Breaking/Exclusive: NEO – Down the Rabbit Hole with COVID Truth


By Gordon Duff and New Eastern Outlook of the Russian Academy of Science (Est: 1815)

It is impossible to write usefully and informatively about the pandemic without risk to reputation. One’s writings on COVID exist in context, not just media and accepted narrative but one’s own writings as well. Thus, it is vital that any information, even science, as that has of late been twisted out of recognizability as well, be judged based on the credibility and standing of the voice reporting it.

That said, we establish that as of this writing it is mid-July, the year is 2021 and collective world media has failed miserably, to serve, to report, to analyze and to investigate.

First, we examine COVID as a bioweapon. Was COVID, with its complexities, engineered as a “chimera” disease, either to use as a weapon or as part of a program intended to protect from the “possibility” unnamed others, who or whatever they might be, could engage in such an endeavor?

No media reporting in this arena can be relied upon. I can explain why, and the explanation will not please, it will only depress and upset, my apologies.

The West, such as it is, ostensibly under the umbrella of NATO and concumbent think tanks and “hoax machines, is responsible for the breakdown in international legal standards. Without standards, conventions that allow unbiased investigations, banditry becomes the standard.

It doesn’t take a genius to see the West, with Israel and Saudi Arabia behind ISIS and al Qaeda (terrorist organizations, both banned in Russia). Israel was always perfectly safe, so was Saudi Arabia but Syria and Iraq were targeted and dozens of military officers from Qatar, Saudi Arabia and even Israel were arrested in both Syria and Iraq, I have seen the documentation, with repatriation only after millions in reparations were paid secretly.

Moreover, the targeting of Iraq was clearly engineered to disrupt Sunni/Shia relations in the new government and to draw Iran into the conflict, and with Iran, push the US into war with that nation as well.

I discussed this hypothesis with Iraqi leaders in 2014 during a classified defense briefing.

Fake stories were fed the press who accepted them without question like this one from 2015:

Delta Force Commandos Kill Key ISIS Leader in Ground Raid in Syria

Officials: Terror group’s oil and gas “minister” targeted in capture attempt.

Fighters of al-Qaeda linked Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant carry their weapons during a par.

In a ground raid deep in Syrian territory, US special operations forces killed a top ISIS leader who they were attempting to capture and interrogate about American hostages and how the terror group finances its war machine, the Obama administration said today.

Officials told ABC News that the large-scale operation that killed ISIS oil and gas “minister” Abu Sayyaf was carried out by the Army’s elite counter-terror unit known as Delta Force under the direction of the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC).

One senior US official said there was “a pretty good fight on the ground.” The adversaries used women and children as human shields, but no innocents were killed. The battle got so close and intense that there was even some hand-to-hand combat, according to the official.

By the time the operation was over many of the aircraft were riddled with bullet holes, the US official said. The entire operation lasted several hours from the time Delta Force operators took off from inside Iraq and eventually returned with no injuries or loss of life.

So, what is true? A retired American general, working with ISIS, under the employ of a private security agency funded by Saudi Arabia, had been targeted for capture by commandos of the Syria Arab Army.

This former American general took credit for taking Mosul on behalf of ISIS and, according to statements he had made, had developed a campaign strategy for ISIS to take Baghdad as well.

The US Delta Force entered Syria to extract the American officer involved. He was extracted at orders of President Obama despite the fact this same officer, a former psychological warfare specialist, had, on may occasions on Fox News, pushed for the arrest of President Obama as a foreign national illegally serving as US president.

People who espoused this conspiracy theory were called “Birthers.” Donald Trump led this effort.

Around the same period, we have the issue of Colonel or Brigadier General, there is some confusion on this point, Yossi Elon Shahak from Israeli’s Golani Brigade, who was captured in Iraq by Shiite militias.

They photographed General Shahak and his IDF identification card and sent it to the press, CNN, Fox News and others.

The following is part of the press notification, translated from the Arabic:

Information Office of Foreign Affairs Commissioner in the USA Parliament (international) and European Department for Security and information Secretary General Ambassador Dr. Haitham Abu Said confirmed that the Israeli prisoner captured by the popular army in Iraq on Oct. 19, 2015 Colonel Yossi Elon Shahak, whose military NO is (AZ 231434) with sequence (RE34356578765) from the Golani Brigade.

Shahak has been removed from his detention few days ago and moved sequestered.  US International Parliament private sources say that a regional power which is coordinating with the Iraqi popular army in Iraq stood in on the details of Shahak’s case before being transferred and has listened to the statements that he made.

It is understood that General Shahak has been repatriated to Israel and is, we hope, in good health.

There are many more, perhaps countless more of these circumstances and events, all censored or not reported out of an unusual aspect of hyper-focused disinterest by each and every NATO press outlet.

Do we never need to go into the Beirut explosion, the Syria gas attacks, the crash of MH 17 and the disappearance of MH 370?

Our point is simple, since all investigations must be controlled, even to the point of the US government physically threatening judges from the International Criminal Court at The Hague or controlling other institutions through similar coercion, the mechanism for protecting the world from bioterrorism has been obliterated.

Thus, we as a planet stand vulnerable, devoid of credible institutions and their protections.

So then, how does this apply to COVID-19? We know labs funded by various organizations, DARPA and USAID for America, but many other nations as well, used gene spicing to create SARS based diseases under the guise, perhaps real, of evaluation potential threats.

We know labs have had leaks, like at the University of North Carolina, who reported their leaks. Other institutions may well not have reported leaks, such as the National Reference (Lugar) Laboratory in Tbilisi.

If diseases can escape labs accidentally, then how likely is it that terrorist groups, perhaps not the ones we read about in the “fake news” but others not so public, were able to infiltrate these facilities and steal samples of the horrific bioweapons manufactured to save us all from bioweapons?

How many different agenda’s might an international criminal/terrorist organization serve through releasing a pandemic? While some talk about fear of being magnetized, trillions (US dollar equivalent) have disappeared from the world economy into the hands of who? Nobody knows?

The world economy has been restructured but to who’s benefit?

Not only are there no credible investigations, there is no one left to begin asking the right questions, always based on cui bono, “who benefits?”

Ah, but here’s the rub; there is no one capable of investigating without being ordered at the outset to blame China, Russia or Iran.

Do remember, an American court recently found Iran guilty of the planning and execution of 9/11. If the concept seems insane to you, then there is hope.

From here, we move on to the issue of vaccines.

The US, under President Biden, has with much success ended COVID-19, but has it? The opposition political party has advised its members to avoid vaccination as a political statement and spreads bizarre stories of mass deaths, magnetized vaccines and mysterious computer chips that might be used to track people who already aren’t tracked by their own mobile phones.

This leaves areas of the US where denial of science is embedded in the local DNA vulnerable for COVID outbreaks. Currently over 99 percent of those hospitalized or dying of COVID-19 in the US are those who avoided vaccination due to willful ignorance.

In converse, most areas of the US are “unlocked and unmasked” and have infection rates that are microscopic, with empty hospitals, and life back to normal.

However, we are one variant away from disaster and the millions of willfully deny science and vaccination are a breeding ground for that next variant which may kill not simply 2 percent of those infected, and then mostly the elderly.

  • Could that next variant be purposefully engineered as an even deadlier bioweapon?
  • Could that next variant be engineered to take advantage of science denialism and willful ignorance?
  • Could those who could or would or have engineered such a variant also be part and parcel of the mechanism of science disinformation sweeping the world as well?

But then, those who might protect us from such a disaster, one that might well kill us all, no longer exist. Their efforts were long ago turned to blaming Syria and Iran if the wind blew from a wrong direction.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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  1. Ordinary people don’t matter. Think of the 2016 and 2020 elections when exit polls were so very wrong. What those of us who know…know is that Trump got millions of phony votes, just like Bush in 2004 when Kerry was elected president. By 2004, it became clear that 9/11 was phony…that the war was staged and that the US was working for the mob….most knew it then and voted accordingly except for hardcore stupid.

    Ask around, who voted for Bush in 2004?

  2. I have been keeping track of COVID-19 pandemic ever since its 1st reported outbreak in China, and now the vaccines.

    Konehead said COVID-19 [was first a “soft kill” bioweapon], that’s half true, but it was for Americans, not for China. For China, it was a deadly killer bioweapon. Only because China has 3 powerful “secret” weapons against the attack was it successfully controlled in about 1 month, then, the attack shifted to Iran and Italy.

    Toward the end of June 2019, the “soft kill” bioweapon was intentionally released in USA to achieve herd immunity, disguised as “EVALI/vaping epidemic”, with symptoms almost or exactly the same as those of COVID-19. You can check and see this for yourselves. That’s why Italian study found that (soft kill) COVID-19 virus was already in Italy in Sept. 2019, imported from USA.

    • Regretfully, global push of vaccinations are now all based on lies, esp., when variants hit. The fact is that vaccines are now no match against variants and offer only poor or even no protection, to say nothing of protecting severe illness and death. The logic and fact is: if vaccines cannot protect against the much less severe mild infections and asymptomatic infections, how could they possibly protect against severe infections and deaths? Obviously a big lie, and globally, including in China.

      And the fact now seems to be the opposite of the big vaccine lie: more or many more vaccinated are infected.

      I know the big lie is still dominating in USA, but in UK no more such a big lie. Reports said that not 87.2% of the total infected are the vaccinated, including its vaccinated Health Minister!

      The big lie has been officially and professionally spreading in China for some time now and I believed it at first. Then, after I studied the reported information of recent mini pandemic in Guangzhou (the so-called more dangerous Delta/India variant), I began to doubt it and finally concluded it is a big lie, and a global big lie.

      They said that because of large scale vaccination, the majority of the infected were asymptomatic, but this is the very case long before vaccination.

      They said vaccination is crucial in protecting severe illness and deaths. But the logic is: if vaccines cannot protect against mild infections and asymptomatic infections, how could that possibly happen?

      Then I carefully studied the age group of the unvaccinated, kids under 18 and old people above 59, not vaccinated by stipulation. The majority of the unvaccinated were asymptomatic with no protection of vaccines!

      According to heavy-weight vaccine promoters, those unvaccinated people, esp., kids and the old are in great danger: once infected, they will either be severely ill or extremely ill and have great risk of death. But, you see what the actual fact is?

      But why the globally dominating big lie? To sell more vaccines to make big money, the same in China! Also, maybe for many more people (vaccinated) to get infected to get much more big money!

  3. My ignorant opinion is covid19 was first a ‘soft kill” bioweapon used to covertly knock chinese economy down a few notches.
    Plan was to simply blame it on filthy inhumane Chinese eating habits. Makes sense and is believable so that’s what they did.
    OK was given to deploy when the “don’t worry” feel good about it idea circulated that the virus was genetically designed to stay within only Chinese population.
    But it didn’t.
    Chinese operation had a clever “double-use” as it becomes the coverup to covertly attack Iran government with another much much more deadly mix, (trace sarin?) this one concocted to stay within Persian/arab population.
    And of course it didn’t as well
    Probably the no1 target from Trump Pompeo Bolton Israel the whole time was Iran, but it all backfired like the gas attacks in WW1.
    This what I think happened, and it doesn’t make me feel any better believing this, as opposed to a “lab leak” or mother nature’s revenge.

    • It’s like not checking the changing wind direction before deploying mustard gas, which is part of the good reason to suspect dumb people. I don’t think your opinion is ignorant at all.
      I concur. China kicked out the crown and pope in the same year. Anyone watching was waiting for the retaliatory dumbness. The motivation of retaliation , usually minimizes attention to variables during planning. Dumb plans, or more than the average ruthlessness. Thus, the term ‘variant’ dominates the crossword puzzle.

  4. (Ed: Doubling down on stupid, “Greyman” chimes in…)Hi Greyman….you are right about the “fake” vaccines..they are smoke and mirrors…likely slow motion mutation….See my post about the ambient plastics and wax that they are using to mimic Covid symptoms…They are basically using our epidermis and musculature to strangle and suffocate humanity…All strategic targets…people with money, or property…or strategic job positions…or to forward a social engineering agenda…The Shooters…

  5. Well since Gordon will be attacked in the media…I will let you all know what is going on…COVIDs is actually ambient plastic and wax melted from your environment…and plastered on your epidermis…Triangulation with cell towers and amperage melts and a quantum AI applies the holds…IF you have a lot of savings or desirable property…or a strategic job…you are a target…I am a target because I am the Concealed One of the Book of Enoch…I have sent the pics of the plastic and my multiple wounds to the Editors at VT….Let me know if you have any questions….I have the pics..

  6. Well, there is a couple different ways to get away with murder, and one of them is to make sure the victim is someone “everyone” wants to get rid of. That really shortens the investigation. The other way is to make sure nobody can ever pinpoint anything. This could either be by method or control of the investigation by whatever means. In this case, the control is top secret in every country who has a bio weapons lab. therefore, nobody can ever know for sure without checking every single one which will never happen. This is what we are down to, and bad people are noticing. At some point we have to use offense.

  7. Gordon, any thoughts on Dr. David E. Martin and his video about covid having 73 patents applied from 2006 to 2019 and fauci and gates involved in those patents?

    • yes….he is still a total idiot….and always wrong…always has been and why in the fucking world would you try to peddle his horse shit around here?

    • Prager had brought up Martin as a credible authority without taking a few seconds to look into Martin’s background. Thus, Ian and I had just finished ‘schooling’ Prager. Now we school you. Next time just go immediately to Donald Duck or Bozo the Clown when looking for childish sources to confirm your lack of judgement.

  8. Be my guest, Gordon if you want to quibble over terminology. “Vaccine” means a preparation of a killed or attenuated living microorganism, or fraction thereof, administered to a person for the purpose of providing immunity.” These are mRNA therapies. mRNA injections do not impart immunity. Moderna and Pfizer both admit that their clinical trials aren’t even looking at immunity. As such, they do not fulfill the medical and/or legal definition of a vaccine. They do not inhibit transmissivity of SARS-CoV-2 infection. As such, they do not fulfill the medical and/or legal definition of a vaccine. A BTW, as most of the heads of this large vaccine producers are Jewish, why would they be spreading misinformation (zio-crap as you call it) then?

  9. Gordon, we’ve know since last March that COVID-19 is a US bioweapon. You told us last June that it was first “deployed against China, then Italy, then France, then Iran and Spain and then the US as a ‘fund raiser.'” That fund raiser, of course, was the $6+ trillion bailout of the big banks and corporations after the collapse of the hedge fund market last spring.

    You also told us that, “Trump and his inner circle were vaccinated in November 2019, only days after the virus was deployed against China.” This means that not only did a vaccine exist in 2019, but everything that Trump has told us about it since then is a lie. Why then would he tell his base to not wear masks and to not be vaccinated? Hmm…

  10. We don’t know still which is the true target searched behind covid and which is the other future undeclared pursued effect in vaccines besides alleged covid protection…

    • @ferinand My answer to your question as to which group is most at risk, vaccinated or unvaccinated, would be to suggest that our own bodies, through evolution, have served us well over millions of years, keeping us alive in during periods of viral and bacterial disease and subsequent mutations. Now a group of known ‘bad actors’ comes along and proposes that our own bodies may not be sufficient to fight a virus with origins even more suspicious than these actors. Layer this with the MSM’s and social medias attempt to suppress any information which dissents from a well crafted narrative and, pardon me, but I am suspicious. I will bet on my own biology, not theirs.

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