Forged gospels, Lies and the Children of Moloch


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  1. Joshua/Jesus had 4 brothers…n Mark 6:3, the “brothers” of Jesus are named; they are James and Joses and Judas and Simon….He also had a sister Tamara…I am a descendant from James….Also the Concealed One…Peace..

  2. It’s known that Berenger-Saunière the priest of the ancient church Rennes-le-Château at 1891 on his trip to Paris, he buy a couple of paints , an an anonynous portrait of Pope Celestine V and a replica of Poussin paint called “Et in Arcadia ego” , that it show an old stone grave. That same grave, the real one, was in a estate in Arques just a couple of miles to Rennes-le-Château at Languedoc region but without inscriptions on it as showed in paint and was dynamited by the owner of that estate in some moment of the first half of 20th century. What the priest found?? Maybe evidence than proves Jesus he live until year 45 of first centur, the crucifixion never really happened and is a big 2000 years fraud. When somebody say about the implication of that on Vatican and church, I always tell… And which is the big deal about it for Vatican?? they just need make a little change on their name and rename as Vatican Inc. because they were always that, the first multinational megacorporation on history with branch offices in almost any countries selling them their own product to consumers, many much time before Ford, Amazon or Microsoft….. 🙂

  3. this is not well-informed dialogue. it is a cacophony of chaotic voices blurting out their narcissism: im an expert on spirituality and religion so i have a right to an opinion, their haughty writings scream. Blurting out how utterly ignorant and lost in space they are. The illuminati can walk in the spiritual dimension and are possesed by demons who give them power in exchange for massive human suffering. The only one they fear is Jesus. We know this for a fact. People are so stooopid. You are doomed, patriotards.

    • Update: There is a zero chance, there was an actual dude named jesus that did anything that was written down and passed to now, as Historic Record.
      There is a 90 % chance mythology and descriptors of calendrics were used in formulating the storylines chapter by chapter in all books of the 2 half bibles. The icon of the cross and the flayed man is a military psyop and is the most successful of the age. A tortured man is no more god, than a dead goat.

    • Human sacrifice and ritual cannibalism seem a wee bit dated and way too satanic But the service isn’t over until we get all the snakes back in the sacks, eh!

  4. John follows the 20 days by chapter beginning with day 1, Batz,, in precise order, and ends again on Batz (or hexagram 1 of the I-Ching).
    Mark follows the days by chapter beginning with Qanil (the seed) the 18th day or hexagram.
    Luke and Mathew follow the order of the trecenas by chapter, Luke beginning with Imox, and Mathew beginning with Iq. The pigs go in the water in 3 books…3 different alignments, all the same day Kat. Original reference would be Deuteronomy 14. Kat is the 14th day or hexagram.
    Mark – it ends the chapter of E in chap 5 – 13 Kat
    Luke – It is contained in the chapter of E (8) and is v33 – 7 Kat
    Mathew – it is in the chapter of the trecena of Aj, (8) and is 32 – 6 Kat
    Correlating the text takes about a 15 mins per book if someone knows the days and trecenas,.it is this dumb. 14 of the minutes is spent verifying.

    • This is why burn the libraries and forcibly convert the indigenous, the latest being the largest library of indigenous writing in the hemisphere (Brazil) , just after it received funding for fire protection, but before it was installed. All of central america was ordered burned by the pope and de landa when they found out how much knowledge they had. They twice stole the sun stone, and each time the elders found it. The codex, which was asked to be returned (denied) is now called the Borgia codex….hows that for arrogance ? To this day, the Maya are treated the same as US reservations, and are in a economic stranglehold despite being a fertile jewel.

  5. Doing devils work? We have enough BS coming out of US, looks like you’ve reached your end and decided to be another Zionist propaganda mouthpiece.

    • Consider this,…anyone who calls themself a christian today, is the biggest fan club of Judaism.
      They are two halves of the same book, but the second half paid off a debt by naming the other the actual son of god. Yes, it is that dumb. If you are not Latin, then the only reason you believe any of it, is because at some point, your ancestors got their ass kicked and forced to convert. This is kindergarten.

  6. May Heaven preserve us all from the wrath of the chosenites, those Europeans who think they’ve been chosen by God to range around the planet, displacing the indigenous, stealing their land and resources, and finally bringing human history to a cataclysmic end with what Israel calls the Samson Option.

    • Samson Option is a big joo bluff, last week was seen that, when Russia wants, zionist can’t even bomb Syria with their most advanced and best cruise missile and guided bombs, and you, you really think zionists they can nuke the world with their scrap and no one could be stop them???

    • These nukes are already in place all over Europe and America in Israeli embassies. That’s how the nukes that brought down the Twin Towers were brought in to the USA in 2001.

    • Tommy, either way, so they can get their beautiful armageddon they need strategic grade nukes with megatons of power able to wipe out entire cities and kill millions of people with a single hit, not small nukes to blow a tower or just burn down all trees on central park…not so easy to do.

  7. “History, King writes, “is not about truth but about power relations.” She argues that historians must abandon “the association between truth and chronology.””…and with that assertion, she delegitimizes any historical relevance or claim to authenticity of her own work, “The Gospel of Mary Magdala”. I guess that was the plan; rather than admit to the ignominy of having been duped, simply throw shade on all other works of history. She reminds me of Trump to his acting DOJ Attorney General:” just declare fraud, and I’ll do the rest…”.

  8. ‘God/Creator’ gave us Reason not Religion! Thomas Paine, who may have been the Inspirational Leader behind our; ‘The Declaration of Independence.’ The Control Freaks of Religion, Christianity-Rome & Holy Roman Empire, have over many centuries, tortured, burned to death, murdered millions of Human Beings, in the name of JESUS! just try to live by what Jesus proclaimed? The Golden Rule! It is at the CORE of all major Religions! In Judaism; ‘What You find hateful to You do not do to Your neighbor!’ What the Talmudic-Supremacist Demonic Creatures have done with that? TIKUN OLAM! Peace-Salam-Shalom!

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