…by Jonas E. Alexis, VT Editor

It seems like Neocon pundit Ann Coulter is slowly but surely catching up with what most Americans have been saying since the beginning of time: that perpetual wars in the Middle East are not and have never been for America and much of the world.

Coulter declared that Biden kept a “promise Trump made, but then abandoned when he got to office. Trump REPEATEDLY demanded that we bring our soldiers home, but only President Biden had the balls to do it.”

Coulter added: “Thank you, President Biden, for keeping a promise Trump made, but then abandoned when he got to office.”

In response to the screaming crowd—both Republicans and Democrats—saying that Biden made a terrible mistake by pulling the troops out of Afghanistan, Biden responded:

“My predecessor, the former President, signed an agreement with the Taliban to remove U.S. troops by May the 1st, just months after I was inaugurated.

“It included no requirement that the Taliban worked out a cooperative governing arrangement with the Afghan government. But it did authorize the release of 5,000 prisoners last year, including some of the Taliban’s top war commanders among those who just took control of Afghanistan. By the time I came to office the Taliban was in the strongest military position since 2001.”

Whether you think the move is good or bad is debatable. The fact is that it is consistent with what the Founding Fathers would have done, and it is thoroughly congruent with what the American people have been saying all along: that perpetual wars for Israel have never been good for the world.

The interesting thing is that it took Coulter a long time to start coming out of the essentially diabolical sinkhole known as Neoconservatism. Coulter spent her entire writing career defending the wars in Iraq, sexual abuses in places like Abu Ghraib, and pretending that things will work out fine in the end. Obviously Coulter isn’t too happy about the outcome. Should we applaud her?

No, because she is not saying anything that we at VT haven’t been saying. In fact, she could have saved her sinking ship had she listened to us. Unless she starts writing a sincere apology to the millions upon millions of decent Muslims for supporting the destruction of countries like Iraq, then she is not to be praised at all.


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  1. Hope and pray Mr. Joe Biden stays in office for another term and stabilize and rebuild America from within and without. A firm and non-hegemonic USA are conducive to world peace and stability in one of the most unpredictable and precarious time in human history.

  2. Seems like the American people and her intellectuals are slowly realizing the futility of those ‘proxy wars’ for Israhell!

  3. Yes “thank you President Biden”
    Our President is a admitted & confirmed out & out Zionist & he wants to appoint Ram Emanuel an ex Israeli Military officer to become “US Ambassador to Japan” & one of the most vigorous promoters of the
    invasion of Iraq by the USA on behalf of Israel

    • Funny. I was just wondering when Rammy was going to pop his head out of the Zionist swamp. The Dems just can’t stop going back to the same poisoned well.

    • Newt. You are 100% correct. The rub is how the GOP keeps getting their guys elected President? Those elections were rigged but “Dem” candidates didn’t have the balls to fight the scam. Too bad for the chumps that voted for them. Yup, GOP can lie, cheat and steal on a larger scale.

  4. Rush Limbaugh with a skirt says to Bobby Muller “no wonder you guys lost” …

    Now she likes Joe’s balls.

    She should be invited to “Joe’s Garage” to be the “Crew Slu.”

  5. The GOP is on a sinking ship, as they have stated about their dwindling numbers. Their henchmen and rats will jump from the sinking ship and sail to global shores in their luxury dinghy. The tragic part for our country is that a sentient opposition party might still be necessary for the republic. Aside from being social issue barnacles, there are one or two non mind controlled conservatives who wish to promote a non politically correct rational world, and those decent folk have not been able to maintain a political party, for instance, the big game hunter Trump shot the GOP elephant which had already been brought to its knees by its z i o base starting with Ronnie raygun.

    ‘anncoulter’ anagram ‘unclean rot’.

  6. Ok, lets pull back here a little; zoom out and look at it from our known perspective, that nothing happens in politics unless it planned and ok’d from the very highest (worldly) sources, and that would be at least two or three levels, maybe more, above the Oval Office.
    So! The decision was made by America’s enemy rulers to pull out in a humiliating, disgraceful and ultimately geopolitically damaging manner.
    It was structured in such a way as to spread the blame around so that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans could take all the credit, or receive all the blame.

  7. How could this war have ended any differently than what it did? Nothing about it was above board, from the phony pretext for starting it to the billions made by the CIA peddling heroin to Europe and the USA. Every American president since 2001 has had to dance around the ugly truth that Israel nuked the USA on 9/11 and got away with it.

  8. I totally agree Biden did do the right thing but the Generals in charge made no plans to evacuate the people along with the troops. Even they said that Afghanistan would fall in nine months so there should of been a plan to get the people out as they pulled out the troops.

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