1.2 Million Americans got unauthorized 3rd COVID shot, CDC says


(WXYZ) — For many of us, it’s hard enough to keep track of one vaccine card, but now metro Detroiter Kent Straith has 2 of them.

“I’ve been hearing so much in the news about how the vaccine is starting to leak against the delta variant and other variants,” Straith said. “I knew that a booster is in my immediate future and I figured I would get it before there was a rush of humanity trying to get it at the same time.”


  1. Before my retirement move my job required the first phizer jab which I got as a 70 year old essential food processor worker.
    After moving the only shot available was the Jansen single shot so I got that after 7 weeks. I just did not mention the first one.
    I hope it is a Federal Crime so that I can get my dental work repaired while I am in prison.

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