New documentary on JFK assassination reveals ‘organized black op,’ – director Oliver Stone

Oliver Stone has released a new documentary on the JFK assassination, revisiting a topic that made him a maverick in Hollywood. Despite what the mainstream narrative suggests, the evidence points to a clear conspiracy, he told RT.

Some three decades after the release of his groundbreaking and controversial film ‘JFK,’ Stone has returned once more to the events leading up to and following the gruesome killing in November 1963 of American’s 35th president. For the legendary filmmaker and director, the assassination is as relevant today as it was thirty years ago.

In an interview with RT’s Going Underground, Stone suggested that Kennedy may have been killed for pursuing anti-colonial policies and seeking an end to the Cold War – defying the wishes of America’s rapidly growing and increasingly powerful military and intelligence sectors. JFK’s assassination served as a “warning to other people” – especially to all the presidents who succeeded Kennedy – not to “cross a certain line.” Speaking to host Afshin Rattansi, Stone said that Kennedy’s killing made it “very clear to the American people, subconsciously maybe, that there were forces larger than any one man” involved.

When you blow off a president’s head in the middle of a motorcade like that, which is a very organized black op – so much has to be done. The security along the route was changed, the parade route was changed. All the mechanics of that day were controlled and were part of an operation.

He said that a careful examination of the original evidence used to blame Lee Harvey Oswald for the assassination, including ballistic tests and autopsy reports, shows that the “lone wolf” theory is a “sham.” For example, he claimed that evidence shows that Oswald had been a CIA “asset” for years and that the man who later killed him, Jack Ruby, had been an FBI informant. Even once seemingly uncontested claims, such as the belief that Oswald had been on the sixth floor of the Dallas book depository at the time of Kennedy’s death, have been debunked by newly-revealed information and witness testimonies.

He expressed regret that former US President Donald Trump decided against fully releasing classified materials concerning the assassination that have been kept secret for decades due to alleged national security concerns. Stone expressed doubt that Joe Biden would disclose the rest of the documents, even though they are being “illegally” withheld from the public.

Stone acknowledged that his critics have tried to dismiss him as a “conspiracy theorist” – but the filmmaker said he didn’t understand why some believe such plots are beyond human capabilities.

“We know from history that there have been so many conspiracies,” he noted.

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  1. In the 1990 film Jacob’s Ladder at 30mins into the movie the main character is stood by a door numbered 119 as he says the words “blew up?”.

    In the 1946 film noire “Shock” Vincent Price plays Dr. Cross, a psychiatrist who gives Insulin Shock Therapy to a woman who witnessed him murder his wife. She is in a Catatonic State. At 1hr 02mins into the movie, Sept. 11 comes up on the screen.

    Psychological films dealing with detachment of mind, body, soul and the manipulation by Authority.

    Masonic Mysteries use “symbolical ladders.”

    Group Mind Control involves elaborate psychological ruses.

    Throughout the history of mankind, symbols have been used to represent universal truths. As these truths are revealed the effects on the mind can lead to a collective Emotional Numbness, providing a protective defense when overwhelmed or feeling helpless. Ultimately it becomes a coping tool defined by avoidance, denial, detachment, and dismissal that blocks capacity for confronting, processing, problem-solving, and managing emotions and experiences.

  2. ccLong story short: Choose JFK to integrate tha Catholics, then kill him and his brother as ax to incatiate Cuban refugeee oligarks and plantation-owners,
    Stepp three: Kill all doubters.
    I have raad Rome’s imperial history, and found out that murders at the top were far less frquent than in the US of North And.In CHina 1955-79 and 1988-91. hardrley any were doomed to death,whilst in the US assasinations were more rampant in the overclass than ever in Rome. — Why don’t You North-of-Rio-Grande crzsies start washing up all Your bloodied dishes/corpses soon instead of selling Hollywood untruths o us frp Your state.indused capitalist (8or Zionistic) nesws andHollywood resorts (amngst the now timeky infcted beaches between Tel Aviv and Haifa!),

  3. BEING MYSELF FROM NORWAY AND the false statehood Izraël, I REST ASHAMED: THE STOLTENBARG FAMILY HAS SPAWNED FROM ITS PATER FAMILIAS . the snuuk, squrk, informar and spy-on-his freinds Thorvald Stoletenberh — an inheritance of pure quisling-like “svik” — betrayal. He started out opposing NATO, opposing the Vest European “EU” and was against nucklear weapons. Now he whehemently wants all three. One or two changed ipipions i might respect — but all three? Then tell me he is not a (maybe male) possobel whore of opportunity! (Vi äro förstndens horar” — Jan Myrdal om sådane som Jens S.)

  4. We have a similar case of obfuscation here in Norway; On 21, hyky, ten hears ago, a professional killer worked his meti´re on Utøya, fourty miles from oslo, killing 87 and maiming 49 for life,
    HE WAS LEFT-HANDED AND DARK-HEARED WHEN SURRENDERING TO THE VERY BELATED POLICE ON THE SCENE. The putative perpetraitor was richt-handed and quite blond.
    WHat can we see from this: ABB was not the purpetraitor but the fall goy (he had after all,marooned the central governement heaadquarters, killing 6 or 7 innocents, Ï’M NOT completellhy sure of my “utøya” narrative, but it seems to me this was an attack to quell NorwAYS SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC YOUTH MOVEMENT FROM OBJECTING TO JENS STOLTENBERG BECOMING CHIEF EUNUCK OF NATO. Mr. Jens S, had been present at the site in Utøya just until a half hour of the attack and destruction of his affices as as prime minister in Oslo, Norway — so he had of course to be catapulted into the position as chieef Eunuch of NATO IN BRUSSELS VERY SOON THEREAFTER.

  5. At 16 years of age in the early Summer of 1967, i spent a month digging out a swimming pool in the garden of a Uof C Berkley professor in the top of Palo Alto a few kilometers from Berkley U. He was a specialist in how events are percieved by witnesses. He asked for all the reports about the assascination om JFK from major media otlets, and got them — I guess he had been their “perceptions expert” during the 6-day war to kill ARABS, AT WHICH TIME HE DID APPROVE OF, — but changed his views later on!
    Anyhow, he used weeks to review the original TV recorrds and proved the official story to be false. One most startling fact: The Zapruder film indicates a fireing speed between bullets that was not possible with LHO’s alledged german weapon and the bullets out of Italy, Secondly: Angøes were all wrong in the official report, Third: Witnesses on record could not have seen what they said thay saw, All this from dr, & professor Jack Block at Berkley in a letter to the SF Examiner in the summer of love — what a misnomer for 1968!

    • “Anles” not ‘angois’ — sorru for ´miss-spellings, Just like tha “Swedish kook” in the Muppet Show, he was atually a butcer ening up in Palo Alto hfter having been a cook “in the great north woode .. but didn’ like it all that much”. His offpring in Palo Alto South California are all butchers who have refuses US military service all the time scinsw 1964 — on the behest of their parents and their fatherr’s insistance that no Norwegian should ever be an imperialist,

  6. Dr Costello detailed the 200 eye whiteness statements. Funny, completely different in the warren comm. report. Whomever is in charge does not care about the few that find the truth. They care that the idiots stay idiots. Just keep drinking the water. Fluorine atom makes up 55% of prozac. Making the idiots dumber. Fucking yikes, did you see that plane hit that building and cause it to fall at the acceleration of gravity. Wow, I didn’t take physics but I have an opinion, that I know is law, that airplanes can do that.

  7. My good friend has the exact same sawed-off Italian carbine as Lee Harvey’s.
    Raised as a hunter, my friend said: “Eddy! I couldn’t hit the inside of a barn with that thing!”

    • I was thinking the same thing about that gun, neither Chris Kyle could have hit a target within a house bathroom with that shit… 🙂

  8. IMBD Shows it as available on Amazon Prime but Amazon Prime in the US doesn’t recognize that title.
    Any American advice on finding a copy of the 4 hour video?

  9. We need to defund the MIC.

    All we need is lasers and satellites. Bullets, tanks, aircraft carriers, nearly all jets, cargo planes, etc etc are all obsolete. Defense is not offense.
    This is possible with 20% of our current budget and it would be vastly more effective. It would also decapitate the hydra we have operating here. We know who it is by examining who does not get killed. The hypnotic delusion must end.

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