Russia: US ‘Stole’ Olympics and the Election…call the Krakin

After failing to clinch gold in rhythmic gymnastics for the first time in 25 years, Russians coped by spouting baseless conspiracy theories.


Daily Beast: Russia’s decades-long dominance in rhythmic gymnastics was shattered at this year’s Tokyo Olympics, where Russian athletes failed to win the Olympic gold in the individual all-around event for the first time since 1996. In Sunday’s group competition, Russia didn’t win gold either, losing to Bulgaria.

Since authoritarian countries cherish Olympic competitions as a tool to inflame nationalist sentiments and promote their countries’ global standing, Russia’s defeats were loudly rejected by a host of pro-Kremlin voices—who resorted to state media’s time-honored tradition of conspiracy-mongering.

Experts on Russian state television have been trying to read each country’s Olympic gold medals as tea leaves, suggesting that the outcome determines the new global hegemon. Last week, pro-Kremlin pundits, hosts, and experts relished the idea of the “weakened” United States being edged out by China. The host of the state TV show 60 Minutes, Olga Skabeeva, pontificated: “You can’t beat China. They have the most gold medals.” Eager to inject Russia’s notorious transphobic rhetoric into the conversation, Skabeeva added: “And none of them are transgenders, so they will keep procreating.”

To Russia’s dismay, the United States ultimately surpassed China, winning 39 gold medals and 113 medals overall—the most in the world. And that means, according to Russian state TV’s logic, that the U.S. is not relinquishing its global leadership—which does not sit well with Russia.

Lawmaker Aleksei Zhuravlyov described other countries competing in the Tokyo Games as “a pack of Russophobic beasts, headed by the United States.” “Americans are freaks. Moral freaks. Why are we even discussing this parade of freaks and perverts?” asked Pyotr Tolstoy, deputy speaker of the Russian State Duma.  read more…


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  1. Never underestimate an evil empire. Theirs or OURS. Politics is bad enough, but the politics of its international link to sports is beyond absurd. More of same!

  2. Just who was it that made the decision to snub Russia ? This year and as far back as I can recall.
    Seems US voice’s are heard above the rest in these matter’s, and the last few year’s the Russiabad format escalates, banning Russia displaying the flag, anthem, and other misc. chikenshit, dirty tricks have US Government all over it. What other country is into vindictive bitchy little girl stuff ? That hasn’t been badgered by US Government to make asse’s of themselves on world media. Punished should compliance be less than instant. This is done to other countries, but Russia enjoys the biggest share. It’s interesting the countries given this special attention have one thing in common. They’re US Government’s top choices in being it’s designated enemy. The narratives fabricated to give reason to their status are shallow, and superficial, and total bullshit. The format US Government use’s to conjure up it’s narratives, and fakery, is the only one, make a change here, adapt there, to suit the new subject, individual/group/country. Layout the backstory, the victim, the sinister unspeakable, (often evil)
    act. Or, some petty nasty. This reeks.

  3. There are certainly many great, outstanding American athletes. And they compete with dignity for the highest awards in professional sports. But, as I said, we have been hearing alarm bells lately from the field of sports. American athletes sink to the level of bazaar women and sissies. They allow themselves careless statements and outright Russophobia. Ideally, they dream of my country being barred from the Olympic Games. But, – put the penis on their entire snout. The Russian team performed in the uniform that everyone knows. Banned the anthem? – As Putin said: let them listen to Tchaikovsky music, instead of the anthem! And the team performed even much better than in the previous Games. Although the composition of the sports team was very small. This is what annoys the West. We do not care. We calmly do our job.
    Long live the honest and clean sport that unites the peoples of the world!

    • I still remember in the 1972 Munich games when the US Men’s Basketball was robbed of the gold medal. They had beaten the Soviets for the gold and the clock expired, the game was over! Then, some Olympic “official” came down out of the stands and insisted time be put back on the clock. They replayed the last few seconds and the Soviet team won. It was complete bullshit! Our guys accepted their sliver medals like men( not all) and didn’t run around like whiny bitches. And what about those olympic Soviet hockey teams? they were all Soviet soldiers, deployed and paid to play hockey, for all intents and purposes professionals, playing for the same Soviet team year after year, trashing American and Canadian college kids. Well, that shit ended in 1972, when Team Canada, with Orr, Lafleur, Ivan Cournoyer, and the boys handed Russia its ass in the Summit Series. That was the same year Booby Fischer handed Boris Spassky his ass to in Reykjavik.

    • Yes, Edward, I remember that basketball game. We have a movie about that. And as soon as I love ice-hockey more, I know what you are talking about. USA, Canada, USSR were the greatest teams! Sport in the USSR had ideological pretext and planning. They planned the approximate quantity of medals in different kinds of sports. In modern Russia (which is now absolutely different country) there is no USSR’s ideology. And I’m sure that even you would agree – modern sport has become dirty. This is what I wanna say.

  4. let us just remember US Senate openly russophobic actions after 2014 Kiev coup took place and Crimea was annexed. Russians were hit very hard, while mostly and undeservedly sportsmen took the hardest shots.

    • …and let us remember Putin high-fiving with Belarus president, Alexander Lukashenko in Sochi, after the latter had a Ryannair commercial jetliner forced to land in Minsk, under shoot down threat, just so he could have a journalist who criticized him arrested.

  5. … Also ironic for the Transphobic, is that the only drama I saw besides the NothingBurger below, was… On closing day, the womanhood of a silver medalist from Namibia being challenged.

    She was BORN FEMALE.

    “High” testosterone levels, but they didn’t accuse her of DOPING, they accused her of being a MAN. (ONLY AFTER she was beaten by a woman!)

    It’s self-evident who’s really confused here!

    • Every ELDERLY man who comments here now has at least 3X the testosterone of 34½ y.o. Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce.

      When you were 20y.o, you had like 13X!

      But anyone sane would still put their $$ on her against 20y.o. you! (And she’s 5 feet tall!)

      SheCarri Richardson was banned, for weed.
      She could smoke Snoop & Willie Nelson’s entire stash, and I’d still take her vs any of us!

  6. Oh the irony of whining about trans people on a loss in… nyet, prosti, prosti, I can’t… 🤭… Rythmic Gymnastics! 😅😂🤣

    Having your national… identity tied up in rythmic gymnastics is fine I guess, but worrying about men frolicking around more krasivyi than your women is… ochen insecure, to say the least.

    I’m an Olympics junkie, but I only saw Ryan Murphy briefly complain… about the sport in general… about doping.
    With the ROC athlete in the room.

    But the Russian official is right: USA has 70+ million “moral freaks” who would WATCH Donny Dollhands grab their kids by the… P… rivates, as they worship his… Golden statue. “What!? He said he didn’t do it!”

    • But Larry Nassar is currently in prison, isn’t he?

      Since everyone’s generalizing anyway:

      In Russia, would he be:
      A.) Swept under rug & kept.
      B.) Swept under rug & fired.
      C.) Imprisoned.
      D.) Killed.

      * C & D mean publicly, with any imagined “shame” and/or “loss of face” that comes with it.

  7. Pot calling the kettle black – numerous Americans vociferously sniveled about the Russian athletes even being at the Olympics, despite the fact that just as many Americans have been caught doping as Russians. There are slavophobes and Russophobes who are insistent on making Russia an enemy, rather than a friend. They do not speak for me, and they do not serve the best interests of the American People. No foreign wars, period, serves the American public interest.

  8. Russian Federation sounding like their lackey, Trump: we didn’t win, therefore it was rigged. Pathetic!

    • Maybe you should check the facts first! And there is no country more sniveling like the USA, when they don’t win!

  9. I don’t always agree with what our Russian speaking heads are saying on TV screens. But the reality is that sport has become an instrument of politics, misconduct and intrigue. Western athletes are annoyed by the victories of Russian athletes. The impotence of the West in politics began to be projected onto sports. This Tokyo Olympics has become one of the scandalous. Pierre de Coubertin is spinning like a top in the grave. All this is sad.
    And one more thing: I do not want to see transgender creatures at the Olympic Games. These freaks have no place among normal people!

    • I long for the day when the Russo-phobes in both major US political parties finally realize that Russia has been in Zionism’s crosshairs since forever. You used to live in the old Khazar stomping ground east of the Black Sea, right? This is why the US Ashkenazim have had the hots for Ukraine to this very day. Victoria “f-uck the EU Nuland wasn’t just passing out cookies to Nazi thugs back in 2014 when the US staged the coup in Ukraine. That’s really when Russo-phobia really got going in the USA. Peace and joy to you, Andy.

  10. The politicisation of sport always foreshadows the next war. It predicts which nations will be involved and which nations will be turned into the “other” in the upcoming propaganda campaign. This was certainly the case with the 1936 Olympiade in Berlin and WWII, but the next conflict, the one coming up between the USA and Russia is different. It will go nuclear within hours and be over within weeks or even days.

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