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[ Editor’s Note: No one saw this coming, a Trump promoted Supreme Court judge backing a university vaccine mandate. It seems that the concerns of the many outweighed those of the few, which is what the whole concept of ‘public health’ entails.

If it were not such, any two bit passionate voter or citizen’s interest could wipe away those of the vast majority. Unhappy student are free to apply to a school with no vaccine mandate, so hence suffer no harm to their freedom of choice.

As the hospital tents continue to go up at major Red State hospitals to handle their ICU overflow, vaccinated citizens with heart attack, strokes, car wrecks, etc. could find themselves victims of the Covid deniers.

It was predicted that the crazy states would be flooded by midmonth, and it will be much worse by the end of the month. Mississippi has grabbed the available hospital ship, and Louisiana has gotten the federal medical emergency staff.

Part of that problem was due to front line workers deciding to return the ‘screw you’ to the non-vaxxers’ screw you when it came to getting the vax…and quitting to go somewhere else.

The hospitals are taking their messaging revenge by doing videos of non-vaxxers just before they are incubated, telling their families and friends to get the shot. There is nothing like a high probably of a visit the morgue for their first and last time to clear up someone’s political thinking.

VT would suggest that other employers take note that this is ‘the’ Supreme Court ruling at this time, and that the ‘balance of harm’ verbiage is no joke, and from Judge Barrett. Color me surprised.

I have been cutting short the debates with old friends who are anti-vax and mask mandates folks, on the simple grounds that the height of the body piles are going to the monument as to who was right and who was wrong. The dead will vote from their graves… Jim W. Dean ]

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First published … August 13, 2021

Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett on Thursday opted not to block an Indiana University vaccine mandate, giving no explanation as to why in declining to unravel the school’s rule that students, faculty and staff must get the Covid-19 shot.

Barrett, an appointee of President Donald Trump, is the circuit justice for the 7th Circuit, which covers Indiana. She denied the motion for emergency relief from multiple students who challenged the university’s mandate, acting by herself rather than referring it to the full court.

…The students who filed the lawsuit argued that the vaccine mandate violated the 14th Amendment and state law.

Last week, a three-judge panel of the 7th U.S. Circuit of Appeals also declined to block the mandate. At that point, a federal judge had already denied the students’ attempt, saying the “balance of harms and the public interest favor Indiana University.”

This decision comes as Republicans remain less likely to get the Covid-19 vaccine and far-right misinformation continues to spread. However, many Republican leaders have become more vocal in their support of the vaccine in recent weeks as the Delta variant surges in states with low vaccination rates.

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  1. I’m sure that if they asked politely Cuba could bring over Doctors as Florida joins their neighborhood states in body count.

  2. Mr Dean says… No one saw this coming.

    Speak for yourself. The supremo court of sheet exists to promote white supremacist police state and fascist imperialism while giving the appearance of legitimacy. why do you think the USA has the biggest prison system in history and who do you think gave impunity to kkkiller kkkops? i would hang all of them.

    • Agreed. VT’s position on COVID is basically “trust the evil 911 terrorist government”. Then Mr Duff wants to ridicule anti-vaxxers who are 100% correct in not trusting this filthy evil gooberment. Mr Duff doesn’t want real change. he wants to find a modus vivendi with the satanists so that the rich will not be inconvenienced.

    • The number of fully vaccinated people dying of covid (if any) is infinitesimally small compared to the non-vaxed who are dying like flies.

      The idea that large amounts of vaxed people are dying is very dangerous disinformation that, if believed, could and actually does cause people to not get vaxed and die or contract long covid (with brain damage and a decline in IQ among many other scary symptoms).

    • @ Mihail, reports of mice with ACE2 receptors all dying from encephalitis after getting the mRNA injections don’t fit the narrative and have disappeared. It’s almost like some Archaea created to finish us off. When people start dying; we’ll just get fed some more disinformation as that is the name of the game. Georgia guide stones be damned.

  3. I have a different perspective on this.

    Each circuit court is assigned one justice to decide emergency appeals and other unusual things that may happen in their circuit court. Justice Coney Barret is assigned to the 7th circuit covering Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin.

    The anti-vaxers were asking Barret to stop the mandatory vaxes immediately until an appeal could be heard by the full Supreme Court (they do not have to hear these cases – they pick only a tiny number to hear). These types of emergency requests are very rarely granted. They almost always are declined with one word orders. Her denial here is not out of the ordinary at all. Nothing should be read into her denial of the anti-vaxer request for emergency relief, especially in light of the 1905 Supreme Court case of Jacobson v. Massachusetts (mandatory small pox vax)

    That case decided that it is constitutional for government to require all citizens to be vaccinated – with vary narrow exceptions. That is the controlling case. I do not see the current Supreme Court overturning this. I think the messaging in social media on this is that Amy is not so bad after all. That is not the case. So don’t let your guard down, we’re not out of the woods yet with the Supreme Court.

  4. Carnegie Mellon has published a study that claims Phd’s are the most vaccine hesitant, and are least likely to change their minds. But, if the paycheck depends on it, they may become the most eager to get the shot.

    This decision does not change my confidence (level zero) in Barrett as a SCJ.

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