Arizona Election Officials: Trump was Wrong about Voter Fraud


Four total potential cases of voter fraud, two voted for Trump

AP: Election officials in Arizona announced Friday that they had identified just 182 cases of potential voter fraud among the 3.4 million ballots cast in the 2020 presidential election. Of the 182 cases referred to investigators, only four have led to charges against those involved, and no one has been convicted.

That’s .005 percent of the votes cast. Two of the four cases that resulted in charges were Democratic votes, and two were Republican. Joe Biden won the state’s Electoral College votes. The audit was costly, necessitating that Arizona scrap and replace the voting machines tainted by the investigation.

The count undercuts the accusations of widespread fraud made by former president Donald Trump. Republicans across the country have used Trump’s lies as political cudgels to push laws through state legislatures that experts say will restrict access to voting and depress turnout.

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  1. Just giving out a Receipt to a voter doesn’t guarantee that votes are being correctly counted. You just haven’t thought it out yet. The best known way to guarantee the integrity of the votes is to go to paper ballots that can be scanned. Also, you’ll need independent Exit Polls (historically pretty reliable). If the Exit Polls don’t match the results of the scanned paper ballots by an acceptable percentage, then conduct an independently-observed Hand Count(s). Finally, you’ll need: (1) proof of residency via Driver’s Licenses and/or pre-approved official U.S. I.D.’s (2) UNIFORMED NATIONAL Voting Laws, so the White Supremacist Governors won’t be able to have only one Voting Machine for each Black precinct, and (3) Seven-Days-A-Week Federal Voting places after the last Party Convention.
    “But…But…if we do all of that, we won’t be able to stop the NEEEE-GROWS from voting!!!”

  2. Gordon, like many, just searching for a bit of sanity. I did not post links— just info leading to more info otherwise silent even at the Az media level. Color me politically naive if you will but “idiot”? No need for you to take it personal. I haven’t. Always appreciate VTs geopolitical analysis of world events—

    • Sanity is not found in US politics. Don’t bother. Especially when examining the personalities.
      No one person has the time of day to learn what most people think they know. Nobody is coming to rescue anyone. Vote on issues and be firm, to hell with the parties or people. They will tell you anything even if it is a bold face lie. The proof of that is self evident in a most magnanimous way. STOP WAR, that is simple enough.

  3. Biden winning the election is an extremely sick joke! Would the people vote for an obvious completely senile and demented moron? Or could it have been manipulated to suit the banksters?
    Trump, a major Jooass kisser, is still better than what we have now and look where it’s headed. Marxism isn’t a heart beat away and Huxley’s books are more correct than Orwells but dwell on the same result.
    VT is approaching the realm of cartoons.

    • This “completely senile and demented moron” just this week managed to begin the process of undoing the onerous Trump-imposed sanctions on Iran. This just might lead to reinstating the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) that you Trumpsters hated so much. I’ll take “demented moron” over your Dear Leader, any day of the week, Dbooger.

    • Dbooger, if 80 judges had rule on your behalf and your fantasy we could pay it some mind. But it was the other way around. All of those 80, including lots of Republican appointees, all agreeing the Steal effort was a concocted hoax with a mass of hearsay ‘evidence’. And more proof is evident in that none of the Republican judges have been attacked by Trump and the Trumpers, as that would just bring more negative attention to them. Trump only attacks Democrat judges and air brushes the Republican ones out of the picture. And the followers are not attacking the Repub judges, nor have the grifter attorneys called them traitors. They know that would not fly. What we have is a series of events being concocted to keep Trump in the news after his being off social media, and keep fundraising going. One does not have to be a guru or even smart to see this.

  4. Not particularly fond of Trump, but VT info on this is siphoned from 3 MS sources. Twitter @WendyRogersAZ. Az senator Wendy Rogers. They found 74,243 mail-in ballots with NO clear record of them ever being sent! #ArizonaAudit (twitter). AzSenate hearings recorded live. Next FF, covid 21 or “natural” disaster in queue I’d bet. What’s your take VT?

    • The only reason to even bring that up (no clear record of being sent) is because they can’t bring up that the ballots were found to be legit. So, they focus on something else, and most likely ditched the records to do it. The question is accounting of sent ballots, not voter fraud.
      It’s pretty easy to audit a mail in ballot. It is not rocket science. They make it easy enough so even Trumpers can do it.

    • Mikea, it’s a simple fact that Biden won the 2020 election. There is no legal way that Trump and his true-believer followers can change that. All these so-called audits are only being done to keep the pot boiling and the money rolling in.

      Trump’s only hope to avoid prosecution for his crimes is for some kind of military coup to happen that would upend the Constitution and turn the USA into a fascist dictatorship. Ominously, that’s the only hope Bibi Netanyahu has to stay out of prison, as well. The USA Patriot Act has secret provisions in it to allow this to happen in case of a national emergency. It promises to be an “interesting” summer.

    • your information is totally fake…someone made it up and you now put it here. idiot

  5. Right after the 2020 election, Lindsey Graham said, “We have to do something about mail-in voting or Republicans will never win another election in the USA.” Mail-in voting completely overwhelmed the traditional Republican method of suppressing the vote in our major cities, providing pitifully few poling stations causing hours-long wait to vote. This does NOT happen in the suburbs where most of the Republican votes are.

    This is why ReTrumplicans have given up on democracy, and will try to impose their will on the nation by “other” means. The attack on the Capitol was just the beginning.

  6. If I’m reading the tea leaves correctly, it is noticeable that msm, is in the ramp up to a Trump arrest. It is the healthiest thing we can do as a country in many decades. There is a noticeable vibe of “loosening the reins”.
    My timeline starts tomorrow, and about two weeks from now, maybe 3, things will be quite different in Trump world. I would be surprised if it goes past the 6th. Actually a good day itself, poetic.

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