‘Incel World’ Why the ‘Dickless’ Love Trump


When Michael Cohen told us he had threatened or paid off well over 500 Trump problems, rapes, gropes, men, women and children…he described a veritable “world of dreams” for the “incel” that flocked to Washington on January 6 to “fight for the right to rape”

Raw Story: In trying to understand what prompted a man in Plymouth, England to commit the worst mass shooting in the UK for over a decade, attention has turned to his apparent links with the incel community – an online subculture of people who describe themselves as “involuntary celibates”.


Jake Davison allegedly shot his mother before a shooting spree which ended when he turned the gun on himself. His youngest victim was three years old. In the lead-up to the attacks, he compared himself to incels in YouTube videos and contributed to their forums.

He uploaded videos in which he fixated on his virginity and, in a direct reference to incel ideology, Davison’s described himself as “blackpilled“. This means that he believed himself too old, at 22, to find love.

Incels refuse to accept responsibility for their circumstances, instead believing their inability to attract women makes them victims of oppression. Like all groups under the umbrella of online misogyny known as the “manosphere”, they subscribe to the “red pill” conspiracy theory. They believe men are the true victims of gendered oppression, that male power has been usurped, and that feminism is a front to disguise men’s subjugation.

Incels essentialise this conspiracy in the idea of the “black pill”. To swallow the black pill is to accept that this oppression is insurmountable. It invokes a certain hopelessness. Incels believe there is nothing they can ever do to improve their lives.

Incels believe in a genetically essentialist social hierarchy. At the apex are “chads” – hyper-athletic attractive males who women desire instinctively. Beneath them are descending classes of “betas”. At the lowermost point are incels, whose innate characteristics make them unable to attract women. Height-cels say they are too short; skull and frame-cels blame their skeletal structure; wrist-cels believe their wrists are too thin; and there are many more delineations. Incels cannot accept responsibility for their lot in life, instead spinning themselves as victims of their own biology and societal oppression.

Targeting women

Incels blame women for this hierarchy and their low place within it. ….read more..





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  1. Oh they should blow it out their fat asses with this talk. A woman worth having is turned on by a man’s confidence and leadership, his vision of how he wants things to be and how he will carry it out, she will fall for his hard work and strength and providing for his family, she will like him to bathe regularly and groom himself and be a simple man of few words but plenty deeds. Such weak worms as these only deserve to be beaten.

  2. The syphilitic flowering of patriarchy, will take the patriarchal views of religion and bury them at the bottom of a very deep pit.
    The disempowering of women only happens if incel types are in charge.

    Real men like strong women, sovereign and wise. No patriarchal religion can hold up under those conditions. The priests of christianity, judaism and islam are the original incels. They still whine about it all the time.

  3. The Western world nowadays is replete with such Godless, hapless creatures. So pathetic. Solution: turn to and submit yourself completely to the Creator, the Sustainer for all. You will regain your self-worth, dignity, freedom and total mental peace and calmness. This apparent submission so arduous to the Western mind while at the same time is captive to all sorts of temptations and bad-habits; yet hardly acknowledge the existence of God which he deems to be detrimental to his great mind and spirit! Apparently having such a congested sense of freedom!. No sense of humility, piety; arrogance and wickedness brings his downfall!

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