips?
    “The only people who have been fair to these issues are men like Glenn C. Loury, Thomas Sowell, Larry Elder, John McWhorter, etc.” These Red-Party Nocturnal Mammals are your heroes? You’re DEAD WRONG if you assume the Blue-Party Nocturnal Mammals on MSNBC & CNN are ordinary Black people’s!
    Remember: NOT ALL white people are white supremacists. And NOT ALL white supremacists are white PEOPLE.
    “What about black-on-black crime?” You have to sound like Stephin Fetchit to make it sound authentic…

  7. Sounds like it has a touch of “the revolutionary spirit” in it.
    America has never been perfect, but through a long crueling process lasting over 60 years we were to a point where a common sense assessment of progress in racial equalty could not help but declare a livable success.
    Someone’s (?) agenda, really wanted to reverse that progress.
    I don’t think they realized how much “most” everyone instinctively resists CRT, and that it is not in reality workable plan, without negating the lives of all the heroes in that progress.

    • Oh, and another thing vhervey, it’s “livable” to millions of people of all backgrounds.
      If it’s not livable to you, whose fault is it, really?
      There are also hundreds of thousands, if not millions of whites and every other “race” that have had a hard luck life.
      Whose fault is that?
      We would all be light years ahead if our monetary system had not been stolen.
      The whole nation is in debt slavery because our nation’s commonwealth was robbed from us.
      I can promise you one thing though. If you think you’ve got it bad here, you would really hate it in any African country.

    • this is not a serious discussion. we can prove a conspiracy to commit genocide (LOOK UP THE LEGAL DEFIN8TION) by the Republican party against black americans using the state. PERIOD. UNTIL SUCH TIME AS THERE 8S TRUE JUSTICE, THERE SHALL BE NO PEACE. And to Laton, blacks built this go to africa.

      to the author… King received awards from rothschild. he was a womanizer too. he was not a true holy man, else he’d be alive.

    • That’s right goodAndevil, when you’ve got no argument always fall back on “blacks built this country,”
      Blacks no more “built this country,” than they built one in Africa!
      We all built it

    • Oh, and another thing goodAndevil, I’ve been to Africa, several times, and I can promise;
      you wouldn’t want to live there.

    • To GoodANdevi- He KNOWS that Black people, being the only peoples in this country who are NOT immigrants, are the only people who don’t & never have enjoyed the benefits of being “Americans” (because we’re not & were NEVER intended to – see the Constitution). He KNOWS that we’re the only group of peoples who the U.S. government has utilized ALL branches of the government to “legally” subjugate us (even today) to keep us in Slavery & Servitude – as America not-so-legally does in Latin America and Western Asia. But “everything that Hitler did in Germany was legal, too.”
      I know my history – thru Ancient Kemet and beyond. He’s upset because OTHER Black people are leaning their “True and Correct History.” He’s upset because one group of white supremacists has HIS group of white supremacists under their heels, and he WANTS us “NEEEE-Grows” to forget everything that’s been (and being) done to us, and trick us to help bail him out. “What? You think I’m STUPID?” – Blade
      It’s time to abandon the false voices of the Red/Blue Nocturnal Mammals – the stenographers for their white supremacist masters. The U.S. vs. Zionism. The U.S. vs. Russia. The U.S. vs. China. These are not OUR fights. It’s time to find our OWN way. And Malcolm X’s Doctrine of Self-Defense is all we’ll need. No violence necessary. We just want from you what you stole from our ancestors. “Just Cut Da Check!”

    • That’s right vervhevy, you know your history. The false history you were taught.
      You made it clear where you’re coming from; you just want “the check cut.”
      If there could be any real justice in black reparations, I would think it marvelous.
      But blacks are no more deserving of reparations than anyone else. We all have slaves in our ancestry.
      Besides, if blacks were compensated, it would end up amounting to about what the blacks in South Africa did with their bonanza.
      Granted, you would have the benefit of being here, rather than South Africa.

  8. There is no denying that the initial impulse behind Manifest Destiny was the racist notion that Europeans were “chosen” by God to range around the planet, displace the aboriginals, steal their land, and initially own them as property. Manifest Destiny is a subset of Zionism which is also based on the racist notion that certain Europeans, the Ashkenazim, were “chosen” by God be heirs to the biblical land of Greater Israel, from the Nile to the Euphrates. This is why both Israel and the USA have no permanent borders. Ever expanding, both engage in domination and exploitation… until the rest of the world rises up and says, no more!

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