The Holocaust, Both Sides of this Searing Controversy

Why do so many people think the holocaust was made up? Which is the conspiracy theory?


VT: David Irving has, for 30 years, claimed he has been systematically persecuted and jailed for reporting what his lifetime of research has learned, that the holocaust never happened, and Irving is the premier researcher on Germany in World War 2.  Is he wrong?

Get both sides, only available on VT, no place else:

Daily Beast: For 30 years he was an obscure failure; then almost overnight a local celebrity and eventually the man around whom the whole of world policy revolved. How does that go together?—Sebastian Haffner

When Sebastian Haffner’s The Meaning of Hitler was published in 1978, Germany had just reached the peak of what historians call the “Hitler wave.” Just over 30 years after his suicide, Hitler’s character was enjoying a pop-culture rehabilitation. Hitler biographies filled bookstore windows, SS eroticism oozed from art films, and tabloid covers excitedly told tales of Hitler’s “escape.” Susan Sontag, commenting on the moment’s newfound praise for Leni Riefenstahl’s Triumph of the Will, dubbed it “fascinating fascism.”

Over the next three years, we traveled to nine countries to visit key locations from Hitler’s life and crimes, and interviewed historians and writers not only about Hitlerism, but also the battle over history itself. Among the subjects were some of our greatest living historians: Yehuda Bauer, Saul Friedlander, Sir Richard Evans, and Deborah Lipstadt.

Lipstadt had been famously sued by British author David Irving in 1996 for defamation after she described Irving as a “dangerous spokesperson for Holocaust denial” in her 1993 book, Denying the Holocaust. Following a sensational trial, where Lipstadt’s defense team relied on Richard Evans as an expert witness, the court ruled against Irving.  read more..

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  1. “New Dimensions” in Davos.

    New Dimensions in Testimony, a project of the Shoah Foundation at the University of Southern California allows real time interaction with Holocaust survivors.
    “In Davos, the experience has been available to the world’s leaders, opening minds not only to the direct experiences of those who experienced the horrors of the holocaust, but also to the potential of digital experiences to create new dimensions.”

    Quote from the book Gruesome Harvest The Costly Attempt to Exterminate the People of Germany by Ralph Franklin Keeling-
    “The life of every nation is supported by three main pillars: land (all natural resources), labor, and capital. Break down any one of these and the nation is plunged into catastrophe”.

     “About 16,000,000 German refugees east of the Oder are being deported from their homes. It has been estimated that already 10,000,000 have been driven out. The human tragedy and suffering caused by this ‘Volkswanderung’ are unparalleled in history.
    Hunger, cold, sickness, and death is the lot of millions”.

    Prime Minister in May 1940, Churchill instructed his War Cabinet member Arthur Greenwood to craft a document assuring the Je wish elites that a winning Britain will give them not only Palestine but a major share in the “new world order” to compensate for “the wrongs suffered by the Je wish people.”

  2. The Holocaust truth is connected closely with the justification for the existence of today’s state of Israel.

    The Zionists claim that the Jews need a homeland due to worldwide Jewish persecution.

    Denying the Holocaust is also denying the reason for the existence of Israel.

  3. The holocaust was made up because when history about real crime is so distorted over the true events that happened at time, begins to left be true and turn into a fiction tale.

  4. The Holocaust was Mechanics Mate James Coyle getting blown up removing a bomb fuse that an idiot sailor had set off by spinning its propeller while watching movies in the hanger on the Coral Sea.
    Dad’s survivors guilt was something I understood far too late.
    F–k the Banksters and their colony in Palestine.

  5. The Jewish Zionist basis for the existence of Israel is the reality of the truth of the Holocaust. If one removes the truth of the Holocaust, then they also remove the reason for the existence of today’s state of Israel, and also remove much of the world Jewish cooperation that is needed to hold onto today’s Israel by the Jews.

    Judaism was mostly anti-Zionist before 1933, as the rich German Jews did not want to go and delayed to go to Israel by their using the 1933 Haavara Transfer Agreement. After 1945 Judaism had changed to being mostly pro-Zionist.

    Before 1933 it was against God’s will in Judaism to take the land of Israel, because someone else lived there. And it was promised that God would give the land someday to the Jews when God was ready.

    Without the truth of the Holocaust, the world Jews may never have been able to obtain the necessary cooperation from all of the world Jews in order to both take over the control of Israel and also to hold onto the land of Israel.

  6. This is a big clue as to some who are called the great historians who promoted the Holocaust lie;

    “.. Among the subjects were some of our greatest living historians: Yehuda Bauer, Saul Friedlander, Sir Richard Evans, and Deborah Lipstadt.”

    Where are the facts ever presented? God help us!

  7. There is too much money supporting the Holocaust lie. Germany’s success in the face of the great depression is a slam against FDR’s failed program that had to be bailed out by WWII. I was very young, but I heard about that form returning WWII Vets.

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