Vaccine Deadbeats: Missouri Lawmaker’s Unvaccinated COVID Denialist Husband Dies From COVID-19


Missouri state Rep. Sara Walsh announced Thursday that her husband has died from COVID-19. They were both unvaccinated and contracted the coronavirus earlier this month.

Steve Walsh was a GOP official and press secretary for former congresscritter Vicky Hartzler.  Her press office, under Walsh, totally boycotted any support of either vaccines or other methods of controlling or eliminating COVID.  Rep. Hartzler did, however, give herself a large loan using COVID funds.

“It saddens my heart to share that this morning my best friend and beloved husband Steve Walsh was welcomed to Heaven’s glory into the arms of Jesus Christ his Lord and Savior. Arrangements pending.

Thank you to everyone who has lifted us up in prayer,” the Republican lawmaker tweeted. Walsh, who announced her candidacy for for U.S. Rep. Vicky Hartzler’s congressional seat last month, has said she refused to get the COVID-19 jab because it has yet to be approved by the FDA, some of her friends had adverse reactions, and she’s remained healthy throughout the pandemic.

She did not specify why her husband—Hartzler’s spokesperson—declined to get the vaccine, but reasons like “ignorance” and “stupidity” come to mind.


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  1. I remember the Tuskegee experiment and the Henrietta Lacks story and don’t trust government or big PHARMA or their vaccine or the media. Nuremberg code and natural immunity.

    • After seeing a PHD medical research doctor explain how the messenger RNA vaccine works, and realizing that scientific advances are still happening every day, I now believe the efforts to produce a workable and safe vaccine for covid were done with non-malevolent intentions, and that modern science has advanced far beyond what the common person realizes.

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    • Hey Robert, you shouldn’t get vaccinated. Don’t wash your hands. Rub your eyes when they itch.
      Go to a rally.
      Have fun.

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