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[ Editor’s Note: I had been concerned that the continuing discovery of ‘witness footage’ would turn the discovery process and evidence sharing into a hugely complex task that would build more pressure on the government to settle cases.

But we now have signs that the judges may say ‘to hell with administrative efficiency’. We are beginning to see a hardening of the judges, with some of the refusals of bail requests, based on the judges using defendant material before and after the insurrection to decide that they represent a “continuing threat to the public”.

This is good news in case Trump tries to pull more riots, possibly when he gets indicted, where the Trumper army will be on notice that claims of free speech during attacks on the government will not fly.

Of course the flip side of this is during Trump’s 2024 campaign don’t be surprised to see him promise to pardon all those from the insurrection riots if he can get elected. He has committed to run, apparently viewing it being his best chance at surviving the legal case onslaught heading his way.

If the Trump Org does go down with his banks calling in their loans, he might only have his campaign grift to fund his legal defense. 

While the talk now has been on Weisselberg flipping on Trump, don’t forget that Rudy is in that boat, too. Losing his law licenses could kill his work income, and he will be a toxic entity trying to reinvent himself.

That said, Fox News and OAN could keep a seat warm for him after he gets out of prison by refusing to flip on TrumpJim W. Dean ]

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First published … July 09, 2021

The Justice Department has agreed to pay $6.1 million to a technology contractor to create a massive database of videos, photographs, documents and social media posts related to the Capitol riot as part of the process of turning relevant evidence over to defense attorneys for the more than 500 people facing criminal charges in the Jan. 6 events, according to a court filing and government records.

…Prosecutors are trying to organize thousands of hours of body-worn camera footage, closed-circuit surveillance camera footage, more than a million social media videos, data from phones and email accounts, and the responses to more than 6,000 grand jury subpoenas, according to a court filing Thursday.

“Following the Capitol Breach, the United States recognized that due to the nature and volume of materials being collected, the government would require the use of an outside contractor who could provide litigation technology support services to include highly technical and specialized data and document processing and review capabilities,” Assistant U.S. Attorneys Nadia Moore and William Dreher wrote in their submission.

“The government is working to provide an unprecedented amount of materials in the most comprehensive and usable format to defense counsel,” Moore and Dreher said.


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  1. Yeah Mr. Dean (and Adrian),
    I got that.

    However, the AG has no obligation to do the work for the defense counsel other than handing over the materials they intend to use.
    Aside from the ambiguity of the term “most usable” (for whom, I ask), this action opens the door for the defense to state that the Government has manipulated evidence. Not to mention opening the door to claiming there was software manipulation or outside interference.

    There will be plenty of appeals and extensions to this case, to supply us with entertainment for a year or two. No need to create extra nails to hang the coat on.

    Aside from the above, my main concerns are, given the corruption of the US Government as a whole, one would pray that the accuser doesn’t also works as the defender. Kind of like those Israeli citizens who are US lawmakers, who pass laws for the benefit of Israel instead of the US taxpayers.
    And of course not to mention that I never heard a word about requesting quotes from different companies.

    So, who is behind this database creating company? Jahred Kushner?

  2. Sounds like the beginning of a system that can collate infinite data streams into a legally actionable case file.

  3. WOOAAOOOHHH….. Did I read that right???

    “The government is working to provide an unprecedented amount of materials in the most comprehensive and usable format to defense counsel,” Moore and Dreher said.

    The government is supplying materials in the most usable format to DEFENSE COUNSEL????!!!!

    Isn’t that normally something the defendant counsel (read defendant) pays for, instead of the tax payer??
    The government has no obligation to present their material “in the most usable format”.

    Call me confused (been that before).

    Here is how I see this clown and dagger story:
    The front people for the biggest crime cartel in the world, uses taxpayers resources to prosecute the front bunkheads of another competing crime cartel, under the banner of seeking justice and protecting the State (the first crime cartel).

    George Carlin would have had a field day with this one.

    • The Defense has a right to everything the government has. So this mechanism has been instituted to speed up the process. They are pushing toward 600 cases and they don’t want the trial grind, which is going to be exhausting on all, to get dragged out more due to ‘searching’ through the evidence pile. They want to be able to pull what they are looking for out of the pile with a quick key word search. Defense lawyers are going to want to look at what their clients are getting tagged with compared to others for example.

  4. it should have been the pedo-empire on trial, not the citizens. Duff for President 2016 was the way to go. to hell with your comfort while victims of your nazi empire still suffer.

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