Incautious Indiscretions


Wandering the dreamscape, the subject of shills and mind control gamesmanship floated in the aether where dreams happen in REM sleep…

(As an aside, two 1984 movies are used in mind control Theta psychic programs, Dune and Dreamscape)

The infamous shill alleged to be a prisoner, Australian Julia(n) A$$ange, as I call him… was seen…
He has a curious mind control cult past, in Australia, like actress Nicole Kidman, with funny ties as adult to Mossad.
A grim satire of an elite cult like it was made into Oz film horror movie in 1979, Thirst. I highly recommend it for the soundtrack alone.
In the post 9/11 Truther Movement, for near 20 years a number of new shills arose and got popular all over the web.
With A$$ange and loaded Wikileaks, a place of Contain & ID for dissidents happened.
Numerous Truther Movement people who gave Wikileaks damning information amazingly suffered consequences from death to trauma mind control, like Manning to suddenly get turned from a young USA military man into a transgender woman.
Then while A$$ange was imprisoned he had conjugal visits with women, some very famous, and some rising in the 9/11 Truther Movement in alternative news.
These women all had one thing in common; they were older women past their prime, whose SMV had plummeted with age and excess.
SMV = Sexual Marketplace Value
One was actress/model Pamela Anderson, a PETA animal rights activist as she’s aged… who in her younger HIGH SMV years in her prime had a “leaked” sex video of her with her then boy toy, drummer Tommy Lee of 80’s Mötley Crüe hair band an MTV star band who used Pop Culture Satanic imagery to be Bad Boys in Rock.
This was like young Paris Hilton in her young peak SMV years also had a “leaked” sex video of her banging some dude. And of course Kim Kardashian’s “leaked” sex video…
Incautious Indiscretions…
With a hidden agenda…
It’s clear these “leaked” sex videos are a marketing scheme like old Playboy Magazine; which to the public was soft porn with witty journalism, but was REALLY a literal mail order catalogue for ruling class wealthy and powerful men and women to select pretty mind controlled sex slaves to fiddle with as they saw fit.
So A$$ange had a ‘visit’ from Pamela Anderson, who was oddly now an activist for his freedom, out of the blue.
Then another post 9/11 Truther Movement female who had been a bleeding heart liberal who campaigned for A$$ange’s freedom also visited him in the U.K. Cassandra Fairbanks.
These women were all pretty but insecure with age against them and the flower of their youth long gone… and because of their excesses in youth they were used up skanks with really low SMV.
After seeing A$$ange with doubtless conjugal visits, they all went NeoNazi conservative to be Trump worshippers.
Cassandra Fairbanks ‘suddenly’ rejected democratic values to become hyper conservative working for Gateway Pundit as a journalist, owned by the the Curiously Gay Duo, the Hoft brothers who are raving NeoFascists who sell more slanderous lies than Breitbart and OAN.
It was odd yet predictable to see Cassandra Fairbanks become a shill, and openly reject everything she said she held dear in democracy and progressive values.
Now she works part time with Tim Pool shill as well as Gateway Pundit.
On Wikipedia her history says:
Cassandra Fairbanks is an American journalist and activist. As a journalist, she has worked for the Russian state-funded international news agency Sputnik, and far-right American media websites Big League Politics and The Gateway Pundit. › newsTrump supporter Cassandra Fairbanks accused of fabricating key details of antifa …
Fairbanks has pulled any number of scams playing the victim.
Seems women who get around A$$ange are subject to complete makeover after they depart his company…
It’s tragi-comic in a perverse way, but it shows A$$ange is an adept mind control handler. So he went from mind control victim as child to handler as adult.
Doubtless the women who visited him was an oddity they had become activists for his freedom as aging adults.
The 1600’s French playwright Molière said it best in his play about religious hypocrisy, Tartuffe the Hypocrite; that got him excommunicated but he was protected by King Louis XIV as the one man he could be honest and candid with…
From Scene 1:
O admirable pattern! Virtuous dame!
She lives the model of austerity;
But age has brought this piety upon her,
And she’s a prude, now she can’t help herself.
As long as she could capture men’s attentions
She made the most of her advantages;
But, now she sees her beauty vanishing,
She wants to leave the world, that’s leaving her,
And in the specious veil of haughty virtue
She’d hide the weakness of her worn-out charms.
That is the way with all your old coquettes;
They find it hard to see their lovers leave ’em;
And thus abandoned, their forlorn estate
Can find no occupation but a prude’s.
These pious dames, in their austerity,
Must carp at everything, and pardon nothing.
They loudly blame their neighbours’ way of living,
Not for religion’s sake, but out of envy,
Because they can’t endure to see another
Enjoy the pleasures age has weaned them from.
In other words, aging studs and coquettes often acquire “virtue” getting suddenly moral and religious… as their physical charms fade away…
So it was with all Julia A$$ange’s female groupies…

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  1. My indecision is whether Tim, Jimmy, Caitlin, et al are shills or just poor mal-informed people who don’t follow VT.

    You have to admit that the Assange psy-op is comprehensive. The give away being the complete lack of “leaked” Israeli crimes.

    Good luck on the dating game, Harry.

  2. Wee doggie, Gordon serves up a real zinger. This makes perfect sense. Hopefully I’ll find women my age that haven’t embraced that piety thing. The rest of you, stay away from being turned into a woman, unless of course, you already are a woman. Jeezy peezy, what has Satan wrought. I thought Wide Eyes Shut deserves a mention; but I loved the Dunes. All of them. Best to everyone. To the foragers, Paw Paws are coming! Yum.

  3. I am disquieted hugely by this dark ditty, but will hold my take till I unravel this Gordian Knot of screaming inuendos. Quite a few ends to tug upon, but what will the thread tell…???? If he has gone over to darkness, why all the venom from their camp…??? Why not accolades & medals of merit and light. Too many back stage appearences & front stage obsfucarion for me to quickly fathom

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