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[ Editor’s Note: Trump has gone into full grift mode with his double layered free speech newest gambit. It leads me to think that Rudy is still running the legal strategy strings as he has been so quiet.

Only the Donald would trot something like this out. He presents his lawsuit as a constitutional free speech case against the social media companies trying to wrap himself up in: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; …”.

This is another play from ‘The Cracken’ home school legal course. Facebook, Google and the gang are not Congress. So Donald the grifter will event a scenario claiming the big tech media companies all use the government trunk lines so that effectively makes them government.

The case will be thrown out and Trump’s lawyers could end up getting sanctioned for filing a frivolous lawsuit which could lead to their getting the Rudy treatment of having their licenses suspended. The Courts do not want to deal with this silliness by letting it spread.

But if they do that I think the Trump response would be to make the courts public enemy number one. He’s already lost 60 of his Steal State and Federal cases which included a lot of Republican appointed judges.

So Trump could initiate an insurrection on the Courts, that they have to be overthrown to get control ‘back to the people’. Now comes my ‘double play’ mention above. He will use this painting the Courts as rigged, as a defense to his pending criminal indictments that are in the pipeline.

As each indictment falls he will scream to the Trumpers that “we have to save the country from the illegal usurpers in the Courts. It’s a great way to pick the pockets of his base to pay for his legal expenses, with the con, ‘but for me go you’.

If it plays out like this we are about to see a circus that would make the one last year look like a children’s story book. Trump knows he has everything to lose so he will use the Trumpers to the last man.

This may have something to do with what seems to be a trend of the Jan 06 prosecutors, to carefully be compiling every shred of evidence that they can, so they have a good conspiracy case for the 20 year sentences. Glenn Kirschner informed us about the “spoke and wheel” conspiracy case law recently.

If they don’t do this Trump might see an opening to crank up a Jan 06 type insurrection machine to attack court houses, with his followers claiming they are ‘saving democracy’.

What would deter Trump from a path like this? He is already on the highway to hell and it is a one way ticket. His weapon is the Trumpers, and they are all expendable to him. We all know he really couldn’t give a crap about any of them other than their keeping him out of jail somehow now… Jim W. Dean ]

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First published … July 11, 2021

[ Second Editor’s Note: Gotta love how Trump has upped the Insurrection lovefest crowd to a million now. My only concern is that he is setting up a diminished capacity defence to fall back on if he has nothing else…JD ]

Former President Donald Trump on Sunday expressed optimism that his legal action against social media companies will be a victory for the Constitution.

“They are immune so many different things, but they’re not immune from the lawsuit,” he said of Silicon Valley during a conspiracy-laden interview on “Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo” on the Fox News Channel.

“What they have done is such a violation of the Constitution,” he said, “a violation like we’ve never seen before. They take me down, they take all conservative voices down or most of them. They find them and they take them down. It’s a disgrace.”

In his interview Sunday, Trump blamed the actions of Facebook, Twitter and others on efforts to destroy him and his supporters.

“They work with Democrats within government and, frankly, outside of government. They work with the Democrats,” adding: “It should be a campaign contribution, the largest ever made.”

…Inflating the crowd figures from the rally Jan. 6 that preceded the attack on the Capitol, Trump said: “There was such love at that rally, you had over a million people. They were there for one reason, the rigged election.”

You can read the full Politico arcticle here.


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  1. One thing he is famous for in the business world, are the lengthy NDA’s, preventing anyone who does business with him from speaking freely.
    If he had the power, he would make it illegal (For anyone) to say anything bad about him.

    • Tell me which politician wouldn’t make it illegal to say anything bad about him if he had the power…

    • Well David, if honor has not been evaporated from humanity in its entirety… yet, so, maybe we should put a new specie tag for bankster, politician, Hollywood and big tech companies owners and a few more guys spinning around, maybe they are different specie from human being with no moral at all. I think maybe we can use that which the whistleblower Karen Hudes, former World Bank official, she called them the homo-capensis. Leave out Trump, homo-capensis are supposed they have an IQ 180… 🙂

    • Adrian, are you kidding…we cannot act as if honor has evaporated from humanity in its entirety , it got pushed down, but is flexing back. There are plenty who would never do that.
      The people will not allow it. Most under trump will turn on that dime. The ones who don’t is what we are watching.

    • There is a line at the fringe, where only those who can exist without modern convenience live,…they live off the garbage, and it ain’t half bad, due to the abundance.
      You are not one of them. Neither is Karen.

  2. Disgusting, you should read my emails Mr. Dean, Trump is going to save the day and vanquish the Google beast in a court f law. Yea right, law is based on precedent and with the precedent Trump is going to set no one will ever again be able to successfully sue big tech. That’s no accident…

    • It is true that some suits are designed to fail, in order to set precedent. Valid technique.
      The big fight in anti-trust, will see massive amounts of money spent on public opinion.
      Does the newspaper bear responsibility to publish my editorial ?
      What is the limit for market share of a single investor or group in media ? or rather, what should it be ?

  3. Trump and the foreign agent propaganda site known as Fox News are fomenting more violence with this continued “stop the steal” lie. We are in a civil war now. Trump needs to be arrested now for plotting to overthrow the US government.

  4. I think he should have approached it as an anti trust, because the technology is supposed to act as a platform, instead acted as an opinion publisher and together the media acted to entirely shun the prima facile proof of Hunter and Joe collusion, where Joe never achieved the United States goals with the foreign country, but family, bro and Hunter…..got foreign millions$$$.

    • But aren’t those “social media” companies, with their proprietary platforms, a business entity with some right to say who they will do business with?
      Nobody is forced to create a Facebook account or any other kind of social media account. Why should Facebook be forced to take all comers?
      Surely there must be some social media that doesn’t censor it clients or users.
      If not, why not? And why not create one.
      It might be a success.

  5. Leaving aside what Trump did or not did, he have right about the social media companies are already a big threat to free speech and indeed the big tech companies are using government lines that makes them almost another quasi-government pulling the threads of government.

    • Am I the only one that remembers the days of sending in “letters to the editor”, where privately run print news would select a few that came in for publication in the “letters to the editor” section? Some would print the whole letter if it was short, or excerpt from it, or…not print it at all. They also never printed anything from whiners writing in with, “Hey, you ass holes, you did not print my letter…you are censoring me and I am going to turn you in for it.” The whole concept of the internet censorship is baloney. I use to get whiney bullshit from writers whose articles we did not publish, or comments. And yes, some, halariously, would bring up our denying their freedom of speech. We realized this was a mental condition for these people, looking for something to do, and I just deleted the crap up of them and banned their logins by the hundreds so they could not disrupt our work. Many were Israeli housewives on the West Bank, tasked with wasting our time as a diversion. 🙂

    • Jim has a short memory. Until 2017, it was universally agreed upon by everyone involved in any way with internet speech policy—government, academia, and big tech itself—that everyone using the internet has the choice of being either a “platform” or a “publisher.” If you are a “platform,” like YouTube and social media companies and web hosting companies—Section 230 of the CDA protects you from lawsuits stemming from any 3rd party content you host. In return, you must allow treat all Constitutionally-protected speech exactly equally.
      In other words, you are like the phone company: not responsible for what people say on the phone, and certainly not allowed to censor it or promote some calls over others!

      If on the other hand you are a publisher, like VT or TruthJihad.com or a newspaper running letters to the editor, you are 100% responsible for all content you publish.

      The 2017 coup against free speech was dastardly, treasonous, another 9/11, and the perps need to be identified, charged, convicted, and executed.

    • I’m agree with Kevin, the social media platforms have become in a public service. I guess when Samuel Morse build the telegraph it wasn’t just for messages which liked him the content… 🙂

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