Real Warning: Delta Variant Causes a More Severe COVID (Important)


VT: When the CDC began talking “much (much) higher virus loads, we began wondering when they would start telling the truth about the Delta variant.

VT has been scrupulous to avoid the Russian financed disinformation campaign that paid trolls try to bring to out comment boards every day.

The unvaccinated get sick quicker, get more “sick” and, this means that younger people who get sick are more likely to get very sick.

I can understand why there are no real numbers to back this up…with some red states withholding COVID data, we now know why. What is withheld is the age of those hospitalized.  With extremely high percentages of over 70s vaccinated, 95% here, the figures on the kind of symptoms, the progression of the new Delta variant and how it responds to treatments is NOT being discussed or even allowed from red states.

What does the CDC mean by “more severe illness?”  All we ask is what we need to know to protect ourselves properly though “conservatives” have chosen to equate spreading COVID with backing Trump.

Now they are dying for their beliefs.

CNN: “The Delta coronavirus variant surging across the United States appears to cause more severe illness and spread as easily as chickenpox, according to an internal document from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The leaked document states:

‘Vaccines prevent more than 90% of severe disease, but may be less effective at preventing infection or transmission,” it reads. “Therefore, more breakthrough and more community spread despite vaccination.’

Vaccines prevent more than 90% of severe disease, but may be less effective at preventing infection or transmission,” it reads. “Therefore, more breakthrough and more community spread despite vaccination.”

Vaccines prevent more than 90% of severe disease, but may be less effective at preventing infection or transmission,” it reads. ‘Therefore, more breakthrough and more community spread despite vaccination.'”



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  1. As usual confusion reigns in this matter; it seems to me that until the question of origin is definitely and publicly resolved all discussion becomes a matter of speculation. Personally, i incline toward deliberate release if only because that passes the duck test better than the two alternatives. Who? Why? Is the agenda sane (pragmatic) – damaging a rival state, shifting wealth, gaining control (vaxx passport ), etc – or insane; fulfilling some biblical prophecy, a eugenic culling of humanity ?
    I just now concluded a discussion on this matter; this person refused to even consider the “deliberate” possibility, seemed outraged at the suggestion. I also used to confront such “cognative dissonance” when trying to discuss 911 early on: The government would never… or You’re with the terrorists ! ( a midnight knock from DHS thugs seemed a real possibility.) Not so much anymore; maybe the truth about this pandemic will eventually trickle down also…

  2. Gordon, I don’t how you got the idea that I am or was anti-vax or vax skeptical to any extent beyond ordinary caution I open my comments, about Ivermectin by stating, “Before I got vacinated,” Should have said, Before I was ABLE to get vacinated, because it took me a few weeks to arrange my shot after I became elegible. I got vacinated as soon as I was able. My logic is if medical workers, doctors & nurses were to go ahead of me, I, we would hear loud cries of anger if the shots caused many serious reactions. I had zero reaction. Even the jab was less than a 1 for pain on a scale to 10 for me. My suggestion for investigating Ivermectin came as a response to the emerging varients which may be vacine resistant or worse. I was initially interested in treatmen’s before I was vacinated with the Phizer jab. My interest in treatments, only arose again after the varients began to emerge, especially the Delta which seems to be vax saavy. Being vacinated, I feel safer than I did before I got the jab, but not quite home free yet. I hope this allay your concern that I am an antivax moron. Everything is a gamble. People who don’t bet lose, on vax and now the wave of inflation that follows covid. Leaving money in the bank at low intetest rates is like throwing some of it out the window I believe. Change it into something the Fed can’t print. Gold, silver platnium, guns, cars, boats real estate.

  3. Also, from Gordon’s article from June 3, 2020, “We have multiple confirmations that a vaccine for COVID 19 not only exists but has existed for some time, since 2019, perhaps as early as 2017.” And, “Targeting with a virus is impossible without vaccines and how they are given out or sold is what gives the power to those who control the vaccines. Key to this was causing a massive pandemic in the US because the vaccine would be worthless if the disease were quickly controlled.”

    In the same article, “John Hankey reports that Trump and his inner circle were vaccinated in November 2019, only days after the virus was deployed against China.” This means that everything he’s told his base about COVID-19 is a lie. Trumpsters, you’ve been conned again!

  4. Everyone please wear N95 or better masks even if fully vaxxed. Cloth masks don’t cut it and are dangerous. Precautionary principle. Who was responsible for the CDC lifting the mask mandate a couple of months ago? Appears to be a political decision or even sabotage/wrecking or all of the above.

    Truly stunning amounts of $$$ are being pumped into ant-vaxx propaganda and disinformation efforts. Sometimes I wonder if they have more people on the payroll than the entire US government.

    • I believe only USA rated N95 masks and particularly three M ones especially the green medical ones to be top of the list. Just because the mask has n-95 stamped on it, does not necessarily ensure that it filters out 95% of porticles & droplets down to 3 microns if I recall correctly. I have those 3M medical masks that I got early on in the rush to mask. I paid between $15 to & $30 each at a spike in demand. But read of someone who was hospitalized, put on a resperator and woke up weeks later owing over a million dollars from his stay. So $20-30- even $50 sounds real low compared to a hospital bill for a covid stay.

  5. Pfizer is heavily involved in operations with the dark fleet, reptilian genetics at base 211 in Antarctica, Mars Facilities, and they also operate on Ceres, which is a moon on Jupiter the Dark Fleet has massive underground facilities on.

    For those a few decades behind disclosure, the Dark Fleet is a galactic slave trade empire run by Reptilians that aided Nazi Germany in WW2 and operates across the galaxy. They work with Mossad, CIA, etc. in a massive human slave trade/meat market. These people are bad news. Humans collaborating with them are under complete control of Nanobot technology, microchipping and have no actual freedoms. Their entire empire exists by slave castes operating below a reptilian hierarchy that itself is controlled largely by nanobot tech by an AI warlord.

    Now, that is the reality of the situation, and Pfizer is the major biological weapons contractor heavily involved in supporting the dark fleet based at 211, Ceres, Mars, and elsewhere.

    Now, for those still confused: Who makes that mRNA vaccine they want you to take?

  6. If the placebo effect exists, due to the power of positivity of the human mind, then what does the opposite do ? We are watching that in real time.
    The “nocebo effect”.
    “Conversely, individuals can experience more symptoms or side effects as a response to a placebo, a response that is sometimes referred to as the “nocebo effect.” For example, a patient might report having headaches, nausea, or dizziness in response to a placebo.”

    • I am not suggesting the vaccines are a placebo, what I am suggesting is, both the severity of covid and the effectiveness of the vaccines will be effected by the thought process of the people. If a person has spent a year or two, grudgingly opposed or fearful of the vaccine, and then they finally relent due to societal pressure, they will be more likely to have side affects.
      As a species, we have a hundredth monkey effect,.. and a placebo effect, and those should be considered before the actual structure of the vaccine, as most people discussing that, are not molecular biologists, or bio-chemists. They are concepts that can be understood.
      So, if I see an increase of side affects in those who recently took the vaccine as opposed to those who took it right away, my thought goes to ‘nocebo”.

    • job,.. I waited a year and a half after I had covid. The symptoms I had, extreme pain in my arms and neck, are not something I ever want again. it is a bizarre bug….
      I can pretty much guarantee, you obey 50 times more than I do.

    • Okay, sorry to hear you were sick. I too had what Joe Sixpack knows as ‘COVID’ back in January, 2020. Similar symptoms as you’ve outlined. My doc told me it was simply a common viral infection– even though it wiped me out for a week. I learned soon afterwards a little bit more. ‘COVID’ is real, and COVID is very, very dangerous. I’d never disparage anybody for consenting to an experimental, unlicensed, untested gene therapy mislabelled as a ‘vaccine’. We’re all responsible for our own health, after all. Moreover, the ‘vaccines’ dangerous as they are are probably effective. They’re not designed to be safe or free from mid- to long-term side effects. They are designed for speed, efficacy and are complimentary to a series of ‘booster shots’ you will be ‘offered’ very, very soon.
      I say this because I also have a pretty good idea what ‘COVID’ really is; what the ‘DELTA VARIANT’ is; why VT are concerned about the lack of uptake in some quarters; and last but not least the Who What Where When and Why of this whole shit-show right from the very beginning (about two weeks after the original doctor’s appointment) due to nothing more than an accident of (former?) employment on my part.
      So sorry about being snarly, I’m just a lurker who gets frustrated at the theorising about what– if we lived in a functioning, transparent world– would have been public knowledge 18 months ago. And would have been acted on accordingly. And bloodily.
      Good luck.

    • We are getting waves of lying from several quarters…and are seeing facts withheld…symptoms, severity, response to treatment…
      If you don’t believe me…try asking the normal questions…and see if you don’t come up….blank

    • I had Moderna. I had 4 days of mild side effects as though I had just been vaccinated. I got the fuck over it and moved the fuck on with life and didn’t whine like a little bitch. No, my legs didn’t fall off. I did sneeze a couple of times though.

  7. Sorry to even mention it Gordon if what you replied is true. But I did alot of research and it is FDA approved for other maladies. Hard to believe they would approve it for scabies when there is a topical insecticide that works very well. I won’t go on, but to just say all the TREATMENTS seem to pose some risks. Maybe ask you to post where you got the “KILLS PEOPLE” info so more info is available… As Shrimpton would say, “No offence intended” or somesuch.

    • What I am saying is true. Do this…just ask your doctor, simple as that. Nothing you can do online fakes a medical education. I, however, have a minor medical education…and a family full of folks with real ones. If you are afraid of vaccines because of reactions and would take Ivermectin…because it is worse….with MOST patients…than a moderate version of COVID. It will make you sick as hell…but it will cure your worm problem. The thing it does…it kills them totally and you…only a bit. Do you want to be killed “only a bit” for no reason whatsoever other than you got bad medical advice. I assure you people are using everything that works and trying anything they think might work. Ivermectin failed…as did hydroxy…and about 3000 other things. You are getting information from liars.

  8. msn? msn is your source? who owns microsoft? same perp behind covid. the cdc? come on, we know they’re luciferians. remember ebola psyop? they exposed themselves.

    possible cures worth trying: ultraviolet blood irradiation.. 30 year proven track record approved by fda but hidden in favor of much more lucrative synthetic “medicine”.

    high dose vitamin c iv

  9. Continurd…. There have been trials, and just word of mouth among doctors. Check for yourself. All the favorable reports could be company propaganda. But it’s unlikely. How it wI’ll work on all the new or, God Forbid, newly created varients is anyone’s guess. At least its something that you or I can do, not easily, I might add. I had to pay some Internet “doctor” $40 I think to email the script to my local druggist, so no chance of fakes. My time is short to help others, busy trying to not run out of money in the inflation plague that is now infecting most everything.. Good luck staying alive & not going broke!

  10. Back in the begining, before I got vacinated, I searched for a treatment I could use if I became infected with it. Just the plausible ones, various steroids & some off label FDA approved drugs for various other disease, e.g. NOT bleach. What I came up with was Ivermectin. It is FDA approved 4 river blindness & scabies, go figure. But it means that daily it taken by 100s, maybe 10, or hundreds of 1000s.with very few side effects. Otherwise when you resesrch there would be filled with warnings. Contued above.

    • Toxic and long proven useless….but it does kill worms and insects…people too.

    • Again…first you use steroids and anti-virals…and maybe heparin….

      I think this is standard now. I will make some calls and see what folks in ICU’s are really doing now.

    • not sure it says that at all….

      but it does say that SOME vaccinated people can be infected and spread the virus…but you made the rest of it up…
      and then again….vaccinated folks are 50 times less likely to get sick from Delta

      you forgot that one…stop the cheap lying propaganda….

    • Gordon, how much are many and how much are SOME ?? 6 over 10 can be many and 4 over 10 some, but there is no great difference between 4 and 6 really….

  11. The irony is, Trump got the damn vaccine! Trumpsters, you’re being conned… AGAIN! We know that COVID-19 is a bioweapon that, as Gordon told us back in June of last year, was first deployed against China, then Italy, then France, then Iran and Spain and finally in the US as a “fund raiser.” It provided cover for the biggest transfer of wealth in history from the US treasury to the big banks and corporations, $6+ trillion back in March of last year.

    Now this new Delta variant comes along and who’s to say that the same fiends who deployed COVID-19 back in 2019 haven’t gone back to the lab in North Carolina and come up with a more effective bioweapon? It would make sense, given the millions of anti-vaxxers out there. This one will have a dramatically better kill rate.

    • So, they released a bioweapon and then vaccines to negate its effects. If every one takes the vaccine, then their bioweapon becomes ineffective. Now, would they negate their own creation and put an end to their own agenda? If they’re pushing the masses to take the vaccines in any way possible, then the agenda revolves heavily around the vaccines. Something to be at least wary of.

    • Two distinct “original” viruses:
      First made people sick killed and mostly old people, this deployed in China to knock down economy there. The second made to KILL (only arabs or Iranians), an Israeli concoction they have bragged to possess for years.
      Unfortunate for rest of world,The viruses did not do what they were designed to do after washing themselves through a few thousand victims, and since created in laboratory, mutate extremely fast with no predictability and thats what we have now.
      Vaccines best they can do to stop the spread, that and extreme social discipline, impossible to enforce.
      I dont think the viruses “designed” intitially to transfer 9 trillion from poor to the rich fuckers, but the opportunity to do this arose, and they did it. Why not? Compassion for poor people?
      I will guess it all started with a Bolton program to knock down China a bit. Trump found out, fired him, but then Pompeo (and others) convinced a go-ahead. (“it doesnt kill kids”)
      Many fascist-leaning democrats (nazis) “in on it” too with foreknowledge and approval.
      Could be Iran was intended target in first place, China the set-up and cover story.