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[ Editor’s Note: The Trumpers took their expected shot at General Milley, and it just bounced off. Tucker Carlson fizzled, and Trump’s silly remark was lost to the ages a few seconds after he said Milley should be court-martialed.

The Trump era books are filling in some of the missing information that we had expected, although none of it surprising. Unfortunately Trump is beyond hurting politically for any of his chiseling while in office.

But his criminal acts are hanging over him like a dark cloud, both from his business gangster life and his thinking he had immunity to engage in criminal acts while president. The tricky part of that will be the interpretation of presidential duties.

He has immunity for what is deemed to be such action. But criminal activity like obstruction of justice is definitely not a presidential duty, nor is inspiring and maybe even orchestrating an insurrection or illegally trying to steal legally won election votes from Biden.

The judges will rule on all this in good time. The Trumpers of course would still vote for him, and the Republican Congressional caucus, also, even if it was guilty. How much of a shadow that casts on their oath of allegiance, I would not hold my breath on.

It has never been about the folks. It’s always about the political grifters first and last, despite the endless shows they put on. We will hope for the best… Jim W. Dean ]

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First published … July 21, 2021

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on Wednesday said he had “tremendous faith and confidence” in Gen. Mark Milley following reports that the Joint Chiefs chair sought to prevent former President Donald Trump from perpetrating a coup in the aftermath of the 2020 election.

The four-star general did say “with certainty” that he and the members of the Joint Chiefs had “maintained our oath of allegiance” to the Constitution.

“I’ve known the chairman for a long time. We’ve fought together. We’ve served a couple of times in the same units,” Austin told reporters at the Pentagon. “I’m not guessing at his character. He doesn’t have a political bone in his body.”

…Trump himself attacked Milley in a series of statements and suggested he should be “court-martialed and tried.”

…“We also maintained the tradition of civilian control of the military,” Milley added. “We did that without fail. And we also maintained the tradition of an apolitical military. We did that then. We do that now. And we will do that forever. All the time.”

…“We don’t arbitrate elections,” he said. “That’s the job of the judiciary and the legislature and the American people. It’s not the job of the U.S. military.”

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  1. “maintained civilian control” , Does this mean, there was enough reason to redirect military command under another civilian other than the president due to lack of faith or dereliction of duty on behalf of the president ? How do those protocols work and under what circumstances can they be initiated ? If both the president and VP are compromised , what civilian command is in charge ? Is this process the same as the line of succession for the presidency, or is it subjective and based on relationships or trust ? It says, Cabinet secretaries depending on eligibility,…after Speaker of the house and VP, so it looks like Pelosi was in command unless Pence maintained the confidence of the brass. Why not specify who was in charge ? Deliver the report. We need transparency.

    • To David and Jim;
      “”””We also maintained the tradition of civilian control of the military,” Milley added”””
      “””””hopefully someone with huge resources will pick up the ball.”””””
      The “MONEY POWER” (a very real entity) runs this world, and no mortal man can interrupt their designs.
      But I’m sure you both must know that.

  2. We need to read and hear about some examples of when “the best” was the outcome to believe that there is hope at all. I know that doesn’t increase readership though. Jim are you ‘telegraphing’ the Tralfamandorians with that closing phrase “We hope for the best”. I sense some inspired acceptance, So it goes.

    • ” Jim are you ‘telegraphing’ the Tralfamandorians with that closing phrase “We hope for the best”. – Oh…nothing heavy meant by that, but sharing with you that we know we are limited in what we can do. We did everything we could to get a lot of key information out, and with some of the sources going public, and when we were making a dent the media bans and blocks began. So we are where we are, meaning hopefully someone with huge resources will pick up the ball. We of course are ready to help out, but so far all that we see is people wanting to nibble around the edges, and that does not bother the bad guys.

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