Missouri: Death by Stupid


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VT has been working directly, though Swiss, Canadian and Israeli partnerships, to provide vaccines and real antiviral treatments to nations in Africa, the Middle East and South America.  That partnership has multiple vaccine distribution agreements and full manufacturing rights and includes real world top scientists.

If COVID isn’t stopped, worldwide, the next variant may well wipe this planet clean.

We decided to do the work, not sit and bitch about it or even argue with the chronically and suicidality stupid.

But this also gives us the kind of muscle we have in intelligence analysis, in nuclear weapons reporting and other key areas where only VT gets anything right.  VT has, from day one, been totally right about COVID, about vaccines and we continually republish our first articles as they have stood the test of time.

Nobody else can do that…no one.

Today, we are going to look at one state.  We are also going to look at a coverup as well, lies about deaths and hospitalizations and the big lie about vaccine efficacy.

Missouri underreports COVID hospitalizations.  VT can check, do the counties and add the numbers, which are 40 percent higher than reported to Johns Hopkins/NYTimes and the CDC.  Many red states are underreporting COVID.  Let’s talk the real impact of vaccine “hesitancy” and just little backward Missouri.

Real hospital numbers, non-ICU beds runs around 2000 COVID patients.  Of those, probably a full third will migrate to ICU and to very very probable death.

Missouri admits to having only half that number.  They are lying.

ICU’s are holding around 700 COVID patients.  We strongly suspect none will survive.

We also “strongly suspect” about 60% are Delta variant.

We also strongly suspect that 99% of those hospitalized are unvaccinated and that none in the ICU are unvaccinated.

Real figures on how many vaccinated test positive and how sick they get is withheld but we are surmising that those who test positive, even if old as hell, get better quickly.  We might add that new antivirals are available that are being withheld for political reasons and none of this is reported by the left or right or any American press, no fake journals, no “David Martin” or anyone else.

In order to scare people into sanity, “scare them straight” as it were, it would be nice if real figures on COVID weren’t withheld to protect the public from panic.

You see…over the past year, treatments for COVID patients have changed and we have some serious suspicions that many patients, based on “medical experience” are being written off as “walking dead” the moment they show up in the hospital.

In other cases, the poor, blacks, Hispanics and others are denied a level of care, not everywhere but in many hospitals, (I am not saying Cleveland Clinic), where those in charge are from cultures that devalue based on “caste” and other often racist and elitist considerations.

Reports on this are totally censored but we get them and know this is a huge problem with COVID and everything else.

You see, COVID has destroyed many things in America.  50 million “workers” seem to have disappeared….we could empty half of Africa into the US (it seems almost) just to get enough workers to fill the million of empty jobs.  Here in Michigan we have soaring unemployment claims and up to 250,000 unfilled jobs.

Taco Bell will pay up to $1000 bonus just for agreeing to work.  Some manufacturing jobs offer a $5000 bonus just for accepting a job.

Are these people really on unemployment?  Why doesn’t the government force them to work, after all it can?  Where did all the workers go?

Oh…and this…slave labor wages in all but the most backward red states is over.

So, let’s get back to Missouri and the real impact of just one state with a poor record on vaccinations and civility as well. (but some great fishing and BBQ)

Of those sick now, CNN says only 97% of those entering hospitals are unvaccinated.

The difference in prognoses between those vaccinated and those who are not is also growing apparent. More than 97% of people who are entering hospitals for Covid-19 treatment are unvaccinated, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said at a White House briefing last week.

“There is a clear message that is coming through. This is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” Walensky said.

Driven in large part by the Delta variant that is believed to be more transmissible and dangerous, 48 states are showing a seven-day average of new cases at least 10% higher than the week before, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

© Courtesy Christy Henry Christy Henry and her husband, Lonnie, are in the hospital fighting Covid-19 infections.

Dr. Howard Jarvis, an emergency medical physician in Springfield, Missouri, noted that the Delta variant’s infection rates are being seen readily in area hospitals.

 Let’s look at analogies.  The plane crash one is always best as it usually involves 100 dead, a number newspapers find attractive for readership.

We have up to 700 currently dying in Missouri, 7 planes coming down right now.  We have another up to 2000 sick and hospitalized with up to 250 of those possibly going to die, and the number we use is simple guesswork.  Real figures are hidden from the public.

What if 10 planes crashed in a month?

OK, try this one:

Let’s say the airlines announced that certain flights were going to crash.  Would you buy a ticket?


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  1. I live on the outskirts of St Louis City, and have the MO health websites bookmarked. St Louis County and City are going back under mask orders as of Monday, and this includes everyone. KSDK Ch 5 reports they want to get ahead of this surge, and says why. Both city and county seem to have a low vacc. rate for residents; however, the % might look better if they just counted adults, and I wish they would. “The latest data from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services shows 44.8% of residents are fully vaccinated in St. Louis County. The number is lower in the city, with 35.1% of residents fully vaccinated.”

    • In spite of the lower vaccination rate in STL City, I am guessing that this wave won’t be as bad as early 2020. That’s because the city and county were devastated very early on, by Jan. 2020. So there is a very large % of the population that had Covid then and recovered. Ditto with the 2nd wave. If you add this group to the vaccinated group, we should be OK. We will see.

  2. Republican major shift started today. They since the danger and are protecting themselves from an expected high bodycount and what might wreck the reopening progress in some places. They smell that a disaster with their names all over it hurting them in 2022, which is the only reason they are turning around, not that they give a shit about who dies, especially knuckleheads.

  3. I got mine. My wife too.
    We remember friends who had Polio stopped happening.
    If we are test Guinea pigs, so be it. All of our Grandchildren can walk.

  4. Since earliest childhood it’s seemed to me a matter of common sense that the scientific method was the best way yet found for gaining a practical understanding of the physical world. Trouble is, what is “real” science these days ? Remember that shameful 911 NIST report ? RE: covid i find myself in the same position as just after 911; something obviously stinks but what and where’s it coming from ? I get very suspicious when propaganda ramps up and the fear-drums are beating so frantically (even by VT !); is covid + vaccine part of some larger agenda ? Many suspicions, many questions, no trustworthy answers…
    As of now i trust no-one.

  5. Bottom line is, when it comes to Covid19, how you interpret what you believe, depends on who you believe. And maybe what you would prefer to believe. Or something like that.
    On most local levels, there is equal anecdotal evidence from both the pro vaxx and the anti vaxx side.
    Heard here directly from a local hospital board member, after a recent meeting, was that of the hospital covid admittances in a nearby major city, 20% were of the two-shot vaccination variety.
    That’s a good source.

  6. The VT editor and many commentators have captured the dialectic of Covid 19. It may disappear or it may kill us all. The next synthesis is just around the corner and just out of view. The pandemic has touched more lives, directly or indirectly, than any other event in my 71 years. The best we can do is make gut check decisions and see what tomorrow brings. Most of the rest is highly speculative at this point. VT’s Covid articles generate more reactions than all other subjects combined. It is big and it is real. Details to follow.

  7. “…If COVID isn’t stopped, worldwide, the next variant may well wipe this planet clean…”

    That sentence has other implied claim, that even those who are vaccine recipients aren’t really protected, and those that had not been vaccinated, they just will be used as excuse making them responsible and cover up that next one deadly variant is not just a variant, is a new one modified version to evade the supposed protection of vaccine, so at the end, vaccinated or not, the final outcome it’s the same.

    • The Delta version is 200 times more infectious than the original. That is quite a ramp up. And of course Trump told Woodward that it was highly transmissible, and then told the public it was no big deal. Woodward also stayed silent when he could have warned us. And he had enough money already.
      We knew their would be breakthrough infections. This was publicized…but they were expected to be asymptomatic or light cases. And that has been validated so far. We are already seening a major shift with the Republicans protecting themselves. It will grow as the death count for the unvaxed people grows. One Tennesses anti-vax family got it. Dad have barely survived. He has not come to Jesus. Imagine that. We are going to have some of these lucky stories, but there will be more who just die, to didn’t have to. Welcom to freedom of choice.

  8. Great point Edward. I never underestimate the power of rationalization however. Reason is just not convincing it would seem.

  9. Just my opinion, but I think this Delta variant and the unvaccinated are going to be the “worm-turning” event that buries the evangelicals and Trumpkins. We’re seeing republican pols finally coming out and endorsing the vaccine, not because of their altruism, but because they see the political mistake they’ve committed. Also, there are more and more stories coming out of anti-vaxxers, or their family members, contacting the infection, and then publicly expressing regret at not receiving the vaccine. Does this mean they go away entirely? No, but I think it seriously diminishes numbers of the approximately 30% they constitute.

    • Maybe when these folks finally realize that they’ve been had, once again, by the consummate con man Donald f-ing J. Trump, they will realize that this new bioweapon is targeting THEM. This Delta variant is not only targeting the elderly and the already infirm like the original Covid-19 bioweapon did, but those too stupid to live, as well.

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