Jail Time for Trump Over the Fake AZ Audit, AP Thinks So


VT: As soon as the AP story, humiliating Trump for his insanity, hit, VT was deluged with some very odd emails.  Trump backers had a version of the AP story that attributed Trump’s totally debunked claims to AP as being “fact checked…”

Just exactly like the endless grifter crap over vaccines being “experimental…” (they aren’t and those who say so belong in jail or at the end of a rope)

Raw Story: In an Associated Press report published by Politico, Donald Trump’s claims after contractors hired by Arizona Republicans to do a “forensic audit” of the 2020 presidential ballots from Maricopa County were chock fill of lies — so the AP decided to dismantle them.

And a reminder of who Trump is married to…kissy kissy…

Source: Vanity Fair

After the contractors spoke earlier this week, Trump quickly fired out a press release claiming his accusations of election fraud are being vindicated which led the AP to make a point-by-point refutation of the former president’s claims in an effort to clear the air.

With Trump writing on Friday night, “168,000 fraudulent ballots printed on illegal paper (unofficial ballots)” the AP, report bluntly states, “All of that is false. The ballots were not unofficial or printed on illegal paper, and even Logan never alleged they were fraudulent,” before adding that Cyber Ninja CEO Doug Logan “did not provide any evidence that alignment problems affected the vote count and said the issue needs more analysis.”

With Trump asserting, “74,000 mail in ballots received that were never mailed (magically appearing ballots),” the AP report slapped that aside, writing, “No, there were no magically appearing ballots. He is alleging that the number of filled-out ballots received in the mail by election officials exceeded the number of people who had asked earlier for mail-in ballots, by 74,000. But that’s not at all what happened,” before adding, “The claim mischaracterizes reports created for political parties to track who has voted early so they can target their get-out-the-vote efforts.”

On the matter of Trump writing, “11,000 voters were added to the voter rolls AFTER the election and still voted,” AP explained, “There’s nothing untoward about voters rolls growing after Election Day. The rolls are simply updated to reflect people whose provisional ballots are added to the tally after election officials verify that they were eligible to vote.”

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  1. Call the vote fraud what it is,… War on Democracy. The loyalists are convinced only they should vote. The authoritarianism is directly derived from religions and monetary interests of bad corporations. The ones who really really , do not care about you. They simply love how gullible you are. Its really the land of milk and honey for them.
    The trend was to question everything, and that instinct was usurped and misguided in a malicious way in order to direct it toward the one thing that has a chance at stopping war. The dark side of free speech, is anyone can lie about anything. Biased questioning is not questioning, its politics. Here we have the people who claim to hate all politicians,. completely converted to politics. Insane !!

  2. What is the line dividing “experimental” from demonstrably secure 99% beyond any reasonable doubt???

    • The line is beyond any imagination that people have about testing their own food. If you buy processed, prepared GMO food, what is your line for determining whether it is healthy or not ?
      Does anyone test their water ? What about the toxic materials found in every home ?
      Was the lead issue from paint or fly ash ?
      There is no perfection, but at least medical people ( unlike polluters or average people) have a collective intention to increase health. Can you say the same about farmers ? Oil companies ?
      feed lots ? Chemical companies ? Most of the symptoms attributed to ‘vaccines” autism etc,… are most likely caused by your food, and even baby food has elevated levels of Cadmium, Lead, and arsenic. Go slay the right dragon. Anyone can test a bean.

    • The battles people choose to fight, are nearly always fed to them by corporations. This is why, it is trackable to see, a political faction obsessing over an issue, and it is immediately correlated. Instead of questioning the disease, they are convinced to fight the cure. Instead of questioning the efficacy of constant war, they fight the invisible enemy. Instead of questioning why they should or should not restrict voting, they fight the minorities affected.
      This pattern is so recognizable, the only answer can be gullibility and obedience. Ironic.
      In the world of biochemistry and human health, FOOD is your sensible target. Luckily , you do not need a phd in molecular biology to take care of it. Should babies eat something called FORMULA ????

    • Adrian, the thing is, once vaccines are eliminated as the source of whatever condition,…then people will turn their attention to precisely what has been said for decades about GMO food and processed food. The largest monetary interest with the most power in DC , does not want that, so they feed stupid stuff to gullible people again, but this time its information, not toxic food. When you go to the grocery,… how much do you see that is healthy ? The ratline, needs to get disturbed. So far, they are unabated. Who owns Monsanto ? How rigorous is the testing of food ? Is it at the level of testing vaccines ? Is Glyphos hate sprayed near your schools ?

    • David, about food, well, if you live in a town or big city there is no too much options to choose what you can get to eat, starvation is the only alternative or move to a your own farm and farming your own food. About this one vaccine developed between the hours of midnight and sunrise by well-kown evil big-pharma, for a disease from a very suspicious source and unclear dead ratio and which target population is, you may choose to be yourself used as guinea pig or, wait and see a little what happen first or run alone on their own luck. How you can be sure this is not a new one Tuskegee experiment, but this time in a world scale ?? there is more reasons to mistrust than opposite way.

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