Helpful Tips: How To Turn Your YouTube Channel Into Successful Business


As technologies developed, the role of social media in the life of humans has changed. Today it is not only a source for fun and storage of home videos and photos but a powerful instrument of influence and profit.

For a lot of people, popularity on YouTube is a business, carefully cherished and highly successful, as they get more views and likes for their content

In this article, together with different marketing experts, we shall discover the most effective ways to monetize your channel on YouTube.

Enter YouTube Partner Program

The easiest way to make money from your channel is to participate in the YPP. This program is the main source of profit on the platform. But to take part in it you have to meet some conditions that are required to make monetization possible:

  • Have¬†no¬†less¬†than¬†1000¬†subs
  • Reach¬†over¬†4000¬†hours¬†of¬†watch¬†time¬†during¬†the¬†last¬†12¬†months
  • Accept¬†terms¬†and¬†conditions¬†of¬†the¬†Program
  • Create¬†an¬†AdSense¬†account
  • Get¬†the¬†approval
  • Your¬†videos¬†have¬†to¬†meet¬†the¬†conditions¬†of¬†YouTube‚Äôs¬†Community¬†Guidelines

Damien Hong, Digital Marketing Specialist:

Surely, when you look at the number of 4000 hours of public watch time, you can become frustrated. But be calm a year is a long enough term for gaining this number if you are targeted for growth.

Original and interesting content easily gains the required numbers and makes participation in YPP possible.  But you have to do a lot of SEO work, to make your content visible to a wide audience.

But to earn really good money from basic YouTube monetization, you have to generate at least a million views in one month. This goal is real, but it can be a longshot task, so I don’t recommend relying solely on

Paid Content

Another option for creators who already have a strong fanbase and receive a lot of video views is to create specific content that is available to users after payment. It means that you sell the access to it, and you can settle the price yourself. YouTube will take its share. To use it, you must agree to the terms of the ‚ÄúCommerce Addendum‚ÄĚ.

Linda Safferiano,

SMM: I don’t think that this is the best way to earn money for personal channels. This thing is more suitable for educational channels and businesses, who actually can sell some services with that feature.

In case if we are talking about influencers who build their career on personal charisma, viewers won’t react well to the offer of paying for this content.

Live Streaming Monetization

As YouTube is also a popular platform for streaming, the network has options for earning money from this kind of content. It’s Super Chat and Super Stickers. For viewers, this option provides an opportunity to highlight their message for money. The reason for users to do so is that the highlighted messages are more visible to you as a streamer hence you should interact with such messages more actively and quicker.

Damien Hong: yeah, to monetize a streaming career on YouTube you must try to engage as many people as possible because if you are a newcomer to this niche, users won’t have a reason to pay for their messages to appear as more important to you. So, when you want to earn some money from streaming on YouTube, take care of your reputation first. Super Chat is cool, and I like that it pushes your engagement rate, but this isn’t the best way to get a bigger profit on YT.

Crowdfunding Opportunities

One of the ways your audience can support you is to send money willingly to the selected crowdfunding platform. Nowadays this is a common practice for many bloggers, who expect their fans will help them to support their careers.

The selection of crowdfunding platforms is huge, here are the most popular ones:

  • Patreon
  • Gumroad
  • Indiegogo
  • Kickstarter
  • GoFundMe
  • RocketHub
  • CircleUp

And there are many more to your choice.

Using such platforms is a great way to earn more from your creations, but it depends on the will of your viewers.

Ronald J. Harris, Senior digital Marketing specialist: I love the idea of crowdfunding. It implements and normalizes the fact that creating worthy content is a kind of work, and it has to be paid for. To me, it’s like dropping money in the hat of a street musician he entertains you, and this way you demonstrate your appreciation for his efforts, to be grateful for having a positive experience. Another pleasant aspect for users is that in most cases, there is no fixed fee to pay. They can drop you one dollar if they want.

However, I must admit that to have a reasonable income from crowdfunding you must gather a loyal community around you, in other cases, the addition to your earnings will be minimal and irregular.

BrianDean from Backlinko: Crowdfunding on YouTube is great because, unlike ads, you’re giving your audience more of what they want: content and engagement with you, the creator.


As one of the vital aspects of a successful channel on YouTube is its recognition and originality, many YouTubers develop a set of unique features that make them distinct from other members of the industry. As they gain popularity and influence on YouTube, they can create merchandise for their fans clothes, keychains, paper production, toys, dishes, etc.

Damien Hong:

People love merch. This is a known fact.

YouTubers are like modern rockstars. You can earn good money if you provide truly interesting stuff that has value for your fans as it makes them a member of the community.

And people like feeling involved. The category of YouTube creators who use this platform as a presentation of their handmade skills, offering merchandise is also a decent method to increase their income and turn a hobby into a real business.


Influencer marketing works on YouTube too. As you gain an audience enough, and enough views brands become interested in coworking with you, as more and more people will rely on your opinions. This is a stable way to earn money, but it also takes much effort. And such collaboration often includes official strict contracts, where you have to maintain the terms that are set and provide a constant result.

Linda Safferiano,

SMM: we all have to see these advertising episodes in our favorite blogger’s videos. Brands use the charisma and creative minds of YouTubers to reach a bigger audience and get more sales. For creators, this is one of the most reliable ways to increase the income from the career, but it also is a serious partnership, where each has to work hard for the result. Before engaging in a collaboration with brands, I would recommend talking with a lawyer and notary to develop a reasonable and effective contract. Lawyers can also explain to you the points that you should pay attention to when someone offers a deal. Check the reputation of the brand before you agree to make advertising for them.


There are several ways to earn money from your channel on YouTube, and the best way is to mix them if you want your blog to become the main source of your income. To make monetization possible, you have to create original and valuable content that is interesting to many people, as the appreciation of the community is your prominent instrument in gaining more money.


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