Why We Need Concentration Camps: ‘Religious’ (read ‘Pedo’) Broadcasters Fire Exec for Supporting Vaccines

Time to remove tax except status for America's fake churches and start jailing their pedo clergy enmasse


Time to admit it…’Christian’ means ‘Pedo’ and its time to stop subsidizing these rat faced kid fuckers plaguing the American people

(RNS) — The spokesman for a major evangelical nonprofit was fired for promoting vaccines on the MSNBC “Morning Joe” cable news show, Religion News Service has learned.

Daniel Darling, senior vice president of communications for the National Religious Broadcasters, was fired Friday (Aug. 27) after refusing to admit his pro-vaccine statements were mistaken, according to a source authorized to speak for Darling.


His firing comes at a time when Americans face a new surge of COVID-19 infections due to the highly contagious Delta variant even as protesters and politicians resist mask mandates or other preventive measures.

During a broadcast on Aug. 2, Darling, an evangelical pastor and author, told host Joe Scarborough about how his faith motivated him to get a COVID-19 vaccine. Darling described the vaccines as an amazing feat of discovery by scientists, some of whom share his Christian faith.

Darling said he was proud to be vaccinated.

“I believe in this vaccine because I don’t want to see anyone else die of COVID. Our family has lost too many close friends and relatives to COVID, including an uncle, a beloved church member and our piano teacher,” Darling told Scarborough.

He expressed similar views in a recent USA Today opinion piece.

Earlier this week, leaders at NRB, an international association of Christian communicators with 1,100 member organizations, told Darling his statements violated the organization’s policy of remaining neutral about COVID-19 vaccines. According to the source, Darling was given two options — sign a statement admitting he had been insubordinate or be fired.


NRB spokesman Dan Darling fired after pro-vaccine statements on ‘Morning Joe’



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  1. Tavistock cover all bases.
    The Tavistock Institute in Great Britain and the A. K. Rice Institute and its affiliated centers in the United States offer training in group relations.
    The Tavistock method.
    Quote from the book A TAVISTOCK PRIMER  Anthony G. Banet, Jr., and Charla Hayden.
    “HISTORY AND ORIGINS- The Tavistock method originated with the work of the British psychoanalyst Wilfred R. Bion. In the late 1940s, Bion conducted a series of small study groups at the Centre for Applied Social Research in London’s Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. Bion’s previous experience with military leadership training and the rehabilitation of psychiatric patients convinced him of the importance of considering not only the individual in treatment, but also the group of which the individual is a member.

    Basic Assumptions-  level of functioning, behavior is “as if’ behavior: the group behaves as if a certain assumption is true, valid, and real and as if certain behaviors are vital to the group’s survival.
    Bion identified three distinct types of basic assumptions: dependency, fight/flight, and pairing. Turquet (1974) has added a fourth—oneness.
    Basic Assumption Oneness…”when members seek to join in a powerful union with an omnipotent force, unobtainably high, to surrender self for passive participation, and thereby to feel existence, well-being, and wholeness”. The group commits itself to a “movement,” a cause outside itself, as a way of survival.

  2. For those that think religion is the cause of all their miseries. Be careful and don’t spit in the wind, God is not there to entertain you .. you have developed a society that destroys lives and tries to justify its actions. You follow your desires and accept a man having sex with a another man as normal.. Your forever wars destroying other countries and making movies about it and feeling great.. Just look around you, see what’s happening – is this not a plague? Instead of blaming God, try to fix your lives up. Pray that God may enlighten you.

  3. They are rabid supporters of hyper capitalism, except when it comes to themselves. They know if they lost the government money, they cannot survive financially. Likewise the government sees them as a way to do things, the taxpayers would never do. If people knew the truth, they would tear down the churches with their bare hands.

  4. Suddenly they act as if political involvement is taboo. This is a complete joke. not only do they not pay property taxes (billions per year) they pay no income taxes or capital gains tax. They also reap hundreds of millions in government resettlement contracts for immigrants, where they subversively deploy assimilation programs and provide labor to corporations through the power to choose locations of the resettlements. In my multiple trips to Guatemala one thing that stuck in my mind was, it was extremely rare to hear a child cry. The process and sophistication of the missionary operation that results in ‘handing over the fence’ of babies, is enormous and well funded. Their massive tax free investments are directed to politically advantageous corporations and exploitative malevolent militants.

    • If I attend a service at any denomination, I see a crowd of desperate people seeking spiritual empowerment, but what they are given, is marching orders which craftily benefit the political ambitions of exploitative power mongers, disguised as “morality”. Huge sums are also spent lobbying and influencing politicians in Washington, completely similar to any lobbyist for military contractors. Many times they are the same. This is not spirituality or morality. It is tax payer subsidized Gangs. Their primary objectives are power, assimilation, exploitation, destruction of ancient wisdom, control of historical narrative and usurpation of the will of the people. That we subsidize this, is by any measure, self destructive. It is a national security threat and malevolent subversive activity, that is a direct cause of dispersion, and disunity. And it is all based on lies.

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