Anti-masking and lies about critical race theory are all part of the Betsy DeVos agenda


Alternet: Republicans and the well-funded right-wing web of media, think tanks, and astroturf groups are going after public schools by whipping up a culture war with several fronts that keep kind of blending together: critical race theory, masks, and transgender kids. But if that all seems separate from the Betsy DeVos wing of right-wing attacks on public education that focus most of all on privatizing schools, think again. The two projects are intertwined, as glaringly revealed by Florida’s recent announcement that families can get vouchers to attend private schools if they don’t like their public school’s mask-wearing policies. Outcomes like that come from concerted outreach efforts, and we can see in one figure how that’s working.

Corey DeAngelis is the national director of research at the DeVos-founded American Federation for Children. He is also, according to his bio at that organization, “the executive director at Educational Freedom Institute, an adjunct scholar at Cato Institute, and a senior fellow at Reason Foundation.” In other words, DeAngelis is highly networked in the world of right-wing and libertarian education policy—really a go-to guy if you want to dismantle education as a public good available to all kids.

DeAngelis is also extremely comfortable bringing his message onto extremist platforms. In March, DeAngelis showed up on the podcast of one Jack Murphy, alongside Christopher Rufo, the brains behind the big push to pretend that critical race theory is being taught in K-12 schools and use the term to demonize any teaching about racism. Rufo is, like DeAngelis, a creature of the right-wing think tank world, what passes for an intellectual of the right. Murphy is … a different story.  Read more..


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  1. This tussle between “public” and “private” education seems to be a big case of much ado about nothing.
    Essentially, they are clamoring over who gets the right to payment for warping the minds of K-12 students.

  2. Thanks Bro. Couldn’t see a better way to say it myself. Not only that, but the OSHA requirement for available oxygen for workers is 19.5%. Wearing a mask (a single mask) lowers available oxygen to below 17%. This causes CO2 enriched environment that in turn causes headaches, nausea, etc.

  3. The same fiends who first deployed the COVID-19 bioweapon in China must be slapping each other on the back over how well this new Delta variant is doing in the USA. Not only is it much more infectious and virulent than the original virus, but it obviously makes them crazy before it kills them, not that many of them weren’t crazy enough to begin with. Fully one-quarter of Americans think the Sun goes around the Earth, so these folks will believe anything they’re told.

    And then there’s this from the Book of Donald 9:11. “Faith in Me is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Who you gonna believe, Me or your lying eyes?”

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