Intel Drop: GOP’s ‘Biden Fail’ Now a Masterpiece of Organization with 70,000 Evacuated and Numbers Soaring


    President cites broad cooperation with the Taliban

    A question: If the GOP really wants their army of drug barons brought to the US, along with their private army of thugs, all on government dole for the rest of their lives…why isn’t anyone telling the truth here…not even Biden?

    What was cited as a failure now shows the huge difference between Trump/Kushner/Pompeo/Netanyahu rule in Washington and Biden.

    With America stuck in the imaginary world of bin Laden and al Qaeda, so many truths stand between reality and a sick America.

    It was America that was overthrown, not Afghanistan.  The neocon’s and their KN bosses rigged the 2000 election, usurping power using the mob owned Supreme Court.  Then they unleashed 9/11 using nuclear weapons deployed by Israeli and Saudi teams.

    We have everything on this effort. 

    Still, we have to listen to excuses, even from Biden, as to why we invaded Afghanistan and set up a narco-republic.  Now we are bringing tens of thousands of drug dealers and gangsters to the US to settle in our communities much like we did in the 1980s when fake Jews from Russia were brought here, and to Israel…real refugees for sure…but also the heart and soul of the Kosher Nostra was unleashed on the world as well.

    Every step of the way they worked with Fox News/Murdoch, the GOP and ‘Tea Party’ and the clan of crooks that surrounded Ronald Reagan, the biggest weakling of our times.

    The GOP is the Kosher Nostra.

    Our question is simply, who the hell are these people we have removed from Afghanistan?

    Where are they being sent.

    VT: A couple of days ago, we sent an audio message to Taliban leaders asking for their cooperation in reporting from Afghanistan.  Though VT has been broadly supportive of an early US withdrawal, we believe an honest press, even if we are all there is of said same, can assure wrongdoers are blamed and criminals caught, despite efforts by Google Corporation and Facebook to support war criminals around the world.

    In the US…war criminals…are generally easy to find.  They are the GOP.

    They fight against vaccines.  They love blaming China for everything and they love police and lots of laws and want armed hillbillies to rule America from the back of pickup trucks.

    It’s going to be fun…

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    1. Hmm…. Let’s see, if the right wingnut extremists, are the Cabal, then the left wingnut extremists are the Cabal, as well. This two party political system in US is an illusion. Created to divide the people, and keep them divided, it’s worked splendidly.
      There’s one political party in US, and it’s the, (dare I say it) the Khazarian Mafia.

    2. In Louisiana, the Cajuns have a unique way of asking what happened.
      They say “what he did?”
      I always answer ” he did what he do.”

    3. I look forward to some reporting from Afghanistan as it recovers from Neocolonialism.
      We could use some tips here in Kevin McCarthy land.

    4. It would be interesting to hear from some of those who survived the fall from that transport plane. There…, is a tale of fear. Try to get some intel from those folks. If the US and the world can not honestly address the K.orruptio N. we will see that ‘The road goes on for ever and the party never ends’. That is the kind of fun you are talking about I believe.
      The horror show of oppression the Taliban represent did however suppress and reduce opium fields by 90% and those fields produced other exotic and lucrative produce for (the communities?). And as I have read at VT – around 300,000 fewer narcotic addicted children. Women and men suffer freedoms from Sharia law but what is worse Western Capitalist Corruption via KN or Islamic extremism?

      • Re: Falling off of the planes: I can only see limited sadness in someone removing themselves from the gene pool by trying to hitch a free ride on the outside of a jet, which I view as a kind of suicide and an honorable mention for stupidity. And we can add to that is how are we going to screen these people once the arrive? Are we doing to ask Kabul for their background files? The Dems of course, many of them are thinking these are more voters who will be beholden to us, and hence joining in that general grifter game that Dems work to pin on the Repubs with redistricting, etc…to be able to rule from an minority base. When Reagan was working to dampen down blow back from bring Mexicans in, he committed to having a call in agency where prospective employers could check legal work status. It was funded with $50,000, one old lady, with one desk, and the phone busy all the time. He got zero blow back on the scam. His team was proud of themselves.

    5. When you shut off the gravy at the tap, the ones who scream loudest were getting the most gravy. There is a part of me that wanted a debacle horrifying enough to set in stone, that we never do this again. Everyone is going to talk about money for the next two weeks. We’ll see whats at the bottom of the tub in September.
      Where was all the opium money going ? Who is capable of protecting the rat line ?
      Was Iraq and Afghanistan a “one for me and one for you” deal ?

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