Busted: Those Involved in Ivermectin Fraud Should Face Prison

VT had it first, that Ivermectin was as big a fraud as drinking bleach of "hydroxy"...the fake cure controlled by Jared Kushner and the Israelis. (Check on that if you must)


Health Editor’s Note: Ivermectin, used in animals to prevent heartworm disease and some external and internal parasites and in humans to treat two conditions of parasitic worms and external parasites such as head lice and to treat skin conditions such as rosacea, will NOT cure or stop COVID-19. Those who have pushed for the use of Ivermectin to treat or prevent COVID-19 should face criminal charges for pretending to have researched and found that Ivermectin will Treat SARS-CoV-2. Wasted time that may have very well cost people their lives……Carol 

Expression of Concern: “Meta-analysis of Randomized Trials of Ivermectin to Treat SARS-CoV-2 Infection”

by Andrew Hill, Anna Garratt, Jacob Levi, Jonathan Falconer, Leah Ellis, Kaitlyn McCann, Victoria Pilkington, Ambar Qavi, Junzheng Wang, Hannah Wentzel

Open Forum Infectious Diseases, Volume 8, Issue 8, August 2021, ofab394, https://doi.org/10.1093/ofid/ofab394

On July 6, 2021, Open Forum Infectious Diseases published the article “Meta-analysis of Randomized Trials of Ivermectin to Treat SARS-CoV-2 Infection” by Hill, et al. Subsequently, we and the authors have learned that one of the studies on which this analysis was based has been withdrawn due to fraudulent data. The authors will be submitting a revised version excluding this study, and the currently posted paper will be retracted.

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  1. Reading the retraction statement deeper they state the flaws in the study will be eliminated and a revision will be posted. The study found something like 57% reduction in deaths with specific dosage of ivermectin and treatment program. The PTB recommendation is that ivermectin be used in trials only. It would appear that there still may be some usefulness with this treatment, flaws aside

  2. I completely agree that anyone knowingly promoting “snake oil” should be tried with multiple felonies, attempted mass murder for one. As seen with the Sackler family the courts are minimally effective however. There is in America one of the largest-fastest growing religions that was established by a snake oil salesman. It should be noted that not even his lynching could stop it’s growth. The FLCCC appear to be a legitimate group of Drs and I find it hard to believe they would put themselves and reputations on the line presenting fraudulent and deadly information. Fabio writes of the Dr in Italy that was pushed out of his urban medical practice to the country side and ultimately committed ‘suicide’. He was the leading voice in Italy early in the pandemic for convolecent plasma which is more than moderately effective and standard of care for appropriate patients in US now

    • I personally know a phd in biochemistry and molecular biology, that left the entire thing and went to grow kiwi fruit off grid, due to the political pressures in the industry. He just shakes his head,…

  3. I think covid , and the aftermath, is the greatest failure of science since the creation of the nuclear arsenals. Giving humans the tools to make viruses, is worse than making intercontinental ballistic missiles. We are blind hairless apes with ego’s and we do not even have a scientific consensus on what day it is. Despite that being discovered over 10 thousand years ago. On a 1-10, presently, I give science a 2 – . The billionaires get a rocket ride,while the common person is piled into mass graves,…. woo hoo. Is that a fact ?

  4. Just from flipping around today: “The moderna and pfizer lose efficacy over time” , “Phd’s are the most reluctant to get jabbed’ ,..’the number of medical professionals not getting vaccinated is high, and the number that simply left the entire profession as soon as it got hot, is also high.’ For decades, the field has complained consistently about being politically driven, and to this day, no health care for the poor. 3 professions that have deserved the loss of the trust, police, medicine, and politicians. These will always suffer in hyper capitalism and become corrupt immediately. Health is a human right, not a traded commodity. Shame on all of them.

    • David Odell, As we are seeing viruses mutate at great rates of speed. When the mutation is good for the life of the virus, the virus thrives. We have to get yearly flu shots because the influenza viruses are continually mutating. The mutations that are mounting up on the COVID-19 realm are occurring so rapidly because so many are available to be infected and thus become the petri dishes for the virus to perfect its moves. Vaccinations for all would have squelched the new variants we are seeing. I always expected to need a booster for the COVID-19 vaccine. Until viruses stop their easy mutations into other viruses (not going to occur because this is how a virus sustains life) we will need to continue to tweak influenza and COVID-19 vaccines to keep up with the new curve balls the virus keeps throwing.

  5. I am fully Phizer vacinated but still am hanging onto my Ivermectin. As some of the emerging variants appear to infect the vacinated, we are back to needing good treatment options. I do not believe that any treatment has or will be safer of more
    preferable to vacine. We never know how serious a cover infection will be until the victim fully recovers. From a runny nose, to multiple organ failure, its not anything to be treated lightly nor can anyone be sure that any treatment will work for them, no matter how well it worked for others. Stay healthy by AVOIDING being infected. Avoid hot spots, use top quality masks and be careful about anything that MAY get you infected. Life is a gamble, but bring smart is your best defense. Don’t believe there is any source of information one can always trust. I bet on vaccine but want some, any, rational treatment as a backup, not as a crutch to try to avoid being infected.

    • David Odell, I am responding to you comment because you are usually someone I think has common sense. Unless you have a couple of different intestinal parasites that you need to get rid of, do NOT take the Ivermectin.

    • I do not even take aspirin or painkillers of any kind. No vitamins, never go to the doctor, no insurance, eat what I want, 3 to 4 glasses of wine per evening and 3 cups of solidified espresso with tobacco for breakfast. I try to trust medical people, but there are way too many opinions that contradict each other. I generally feel, that if there is not a consensus, then it is not a decided issue. Another poor soul had the wrong leg removed last week. One week they told us , vaccinated people do not transmit, the next week the opposite. I see no resolved issues on any topic related to covid, other than it is here and killing people, and so far the vaccines seem to work. It is a massive cluster for the entire scientific community from one end to the other. My decision to take the jab was entirely based on intuition, not medical opinion.

  6. Lots of garlic, ginger, turmeric, a little zinc, D and B complex vitamins and you don’t anything else to stop virus. Oh, and use silver utensils.

    • This is baloney. All the supplement scammers looked at Covid as a gold mine, and it was. The leaders are first were VitD and C as they are almost free. But the idiots, so stupid were they, they bought at a huge mark up, and this went on month after month. Actually it was just another interent social media parasite scam. There is a large army of them out there. Vit-D is a no brainer and everyone should be taking it anyway. And Vitamin C is the cheapest anti-oxidant that there is, yet people pay 10 to 20 times more for something else because it must be better, right? The scammers just love people like this, and pray for God to make more of them.

  7. Once you lose confidence it is very hard to get it back. The CDC has repeatedly put out false, misleading, and contradictory information throughout this pandemic and has completely lost credibility. The latest example was overstating the number of Covid cases in Florida by approx. 30%. A “mistake” they admitted. This was obviously intended to damage the reputation of Florida’s governor and it backfired. How on earth can we have confidence in an agency that allows itself to be used for political purposes?

  8. Dr Pierre Kory and his colleagues in FLCCC (Look it up.) are world famous doctors and nurses who have been working in the4ir field and in the front lines of the fight against SARS Covi-19 and I simply do not believe that they are frauds. If they say that Ivermectin is effective against the virus then I, for one, am prepared to believe that they have good reason to say so.
    This belief is backed up by the good results obtained with ivermectin in Zimbabwe (Too poor to buy vaccine.) and Uttar Pradesh. What I can believe, is that as ivermectin is dirt cheap (C. $68/kg.) the big pharmaceutical companies do not want it used. I am surprised to find Carol Duff on their side.
    One can see how opposed big pharma is to ivermectin use, by the fact that a video of Dr Kory testifying to Congress, was removed from YouTube after a few days.

    • Totally agree, Harry. Back in April of last year, the Times of Israel ran an article that claimed “the US intelligence community became aware of the emerging disease in Wuhan in the second week of that month [November 2019] and drew up a classified document.” The article went on to say, “US intelligence informed the Trump administration, “which did not deem it of interest,” but the report said the Americans also decided to update two allies with the classified document: NATO and Israel, specifically the IDF.”

      This means that Trump was aware of the COVID-19 bioweapon way before it made its way to the USA. His bankster pals were first in line for the free money, $6+ trillion, that the Fed dropped on the big banks and corporations in the spring of 2020. Yet, he runs around free as a bird… for now.

  9. I would like to add. Science is by nature imprecise. It is a work in progress. Biological solutions to biological problems have not ever been 100%. Often the solutions have been worse than letting natural processes play out. Science has hit some home runs, but I would say those solutions have all have come with a cost. It is a mistake, that everyone witnesses, when anyone says reliay on science. There is more to life than science will ever be able to define as the is more to spirituality than intuition could ever describe.

    • Respectfully disagree. We are biochemical beings. Everything we experience as living humans, including emotions, can be attributed to those biochemical reactions that take place within us, right down to the hormones, enzymes, and neurons that make it happen. Spirituality appears to be nothing more than a manmade construct designed to comfort us from the reality that, after corporeal death, the party goes on without us.

    • ST, yes, and often we find money gets in the middle and scrambles things as well.
      The placebo effect is real, as is nocebo,.. and I’ve seen people cured of bizarre things by way of quartz crystal and white sage. sometimes the invisible threads have to be cut, and the source of the negativity will immediately feel it. If science and spirit met, our medical facilities would be improved by a significant degree. There are studies going on now, but we need to make a demonstration.

    • Doug

      It’s easy to be important in comment boards, to demonstrate that excessive and unwarranted ‘love of self’ that drives those who are ‘determinists’ based on a noted lack of personality development, perhaps organic in nature…which shows in posts year after year as though one weren’t dealing with those long trained as profilers

  10. Oh Fuck me!
    I certainly was/am one.
    I confess. I read, studies, and followed the Ivermectin study group of Drs and scientists and was impressed with their findings. Enough that I printed the studies and provided them to the Dr at my hospital in charge of the Covid response team. Needless to say he accepted what I provided but had no response. Convalescent plasma seems to have some efficacy but still has limitations. I am sorry if I gave anyone the impression that I was providing a Covid cure when I was providing a possible treatment for Cofefe-19

    • Don’t send “fringe” medical articles around. You can buy Ivermectin at tractor stores and many who watch fox news or who get your emails are totally fucking stupid, just got to a Farm and Fleet on Saturday morning…it makes Walmart look like a meeting of Nobel Prize winners. Ivermectin will kill your ass. It does NOTHING against COVID.

    • SouthThunder230,

      You cannot believe everything you read and apparently even have studies to prove. These studies were falsified. I wonder how many lives the Ivermectin debacle has cost?

    • I would apply that same logic to whatever the government, pro vaxxers, medical establishment and mainstream media is ramming down our throats in relation to getting the vaccine for the good of everyone. Can they be trusted to be telling the whole story and been honest? I say this because there is a high proportion of society that doesn’t trust all of the above in particular governments, MSM. I have seen videos of conferences and forums where credited medical professionals are disputing the mainstream claims about the safety of the main vaccine brands and pointing to their own research as well as the research of others that the vaccines will do damage to your body. In particular inflammation of the heart membrane and heart muscle that has been damaged by the vaccines that cause scarring. Lets not forget the links found between certain interested parties related to the lab in question, Pfizer, Black Rock, Dr Fauci and so on. I will not take the vaccine.

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