Lawsuit Blockbuster: Sandy Hook Victims ‘Disciplinary Records’ Demanded by Bushmaster…Possible Claim Kids Never Existed?

With lawsuits against anyone demanding records on the dead kids, someone is hiding something, but what is it?


Gun manufacturer Remington has subpoenaed Newtown Public School for school records of kindergarten and first grade students murdered in the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting in Connecticut.

Gun manufacturer subpoenas Newtown schools for Sandy Hook victims’ disciplinary records: report
Composite of Sandy Hook victims

Gun manufacturer Remington has subpoenaed Newtown Public School for school records of kindergarten and first grade students murdered in the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting in Connecticut.

The subpoena was revealed in new court filings, Vice News reports.

The gun company sought attendance records, report cards, disciplinary records, and other documents, according to a filing seeking to protect victims’ families from further subpoenas.

“There is no conceivable way that these [records] will assist Remington in its defense, and the plaintiffs do not understand why Remington would invade the families’ privacy with such a request. Nonetheless, this personal and private information has been produced to Remington,” the attorneys wrote.

Josh Koskoff,, who represents Sandy Hook parents, spoke with Vice News about Remington’s interest in the court records.

“We have no explanation for why Remington subpoenaed the Newtown Public School District to obtain the kindergarten and first grade academic, attendance and disciplinary records of these five school children,” Koskoff said.

“The records cannot possibly excuse Remington’s egregious marketing conduct, or be of any assistance in estimating the catastrophic damages in this case. The only relevant part of their attendance records is that they were at their desks on December 14, 2012,” he said.


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  1. JIm Fetzer provided abundant proof in his book, Nobody Died at Sandy Hook (quickly banned by Amazon but online), that it was a drill, crisis actors and all, even a big sign saying “Sign In Here First.” and paid a big price for telling the unpleasant truth. I think “Robby Parker” is still on youtube laughing and joking before putting himself into the sobbing dad role.

    In Feb. 1981, then-CIA Director William Casey during the first meeting of President Ronald Reagan’s Cabinet, told those present, “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

  2. Well, we know that none of the Students were handicapped.
    And, none of the Parents cars had an oil leak.
    We should know that there was a paper trail for them as well.

  3. That the trial judge in Lenny Pozner’s defamation lawsuit against Jim Fetzer is named Frank Remington is probably just a coincidence

  4. Last night I saw a YT vid of Kurt Cobain being interviewed while holding his toddler daughter, Francis.
    He grabbed a cookie and ate it, and she kept reaching for it. He dodged her: wouldn’t give it to her…

    No Trumper tantrum! Not even close.

    A few days prior, a “FB Memory” post of mine came up with a parent telling a bratty kid:

    “Stop it, you’re acting like The President Of The United States!”

    The school should return a urine & glue-soaked subpoena, full of glitter, boogers, gum & 😀 stickers, that says “You’re Fake News… “Refused For Cause”.

  5. People are correct, once again, to intuit high strangeness with Sandy Hook , but also again, are wrong about where the strangeness lies. Beyond the weapons, politics and suspicions, there is a simple thing nobody touches.
    There was a 12 hour window prior to the event, where it could have been predicted to 90% and within 100 miles of occurrence. Specifically , a threat against a primary school. The sun rises in the east, and that is where the day begins. The distance between Wuhan and Chenpeng , is relative to Sandy Hook and New Rochelle. This type of data, and how it is going to be used, is what should have everyones attention. People do not know what day it is, or their location on the planet or how that is relevant. I assure you it is not only relevant,. it is the oldest most complete science on the planet.

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