Vital: Florida Doctors on Strike, Sick of Treating Unvaccinated COVID Deadbeats (Delta is Deadlier, Even to Kids!!)


VT: Watch the entire video.  This new COVID hits the lungs faster, does more damage, more permanent damage and is filling ICU’s with 20 to 35 year olds.

Still…deaths of unvaccinated 65 plus…are heading the playbill here, that and armies of COVID disabled who refused vaccination.

Catch our Twitter storm, follow each link, listen to the videos.

VT has had it right since day one, never fell for the games nor took the huge cash payouts to push vaccine hoaxes…




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  1. Crimes committed by the powerless and crimes committed by the powerful are seen through the eyes of a State bought and owned by the rich and privileged.
    It is therefore no surprise that-
    The victim’s of Corporate Crime often remain unaware of their victimization— either not knowing it has happened to them or viewing their ‘misfortune’ as an accident and ‘no one’s fault’- e.g.deaths resulting from drug manufacturers’ failure to conduct adequate research on new chemical compounds before embarking on aggressive marketing campaigns, or deaths from a dangerous drug that was approved by health authorities on the strength of a bribe from a pharmaceutical company.

    ‘I can be free only to the extent that others are forbidden to profit from their physical, economic, or other superiority to the detriment of my liberty.’ (Émile Durkheim)

  2. If you make the decision to not get vaccinated, it is none of my care. If you make the decision to convince others to follow you, then you have attacked the people. If you make the decision to continue spreading it like a pollinator, then you are a potential murderer.
    The intuition to not trust is correct, but what is trust, really ?
    I ask people, do you trust your spouse / yes. Do you trust them to know a poison mushroom from a good one. no. So trust is relative,..and the point is not to trust,..but to discern when to trust whom. The virus is the bad guy, not the vaccine.

  3. My aunt Edna claims that the Delta variant of COVID-19 was brought to Earth by space aliens to decimate the human population, especially those who value Freedom: freedom to reject insidious government vaccines, freedom to believe anything that comes into their little heads, freedom to not change their underwear if they don’t feel like it. Have to say, I totally agree with her and wish her well as she heads off to meet her Maker.

  4. Do remember that Israel has millions of unvaccinated and their Delta scourge is in “backward” areas they claim. Read more carefully and stop trusting liars…even when convenient.

  5. All I know is, a good friend who works in a medical clinic, was fully vaccinated and had a very high antibody count. Covid caught him and his wife 10 days ago.
    My friends wife was unvaccinated.
    She received the monoclonal infusion. My didn’t need it.
    He’s back at work today, and she’s still at home recuperating.
    Either way, they’re both alright now.

  6. Only idiots and enemies make vaccines during a pandemic.My sister is a doctor and she tells me that my family and I should not give ourselves vaccinations in any case. The immune system is so weakened and if you also get vaccinated, you can kill the body.
    Here are the confirmations of her words “New CDC studies point to waning immunity from vaccines”
    If you are so reckless and stupid to get vaccinated, then this is your choice,but do not force us to be as insane as you!

  7. I don’t want to cause panic, but should we nevertheless continue down this road, when surely every intellectual understands, there is a brake on this thing!

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