Alabama governor says ‘it’s time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks’ as pandemic worsens

…from Politico

[ Editor’s Note: Could this be a break in the Red Dam? At VT we have not been over hopeful that there would be a straw to break the anti-Covid Vax Camel’s back, but had prepared ourselves for it being a body count battle in the end. The dead don’t lie.

We would track the proven dead that the vaccine killed, and compare to the proven dead that anti-vaxers would contribute from their ‘It’s all a big hoax’ and ‘the vaccine is too dangerous to take’ volunteers. If Las Vegas provided a legal betting pool, I would definitely jump in on it to make some quick money.

But I will go on the record that we will see new grifter lawyer class filing actions charging not enough was done to explain the real risk of dying to the non vaxers, and hence their families should get compensation.

God bless Republican governor Ivey, and I hope more may follow in her shoes. As a country we need some Red States to split off from the others so we can see their vaccinations go up, hospitalizations and deaths go down, and benefit from that economically and socially.

At the end of the day we will see more ‘no vax’ families wiped out financially due to the loss of a bread winner or two.

We should know by year’s end who was right and who was wrong, and shown who is more competent in running the country.

As for Trump, he secretly got himself and family vaccinated and yet had no qualms about sacrificing his anti-vax followers so he can blame their deaths on the Biden administration, after Trump had left him his ‘beautiful’ vaccineJim W. Dean ]

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First published … July, 23, 2021

Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey issued an impassioned plea for residents of her state to get vaccinated against Covid-19, arguing it was “time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks” for the disease’s continued spread.

“I want folks to get vaccinated. That’s the cure. That prevents everything,” Ivey, a Republican, told reporters in Birmingham, Ala., on Thursday.

“Why would we want to mess around with just temporary stuff?” she said. “We don’t need to encourage people to just go halfway with curing this disease. Let’s get it done. And we know what it takes to get it done.”

Ivey went on to describe the shots as “safe” and “effective,” saying: “The data proves that it works. [It] doesn’t cost you anything. It saves lives.”

…But the remarks from the governor grew more pointed when she was pressed on what it would take for greater numbers of Alabamans to get their shots.

“I don’t know. You tell me,” Ivey said. “Folks [are] supposed to have common sense. But it’s time to start blaming the unvaccinated folks, not the regular folks. It’s the unvaccinated folks that are letting us down.”

You can read the whole Politico article here.

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  1. It is one thing to refuse a vaccine, it is another to refuse to isolate or separate yourself.
    The selfish entitled hold the opinion that they can spread a disease in any store or public place they want. In the not too distant past, being caught doing that, would initiate a disappearing act. There is a trend here, as racists are cowards, those who would sicken an entire town for their own ego, are also cowards. We have an epidemic of morons sucking the oxygen out of the town meetings. Patience and kindness are no longer virtues when they endanger others.

    • David, your comment validate my theory, they need to those who refuse the vaccine as a scapegoat to people have somebody to blame. The vaccinated one also can spread covid, it does not stop transmission, vaccine just avoid you end up in a intensive care…. just for now.

    • Adrian, the people dying are the unvaccinated. The people having severe symptoms are the unvaccinated. Tying your brain in a pretzel is not necessary.

      This is the case of a daycare gone wild, where toddlers are running around screaming and crying and making a mess. Meanwhile , the state says, be patient and kind. If we could track the infections, and see online who gave it to grandma, and she died, there would be shootings.
      In most of history, completely justified.

    • I’m not the only one, who thinks from time to time, ….step onto the plastic.

      I cant be. When many deaths can be prevented, value of blockages plummets.

      If the blockage is stubbornness, then that depreciates. Quickly.

    • They know that people always need somebody to blame, for 911 they gave them the Bin Laden bad boy as guilty, for the first covid the bad boy it was the chinese. Now we have vaccines but covid going ahead, who is the bad guy now ?? yeah, must be the unvaccinated morons the culprits….

  2. Gordon say they are using to the non vaxers as a means of spread new variants. I don’t agree, they do not need use the non vaxers to spread the virus, they can spread virus without the help of non vaxers. They need them as an alibi , so that the public has who somebody to point their finger and blame them as responsible .

    • Mihail, PHD Judy Mikovits she is not a very reliable source, she is chasing her own agenda and gambling with marked cards on the sleeve….

    • that’s ok, she has been replaced by a dozen more with several dozen tireless attention seekers to peddle their crap to the unsuspecting….and vulnerable

    • Gordon, when you sift Mikovitz crap, still there something she’s right, Fauci is less reliable than her and he’s dirty on all this issue same as a potato just harvested….

    • I think it’s safe to say there is a lot of false and fake information about covid19 and the “vaccines” out there.
      Also safe to say our government, and its mass media mouthpieces lie to us on a daily basis. I say daily because we know 9/11 was all lies, and from that point on, everything else becomes suspect.
      To rail against other as being morons, or hillbillies for not believing what “we” think they should believe is part of the operation.
      We shouldn’t fall for that setup.
      Everyone has, or should have the right to follow their own beliefs.
      And considering the minefields of deceit laid out for us, to say “beliefs” is fitting.
      No one knows for sure the truth on this issue. If there is any real truth on it, I guarantee it is highly classified information, and not available to the public.
      Who knows who will be right.
      Maybe no one is right. Maybe everyone is.

  3. Perhaps a twofer, gun confiscation and mandatory vaccination for Covid 19?

    Inquiring minds and all….

  4. Tennessee’s Republican Governor has also come out recommending residents think about getting vaccinated. Tennessee is the ninth worst state in terms of the percentage of fully vaccinated residents. These republicans know they have screwed the pooch with their reticence and silence as public leaders, in getting the vaccination message out, in part I believe, because it would been seen as quasi-support for President Biden. Hopefully, people that have been misinformed about the virus wise up and start to act accordingly.

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