Miami: Typical Trumper knocked on his ass during Airport Tantrum over ‘Niggers and Masks’ (Camps?)

As he is 'white,' police do a 'stand down' of course


Raw Story: Shocking new video shows a maskless racist going on a violent rampage inside an airport.

The video, posted to Twitter by the website “ONLY in DADE,” was reportedly shot at the Miami International Airport on Friday evening.

At the start of the video, a maskless man wearing a baseball hat backwards is hopping around the terminal and swinging his arms as if he’s boxing, as he threatens a man that appears to be an airline worker.

“Wow, he’s actually calling people n****rs,” an off camera woman is heard saying after the maskless man shouted the n-word.

He then started knocking over the post and rope stanchions used to line people up at the gate for boarding.

“Where’s the police?” an off-camera woman asks.

The maskless man then picked up one of the stanchions and threw it as he continued his profane outburst.

After another F-bomb, the maskless man began walking away, but after violently kicking a “wet floor” sign, he returned to the gate.

He then bumped his chest into the man he had threatened earlier and attempted a right-handed punch, but it failed to connect, and the maskless man tripped on one of the stanchions he had knocked over earlier and fell back onto the floor, landing on his rear end.

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  1. For all the drama, this obnoxious White man caused very little real damage or injury.

    Meanwhile Black-on-White crime FAR FAR outweighs White-on-Black crime (orders of magnitude more common for sex crimes) — but we’d never learn that from the mainstream media (or, regrettably, from Veterans Today).

    • Based on real statistics and not your trolling FAR FAR stats, “the significant race-based disparities are false. In reality, rates of white-on-white and Black-on-Black homicides are similar and remain within 10 percentage points of each other, around 80% and 90%, respectively. Likewise, rates of Black-on-white and white-on-Black homicide remain within eight percentage points of each other, at around 16% and 8%. And police kill Black people at disproportionate and much higher rates than they kill their white counterparts.”

    • NewtRallyt:

      You say I’m “trolling” — meanwhile you posted 4 of the 11 comments here, prattling on about wokeisms we are fully aware of (when you’re not posting outright lies).

      You don’t give your source for such gems as “rates of white-on-white and Black-on-Black homicides are similar” — but the laughable fact that you use the lower case for Whites & the upper case for Blacks reveals how credible your source is.

  2. What a fucking dick!
    He on drugs? Maybe should be?
    Or always like this?

    Was he arrested?

    If a black dude probably he would of been shot in knees then grappled to ground.
    If arab, would be handcuffed interrogated and held until Mossad handler shows up
    If Chinese,; they just wouldn’t be doing this sort of public hissy fit, not in their culture.
    If Mexican/Hispanic; his family would step in and calm him down.
    If stoner hippy dude, he would apologize and smoke another reefer without the TCP this time.
    If Russian, he would of connected his punches and got the hell out of there quick.

  3. There is a significant portion of our culture that is enraged that women and minorities and children are being protected from their aggressive dominant behavior. They have lost favored breeding status and feel threatened by any outside authority.
    The constant use of fear, manipulation and war has resulted in a deeply sickened society that is completely detached from the natural world. Any manipulative predator with half a brain can recruit and weaponize these people for political gain. When we pretend that countries like Saudi Arabia are perfectly fine as allies, it sends a confusing message. We sorely need “good strength”.

    • No David, to rationalize the centuries old European but mostly British trash on steroids in North America, manifested and delivered in hundreds of different fashions, be it blue collar or white collar, is to “hasbara” it as a new phenomenon or a reaction.

      Needless to say that education is optional in the US. There are cities that value education more than others and those at the moment are the better places to live.

    • The random bouts of anger we are seeing in airports and on planes is not consistent with what is considered a normal amount. This is even more intense in rural areas where many people who never cared about politics are suddenly furious in reaction to perceived ‘truths’.
      many have coined it, “syphilitic flowering of patriarchy”

    • I don’t know how to quantify the “normal amount” in what we’re talking about. Is wiping out an entire continent of its indigenous people a “normal amount” ?

      Also rural areas have always cared about the perceived truths as a whole array of right wing Christian AM radio disk jockeys who constantly pump Fox and Friends are always present financed by the likes of Clear Channel now iHeart etc.
      You give them the internetS and “it” goes on steroids but the “it” is what I pointed out above.
      In this particular case I have to add that being from a family of military surgeons I’ve seen the trauma of veterans and their behaviors around the world in various societies with different values.

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