Anthony Fauci Once Again Forced to Basically Call Rand Paul a Sniveling Moron


Anthony Fauci is a veteran immunologist who has spent 50 years protecting the health of the American public. Senator Rand Paul is an ophthalmologist who, since 2005, has not been certified to practice medicine by any board recognized by the state of Kentucky, and reportedly has not been certified by any medical board at all since 2011. Yet strangely, since the coronavirus began, Paul has decided that he knows more about infectious diseases than Fauci, whose literal title is “director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.”

In May 2020, Paul claimed that stay-at-home orders, put in place to prevent Americans from dying a horrible death, amounted to a “dictatorship.” In September 2020, when roughly 200,000 people in the U.S. had died from the virus, he snivelingly asked Fauci if the NIH chief had any “second thoughts” about the CDC‘s mask-wearing and social distancing guidelines. In May 2021, as Joe Biden pushed the country‘s vaccine holdouts to get inoculated, he proudly and ignorantly declared, “I’ve already had the disease and I have natural immunity.” And on Tuesday, he was back to trying to absurdly suggest that Fauci basically caused the coronavirus pandemic.

Referring to his previous attempt to pin the origins of COVID-19 on Fauci, because the federal government had indirectly contributed funding to a Wuhan lab, Paul asked the veteran immunologist during a congressional hearing, “Dr. Fauci, knowing that it is a crime to lie to Congress, do you wish to retract your statement of May 11th, where you claimed that the NIH never funded gain-of-function research in Wuhan?” (“Gain-of-function“ is a type of medical research that alters a disease in a way that increases transmissibility.)  read more..

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  1. Rand Paul is a contrived conspiracy theorist and a babbling baffoon. He is nothing like his father Ron. As a matter of fact I don’t think Rand is Ron’s son. I think he was swapped out in the maternity ward for a pet monkey.

  2. collapse of the derivatives market ???

    got me there ! what part fell thru..

    a little fed history here !

    Chemical Bank NYC was one of the original stok holders when the fed was created.. i think they had 7 (Seven) shares…

    Black Rock purchased Pitt Nat Corp/Bank or PNC around 1985/6

    in or around 1988 PNC – Purchased (entire bank)Chemical Bank – circa late 1800’s.. black rock now owns 7 shares of the original fed reserv..

    about 20 months ago… BlackRock sold PNC who paired up w a bank in S America..

    presently, blackrock sits on around 100Trtillion is assets.. this is where the Fed Gets their money or who loans the money and a good reason bonds are essentiall worthless..

    BR also owns a small position in a mine (own a few shares).. with a little baktraking the parent it rothchills in Gernany..

    the derivatives market fell thru the floor in 2008 when Bush Sr raided the tteasury.. BR was one of the priincipal Tarp Lenders during this period.. the country went bankrupt w the mts baced secutirites scamms.

    oth – the derivatives markets are alive and well; err the hedge fuinds.. or fungus — whatever..

  3. I know I have said it before but it is worth mention. In my pre-med classes Microbiology,specifically, the highest grades were in the 40’s and graded on the curve, this was true in some of my chemistry courses as well. Science and medicine is very specialized. Knowledge and skill sets are not universal. I won’t even talk about the foods and nutrition classes I took. Boy when science gets it wrong they often just dig deeper into the hole. For better or worse I took the Vax. If it’s good for Trump and Family it’s good for me. Even if he had a mild breakthrough case. My 20 old son had Cofefe 19 and it was not fun for a couple days.

  4. Lots of candidates for PHD in human malfeasance detection and spotters of massive graft and governmental manipulation of anything, everybody, et al for POWER, CONTROL & EXPROPRIATION.

    Has this all just been another symptom of the big problem of overpopulation and reckless priorities greed and all the many human frailities. (e.g.– A trillion $$$$ to update our nuclear arsenal, but no money for effective masks against bioweapons) Maybe time will tell, but din’t count on it. Think of all to many unsolved outrages from JFK to the big event in Sept. of 01…. Still many others thathave just faded from view.

  5. Greyman, my point precisely. Things we can change immediately deserve more focus than things we cannot. Politicizing vaccines, is futile. Growing healthy food and stopping pollution is way more productive. Ignoring the virus and attacking the cure, smells like idiocy to me.
    There is much to do, and this issue is distracting and subverting progress. Nobody on this message board has a degree in molecular biology.

  6. If deploying a mild bioweapon, targeting a specific sector of the species, in order to reach maximum effectiveness, it would behoove the administrators to also deploy propaganda making resistance to any cure, an integral part of the operation.

    Another assertion is, a bioweapon is deployed in order to deliver the real threat, a vaccine. That somehow, whatever desired diabolical medical monstrosity, is not possible without a vaccine. If this is the op, there was zero foresight, and completely discounts other more effective delivery methods.

    To me, the most logical view, is we suck at medicine. It is better than ever, but we still suck at it. This is mainly due to a global focus on the physical aspects. Most people disregard the placebo effect.

    That a pandemic would occur during a time of stress and division is also consistent with the concept of reverse placebo. In the general framework of human consciousness, it is absolutely predictable that negative rhetoric or disbelief will definitely reduce effectiveness of nearly any medical treatment. Constant bitching and moaning, and sewing suspicion and doubt is counterproductive to any healing process.

  7. You can tell when Fauci is lying – his mouth is open. This psycho has killed hundreds of thousands of people and still walking the street with big Pharma’s backing, and lets not forget about the Agenda 21/2030 supporters financed by the Rockefeller/Rothschilds UN with Gates on the tailgate, that has been the start of the NWO from over 100 years ago.
    Wake up folks!

  8. m-r… you are not alone in your concept here… I know many others that are thinking the same thing… Propaganda on all levels has it’s mentally established fulcrum that seems as though we are being lead down a established road of conditioning that circumvents the real truth of VT’s originator’s????

  9. As Gordon told us last year in June, COVID-19 is a US bioweapon that was developed in a lab in North Carolina. It was first deployed in China, then Iran and Europe, and finally in the USA as cover for the biggest heist from the US Treasury in history, 6+ trillion dollars to bail out the big banks and corporations after the collapse of the derivatives market. This happened last year in March.

    COVID-19 was initially created to cull the human herd of the elderly, the already infirm, and those too stupid to live. The first version was very effective. The new Delta variant will be even more so. It continues to be deployed right up to the present day in the Red states and other Trumpster venues.

    • And they continue lacing the skies with chemtrails every day here in downtown Texico. I need to check with Dane Wiggington WTF is in this aerosol now, dumbing down chemicals and mind bending crap to make you believe what the MSM is peddling! The military already has this in place.

  10. Check Faulti’s background. Look at his ties to fraudster Gallo. Look at his support of AZT. How many Gays did they kill? Jail the prick.

  11. SV-40 !! B nice to lay that suker out & see what’s in them threds…

    Gain of Fun !

    thats not wats going on here ! the funding goes all the way bak to chapple hill – way deep into 2012 w video confabs where he is talking about this and giving away money..

    U can splatter rand paul all over the cement parking lot for caging a weasle.. ???

    tell U what – LotS of ball to throw that to the walls/paul.. he just said he has a filecabinet of pape, w fauchjie signature on the funds to china lab…

    fauchie lied !

    sho me the money where he didn’t.. there is paper going all the way bak to chappel hill for gain of function – tied to china lab…

    a punk w a gun/rand !!!!! goooo get em !

  12. People are not picky about food. At all. The consumer has the power and what we have is garbage. The vaccines are scrutinized a thousand times more than any food.

  13. The skeptics seem to miss a few things. One hospital in the US where the surge is hitting, said all the patients who are dying are non-vaccinated. They are begging for the vaccine just before being intubated and are told its too late. Choose your poison.
    This whole thing is just another wa wa. Wa wa I don’t want to wear a mask, wa wa I’m scared of a vaccine. Wa wa wa. Nobody handled this thing correctly, especially the people who have been pushing the hoax theory. The issue is the disease…. Demand to know where it came from and whether the US has any biological weapons labs. Other than that, stop spreading it.
    If a cabal of conspirators wanted you to be biologically manipulated they would simply do it in the food, another issue that seems to be missed.

    • “One hospital said…” really now, I guess that makes it definitive. David, we are constantly lied to. We have to filter the truth. There simply is no two shot cure for Covid19 that does not endanger your health. Millions of spiked proteins are not good for you.

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