Breaking/Exclusive 2021.8: There is Evidence Someone is Attacking the US with Deadly Levels of Radiation and it is being Covered Up

Saudi-Israeli nuclear weapon exploding over Yemen, 2015

Editor’s note:  We have been sitting on this story. This is hard science, real evidence and something is terribly wrong.  We do not enjoy publishing this.

Total Gamma Radiation Soars in America in July 2021

Mr President, the Reactors at Raleigh, North Carolina and Portland, Maine must be shut down without delay.
But this is Insane. Use all your power and fix the radioactive sources. All of them!
The reactors’ records are screaming they are “in big trouble.”
C’mon, President Biden, kill the reactors everywhere!
Save American lives.
The Billings, Montana radiation reading soared past the Total Gamma Count at America’s former H-Bomb making factory at Colorado Springs, Colorado June 30, 2021, just a few days ago at this writing.
Be bold, President Biden, kill the reactors dead.
Bob Nichols


January 1, 2021 thru August 20, 2021, or 5568 hours

See huge increases in first eight and a half months of 2021.

Top 10,000 Records for each city

8/18/2021 END DATECity, StateDate 8/20/2021
93,114,338Billings, MT.8/1846,413,375
91,378,066Raleigh, NC.8/1880,473,889
89,212,294Colorado Springs, CO.8/1775,753,478
88,498,386Augusta, GA.8/1748,248,742
88,426,265Little Rock. AR.8/1745,973,119
78,437,207Worcester, MA.8/1764,139,722
77,201,703New York City, NY.8/1742,691,862
77,074,274Portland, ME.8/1781,518,607
73,337,052Fresno, CA.8/1755,506,758
72,516,674Miami, FL.8/17/202126,675,452
70,934,978San Bernardino, CA.8/1751,324,365
70,800,719Lockport, NY.8/1636,715,881
70,767,842Providence, RI.8/16/202144,118,710
70,363,899Spokane, WA.8/1652,749,382
69,867,373Navajo Lake, NM.8/1663,674,430
67,658,209Boston, MA.8/16/202155,376,674
66,663,724San Diego, CA.8/1663,864,296
66,092,545Carlsbad, NM.8/16/202129,906,008
65,486,954Albuquerque, NM.8/16/202143,623,589
64,811,525Anaheim, CA.8/16/202147,183,502
64,293,433Idaho Falls, ID.8/1654,705,813
64,003,762Louisville, KY.8/1650,374,486
63,951,975Phoenix, AZ.8/16/202154,324,741
63,919,210Oklahoma City, OK.8/1649,460,032
63,392,786Grand Junction, CO.8/1752,058,707
63,041,987Houston, TX.8/17/202118,789,919
61,954,550Casper, WY.8/17/202143,515,803
61,112,935Hartford, CT.8/17/202158,461,163
59,933,731Tucson, AZ.8/17/202152,541,551
59,466,823Amarillo, TX.8/17/202138,762,984
58,691,928Virginia Beach, VA.8/17/202144,006,339
58,094,803Atlanta, GA.8/17/202147,605,697
56,132,910Pittsburgh, PA.8/17/202142,961,201
55,552,423Pierre, SD.8/17/202143,850,460
54,787,421Concord, NH.8/17/202152,875,938
53,811,960Boise, ID.8/17/202148,449,137
53,520,425Bakersfield, CA.8/17/202138,330,659
53,185,772Tallahassee, FL.8/17/202138,121,375
52,866,139Yuma, AZ.8/17/202151,573,318
52,223,652Laredo, TX.8/17/202128,550,285
51,684,995Lincoln, NE.8/1842,237,361
51,481,524Reno, NV.8/18/202144,576,825
50,878,385Riverside, CA.8/1861,491,452
49,958,083Mason City, IA.8/18/202136,891,238
49,949,781Champaign, IL.8/18/202139,449,677
49,411,843Omaha, NE.8/18/202129,227,072
49,120,206Kearney, NE.8/1841,652,324
48,760,933Rapid City, SD.8/18/202138,168,683
48,125,078Denver, CO.8/18/202154,880,201
47,996,297Harrisonburg, VA.8/18/202141,798,137
47,972,837Richland, WA.8/18/202121,553,379
47,823,260Memphis, TN.8/18/202136,506,525
47,320,025El Paso, TX.8/18/202146,664,497
47,311,454Birmingham, AL.8/20/202116,332,476
47,272,083Richmond, VA.8/19/202132,979,790
46,424,793Shreveport, LA.8/17/202143,659,742
45,923,949Knoxville, TN.8/20/202130,889,279
45,593,016Detroit, MI.8/17/202138,668,607
45,489,428Bismarck, ND.8/17/202139,949,264
45,425,076San Jose, CA.8/20/202130,170,295
45,396,925Des Moines, IA.8/17/202139,339,418
45,283,331Charleston, WV.8/1737,991,534
45,018,800Los Angeles. CA.8/1755,563,675
44,589,376Chicago, IL.8/17/202129,526,284
44,430,392Ft Smith, AR.8/17/202141,498,833
43,634,332Rochester, NY8/19/202152,998,891
43,625,274Ft. Worth, TX.8/19/202136,652,932
43,621,045Philadelphia, PA.8/20/202131,229,626
43,145,602Wichita, KS.8/19/202140,838,404
42,821,351Madison, WI.8/19/202133,599,499
42,572,949Lexington, KY,8/19/202143,955,449
42,560,975Washington, D.C.8/19/202118,509,531
42,032,341St. George, UT.8/1962,348,263
41,913,074Mobile, AL.8/19/202129,211,900
40,487,777Cleveland, OH.8/19/202142,336,654
39,929,741Salt Lake City, UT.8/17/202127,046,135
39,925,655San Francisco, CA.8/19/202128,410,924
39,555,360Aurora, IL.8/18/202128,990,972
38,561,462Burlington, VT.8/19/202130,813,562
38,202,715Las Vegas, NV.8/19/202128,445,305
37,067,800Tulsa, OK.8/19/202138,532,050
36,237,157Kansas City, KS.8/19/202150,135,206
35,962,685Dallas, TX.8/19/202125,014,051
35,813,717St. Louis, MO.8/19/202122,520,943
34,847,926Indianapolis, IN.8/20/202130,186,506
34,547,962Baton Rouge, LA.8/20/202124,556,532
34,417,058San Antonio, TX.8/20/202121,226,627
33,862,823Corpus Christi, TX.8/20/202138,339,281
33,802,506Duluth, MN.8/20/202125,450,884
33,545,065Eureka, CA.8/20/202131,091,280
31,900,487Tampa, FL.8/20/202120,387,792
31,618,378Paducah, KY.8/20/202124,788,220
30,233,131Nashville, TN.8/20/202117,790,974
28,849,021Yaphank, NY.8/20/202116,100,779
27,943,001St. Paul, MN.8/20/202127,670,702
23,462,316Fairbanks, AK.8/20/202118,690,291
19,922,848Anchorage, AK.8/20/202114,504,523

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  1. The gamma rays we receive from the sun are from extreme solar events, like massive disruptions of solar flares. These are called coronal mass ejections. The problem with gamma rays is they are highly ionizing and end up damaging bone marrow and internal organs. There is a direct relation between gamma-ray discharges and leukemia cases.

    This is now a breakdown of the earth’s magnetic shield that is supposed to protect us from deadly gamma rays from the sun. Now that breakdown could be intentional to some extent or it could be natural.

    Now obviously the earth’s magnetic shield is every day weakening. This can be due to an upcoming pole shift, which causes the magnetic shield to weaken up to 90% when it occurs.

    Over the last two centuries, the dipole strength has decreased at 6.3% per century, but lately, that decrease has been rapidly increasing. There was a giant breach discovered in the earth’s magnetic shield in 2008 by NASA that has only increased since. How bad are things now in 2021? Well NASA isn’t saying, nor is any government agency.