Gordon Duff on Radio Islam: Afghanistan, Withdrawal and the Terror Attack


    Afghanistan withdrawal 20 years too late, social media leverages control of migrants, m.o. of NATO and others.


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    1. Perfect Mr. Duff and may I remind your readers that the URL for the video can still be plastered all over Facebook, hell I may just boost it to kick sand in Zuckerbergs face, but its golden…

    2. Elvin, forget you about military equipment left over there, you government won’t give you a tax refund if that equipment were being brought back to US… 🙂

    3. That was an interesting comment David.
      I saw where we supposedly left massive amounts of high grade military equipment over there.
      Ever since I came to realize the depths of the lies and deceptions fed to the American people, and the diabolical plotting that goes hand in hidden-hand behind it, I started thinking that everything really big which happens, is planned that way.
      But maybe sometimes things get out of hand even for the Kabbals.

    4. Biden gives the ok, nothing more. It is not his plan. It is not even in his wheel house.

      This is an evacuation from a cluster of gang infighting and global geopolitical warfare, and it has actually been so far, ‘a best case scenario”. That could change. When the world is run by gangs and families, progress is marked in small increments. People of the US do not realize their power. They need to be adamant and ACTIVELY anti-war. There can be no rest. If any candidate waffles on the war question, get RID of them.

    5. Hearing you describe the Orwellian total surveillance profiling, and manipulation objective experience, as it applies to ALL people, sounded like hearing my own thoughts sometimes.
      That someone with your “inside” knowledge and background would describe it that way, makes it either eerily and uncannily sad that the awareness of such is practically universal; or that your comment was intentionally designed to elicit such a thought.
      I will take the high road, and not believe the latter, because to believe that, truly makes the internet a supremely toxic tool, best avoided and only used for absolutely necessary reasons.
      No offense intended.

      • No Gordon; you look and sound just the opposite.
        But no matter how convinced I am in the sincerity of ANYONE, I always have a little room left for cynicism.

      • Well Mr. Duff answered you so at least you got that, he just ignore me. Its cool iv learned to appreciate the serenity of silence.

        Anyways could you ask him about the push by the Neo conservatives to overtake the (what I consider to be genuine on the ground at least) American First movement, as well as their well guise push for support to relunch their disasters and grossly failed Zionist Crusades throughout the muslim world???

    6. So this new terror group ISIS-K, Does this mean ISIS-BLACKWATER? That is the first thing that came to mind…..in the printing world K is black.

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