NY Times: Great video, watch dying anti-vaxxers excuses, Mountainhome, Arkansas


[ Editor’s Note: Feature image is a screen grab from the video. If a sleeping person has vitals this bad, it is a strong indication that the outcome is going to be bad. A topic less discussed among the anti-vaxers, concerned about the long term effects, is what the short terms ones are…death.

The Alabama doctor that put a notice on his door that he would not longer see unvaccinated patients and would transfer their records, stated as one of his reasons being that a Covid death is a horriable way to die and that he was ‘tired of watching people die from an avoidable disease.’ Jim W. Dean ]

In the video above, Alexander Stockton, a producer on the Opinion Video team, explores one of the main reasons the number of Covid cases is soaring once again in the United States: vaccine hesitancy and refusal.

“It’s hard to watch the pandemic drag on as Americans refuse the vaccine in the name of freedom,” he says.

Seeking understanding, Mr. Stockton travels to Mountain Home, Ark., in the Ozarks, a region with galloping contagion and — not unrelated — abysmal vaccination rates.

He finds that a range of feelings and beliefs underpins the low rates — including fear, skepticism and a libertarian strain of defiance.

This doubt even extends to the staff at a regional hospital, where about half of the medical personnel are not vaccinated — even while the intensive care unit is crowded with unvaccinated Covid patients fighting for their lives.

Mountain Home — like the United States as a whole — is caught in a tug of war between private liberty and public health. But Mr. Stockton suggests that unless government upholds its duty to protect Americans, keeping the common good in mind, this may be a battle with no end.

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  1. What a complete load of total HORSESHIT. Guess where I live? In the very town this article is about.
    This is a retirement community, the average age, including kids, is north of 50. People die here every day, from old age and infirmity. No, we did not lockdown. No, there are no mass deaths here. If this is an example of the so-called proof that people are dropping like flies, then there is no proof. The hospital is not overwhelmed, I was there just 2 days ago to take a neighbor in for snake-bite. A neighbor down the road died the other day, they called it a C-19 death, she was 75 and in failing health. If there is such an emergency, why was the reporter even allowed in the hospital? When this began, no one was allowed in the hospital, all doors were locked but the ER. All doors were open 2 days ago. In the video, that main entrance that was previously closed, is open(no signs posted). The truth is, the ICU here is regularly populated to capacity, which is normal. The screen grab is illustrative, look at the man in the bed, he is on his stomach. A person with respiratory issues should NOT be on his stomach, he has other issues. Then they top it off by equating my town to QAnon? NYT, what a lying propaganda POS.

    • As mentioned in the video, many healthcare workers here won’t take it either. Gee, what does that say? That they’ve seen the results…or non-results? How about those that did that have had very strange reactions…like pain in the hands and feet so extreme they can’t walk or handle a steering wheel? I looked at the obits for this week, 44 deaths…20s-2(accident),30s-0,40s-3(2 cancer),50s-4,60s-6,70s-20,80s-12,90s-1. Chris Green? He lived 50 miles away and his parents (in their 80s) are still alive. BTW, he was a member of the Log Cabin Democrats…not even close to a Trumpet.

  2. No surprise at all — the NYT went to a far-away 97% White town to gloat at dying anti-vaxxers.

    Meanwhile, Blacks & Hispanics (including those in NYC) are statistically more anti-vax than Whites — and we all know that if the NYT covered that at all, it would only be to blame Evil Whitey.

  3. What’s with that title ? VT is really going over the top with the invective & mockery, sounding more and more like the MSM everyday. There seems to be some double-think on the part of the editorial staff; on the one hand a pandemic likely engineered by the powers that be (only suspects at present) and on the other what seems a mindless, knee-jerk advocacy of a “vaccine” that behaves like no other. True, it keeps most of the vaccinated alive but as it doesn’t trigger full immunity to the virus, they become spreaders and petrie dishes for further mutations.
    If this were a normal pandemic with a normal vaccine i would be happy & grateful for the jab, but nothing about this fiasco leads one to trust anything issuing from on high.
    I’m not surprised that so large a fraction of the population are taking their chances w/o the “vaccine”; the gov’t has only itself to blame after generations of increasingly blatant lies, corruption, incompetence and general contempt for the population.
    Let’s have calm, reasoned argument, with traceable,verifiable facts, please.

  4. Gordon has already documented (June 3, 2020) that COVID-19 is a bioweapon, first deployed in China in November of 2019. It’s not unreasonable to conclude that the new Delta variant is being deployed right up to the present day. Far more infectious and virulent, this new and improved version is obviously being deployed in the red states where vaccination rates are low and where the targeted victims actually cooperate in their own demise by not wearing masks and by congregating in super-spreader events like the Trump rally last night. Trump did suggest that attendees get vaccinated… He must be secretly laughing his ass off as he knows they would never do that!

  5. Undoubtedly, vaccination is a major concern for the Americans and the Chinese.

    Surprisingly, I have found that the COVID-19 bioweapon is still under sharper modifications, targeting the vaccinated in China and the unvaccinated in USA! Previously I did not believe what the US media have been reporting, but now I believe what’s happening in USA and I made the shocking discovery based on below reasoning and facts.

    China got it Delta variant most probably from India or India-related country and the infection rate among the vaccinated (breakthrough infection) is 99~100%!

    Yet, in USA, it is the opposite: the Delta variant mainly targets the unvaccinated. An extreme example is in LA, with 30% breakthrough infections.

    Can you see the big difference between China and USA?

    Generally, a natural virus will not be so smart as to break through vaccine antibodies, so, either the Indian Delta variant or the USA Delta variant scientifically and genetically created to target the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

    A big question is: where did USA got its Delta variant? If from the origin India, it should target the vaccinated, just as what has been happening in China. Yet, the US variant mainly target the unvaccinted, so, I’m afraid that the US variant was created by someone in USA! It should be the same guys who have created the much less infectious prototype COVID-19 virus for the Americans and the highly infectious killer COVID-19 virus for China!

    • One point to add.

      The infection by Delta variant in China seems ridiculous.

      In the mini outbreak in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, in one family, the vaccinated couple was mutually infected, yet, the unvaccinated old lady and the kid (deemed with weak immunity) were not infected. When the wife, unaware of being infected, went to Mac, she infected a vaccinated 17-year old student, yet the unvaccinated there were not infected.

      In the mini outbreak in Nanjing Airport, Jiangsu Province, 99% of the infected were vaccinated, only an unvaccinated boy was infected with mild not severe symptoms.

      Then the vaccinated infected moved out from Nanjing City and brought the virus to Zhangjiajie City in Hunan Province and Yangzhou City in Jiangsu Province and the infected in these 2 cities were almost all vaccinated, almost 100% breakthrough infection of the vaccinated!

      So, it’s really a big obvious difference between China and USA, which could not be done by any natural virus, only by lab/man-created bioweapon virus!

    • I think most here are all on board the bioweapon train. Unfortunately, Fauci and the CDC stooges aren’t. It really makes a big difference how the pandemic is handled. Of course, we don’t want panic in the streets like 1950s sci-fi movies about giant killer insects. Trump was right about panic. He knew the American public are gullible fear-driven morons. That how he rolled all those years.

    • Shane Crotty in that video is a respected Virologist who works at La Jolla Institute for Virology. La Jolla Institute just received a nice 35 million research grant from the NIH. This is money directly used by Shane Crotty. He better preach that official line on Covid-19 or those nice NIH grants totaling tens of millions each will run dry.

      Anthony Fauci is director of NIAID, which is one of 27 centers that make up NIH. In other words, he’s the official medical advisor to the president appointed by NIH.

      Shane Crotty better tow the official Covid-19 narrative and be a good little lackey or those tens of millions in NIH funds for La Jolla Institute ‘Vaccine Discovery Division’ will run out very quickly.

      Who knows, maybe even he would have a heart attack shortly after those funds ran dry.

      I see a direct conflict of interest here where his funding comes directly from NIH. When there is a conflict of interest, I can’t take that doctor at face value. Of course, Shane is going to say: “I recommend getting the vaccine.”

    • Mihail, you make a good point there, but something that turned my thinking around on the vaccine is that they want everyone in the world, or at least everyone in America to get vaccinated.
      I can’t bring myself to believe they actually, and intentionally, want to medically debilitate 100% of the population.
      However, I can believe they want to make money from it.

    • European Medicines Agency ten days ago notified 3 news side-effects on mRNA vaccines (Pfizer-Moderna) , erythema multiforme, a form of allergic skin reaction; glomerulonephritis or kidney inflammation; and nephrotic syndrome, a renal disorder characterised by heavy urinary protein losses….
      So, I ask… how many more there still to be discovered??

    • The side effects in themselves are not a typical. For example people have all kinds of allegies triggered by all kinds of things that they learn to stay away from when aware. People have always had reactions to all kinds of medical stuff…so something new medically would be jumping right into that pile. And lastly, to complicate it even more, people’s underlying conditions, co-morbidities, current and past medicine history, are all part of the causation soup, or ‘possible’ causation soup. All the patients medical histories are available and the CDC has been going over all of that as it is a normal part of the process to track how the vaccine is doing, and discover profiles of those that should not take it, etc. Because of the massive social media coverage and the Trumper machine, this is being presented to us as a Covid phenomenom, when the CDC has many years of dealing coronavirus vaccines. The Phizer full approval is due out Monday, so we will get to see what all they did to give their full OK.

    • Jim, if you really want to look into Pfizer, look into Base 211 in Antarctica and the Nazi/Reptilian Base on Ceres where they are part of the ICC and Dark Fleet as a major contractor.

  6. I am not in favor of vaccine mandates, but I am in favor of closing roads and sealing off areas to enforce containment. They have made their choice. At any other time in history, the first thing to happen is close the roads. This has nothing to do with freedom, because these same people begged for the surveillance state, police state, hand maids tale, harsh punishments for petty crimes, mass incarceration, begged for war, and take others freedoms all the time. You will never see them at the anti-war protest, or any civil rights protest.
    This is religious based anti-medicine nuttery. They want the right to infect others, and they carry a man nailed to a post as their icon. Death is their god.

    • Me too not in favor of vaccine mandates, I handle my times and for now I have no wish to gamble my biology in the roulette, I’d rather stay in blackjack table where at least I can see two cards face up and decide whether place my wager….

    • Chinese seemed to have stopped the first bioweapon attack with 100% quarantine shutdown in Wuhan. That would never fly in the USA although it is obvious you can’t pass the bug from quarantine. Now, that option is gone forever unless the variants result in major kill off. Which is always possible. Truth is we will probably never know how and when the bugs were released and by whom. Wear a good mask and pray for rain.