Jeff Brown: China’s Real Democracy, 1.4 Billion sworn to ‘Serve the People’


Note before starting: This is a continuation of the article/podcast I recently did, which focused on the West ( This one below concentrates on China.

It is breathtaking to see how China as a nation and a people is continuing to develop and progress, since communist liberation in 1949. As I wrote much about this subject in all three books of The China Trilogy ( President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang are an unbroken succession of outstanding leaders and governance for their 99%, maintaining peace and cooperation with the rest of the world.

The West’s oligarchs have gotten their imperial knickers all in a wad, since the Communist Party of China (CPC) is leading its 1.4 billion citizens to ever greater heights, as they soar past the West into the 22nd century. George Soros, a serial global capitalist rapist is trying to scare everybody into boycotting China and abandoning all Western investment there ( BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager isn’t listening and only the most rabid Sinophobes and anti-communists are lending an ear (

This, while the Eurangloland’s carnival barking, three-ring circus Vaudeville democracy continues to embarrass itself, ( and its neoliberal austerity on the 99% continues to lower standards of living, expectations, with a commiserate and accelerating decline in infrastructure. Uncle Sam knew for three years that the Arecibo radio dish telescope in Puerto Rico could be fixed to prevent its collapse, and let it implode. ( The United States is even seeing a rapid drop in life-expectancy ( This decline has been going on for four years now (–Big-drop-in-life-expectancy-for-Blacks,-Hispanics-in-US-), a sure sign of socio-economic cancer.

China’s life expectancy continues to climb and is now the same as US’s, 77.3 years ( and

The USA is in the lead, but the rest of the West is hot on its imperial heels. I know, because I’m living in France and watching Europe slowing cannibalize the wonderful socialism for the 99% it had for 50 years after World War II. It’s like an acid drip. We are being austeritized by the global capitalist trillionaire dictatorship, only 20 years behind the States.

In the future, someone will write a quote about today’s Eurangloland, similar to this one,

Rome lived upon its principal till ruin stared it in the face. Industry is the only true source of wealth, and there was no industry in Rome. By day the Ostia Road was crowded with carts and muleteers, carrying to the great city the silks and spices of the East, the marble of Asia Minor, the timber of the Atlas, the grain of Africa and Egypt; and the carts brought out nothing but loads of dung. That was their return cargo.

The Martyrdom of Man, by Winwood Reade (1871)

It is a question of priorities. Since the oligarchs’ 9/11 false flag, the US has spent $21 TRILLON on imperial wars, occupation and militarism. This from uber-establishment Business Insider. ( For the last 20 years, US taxpayers are paying $300 million PER DAY to colonize Afghanistan and make sure the CIA/NATO could grow and haul off all the opium to back to poor neighborhoods across  Eurangloland and into China and Russia ( and

Imagine what $21,000,000,000,000 could have done for the United States: brand new road-energy-transportation infrastructure, Medicare for all, comfortable social security retirement benefits, abolishment of all student debt, New Deal job programs to invest in public parks and spaces – the list goes on and on.

Hey, that sounds like what China has been doing since communist-socialist liberation in 1949.

China’s 5,000-year governance has always been based on ethics, which boils down to the Golden Rule,

Do not do unto others what you do not want done to you.

Over the millennia, this of course did not happen all the time, but the onus among all the leaders was omnipresent, and the citizens reflected this expectation back on them.

Mao Zedong made famous his celebrated mantra,



However, this was official state policy going back to at least the Song Dynasty (10th-13th century), and this means for the 99%, not the rich and powerful elites.

In The China Trilogy is a photo of a farmer shearing a sheep and I ask the question,

When will Baba Beijing begin to take kilos of fat out of the rapidly growing millionaire and billionaire set?

My reply was, when the people start demanding it. This last year, they made their voices heard.

First, Baba Beijing outlawed all foreign cryptocurrencies and rapidly developed its own digital yuan (, under the aegis of the state-owned People’s Bank of China (PBC – their central bank). While Western privately managed bitcoins are unregulated no-man’s land and pure speculation, China’s digital yuan is backed by the full authority of the PBC and its $3 trillion plus reserves and other countries are taking notice (

Next, after seeing how Western tech giants have become a de facto tyrannical government across the non-communist-socialist-anti-imperial countries, Baba Beijing brought Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent and other national behemoths to heel.

Baba Beijing sent a shot across the bow of China’s biggest tech behemoths, fining 12 of them for anti-trust deals, including Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent (the famous BAT trio –,, Didi Chuxing, ByteDance and Meituan. The fines were symbolically small, nevertheless the message was clear: you exist to serve the country and its people first, profits come next and corporate power comes last. This, while Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the rest of the West’s big tech companies own their governments at the expense of the 99%.

Alibaba, the world’s biggest online store was essentially nationalized, for egregious, anti-consumer business practices, this while founder and CEO Jack Ma evaded public exposure for three months ( Alibaba was also fined a record 18.2 billion yuan ($2.7bn) for the trouble. Its national competitors got the message and followed suit to clean up their act.

Next came Tencent, one of the world’s biggest online game, music and movie vendors and owner of the social media platform, WeChat. A Beijing-based children protection NGO got the ball rolling by suing Tencent for addicting kids to games ( Gaming began to be called spiritual opium ( This is an historically loaded metaphor which resonated with the masses, since China marks its nadir as the century of humiliation, 1839-1949, when the West flooded the country with illegal opium, addicting up to 25% of the population.

This and other increasing public outrage culminated in Baba Beijing passing a directive restricting children under 18 from gaming online more than three hours per week ( How to come up with the ways and means of making this happen? That’s Tencent’s and every other gaming website in China’s problem to solve and demonstrate.

Government prosecutors went after WeChat for not protecting minors, harmful apps were removed from downloading and those younger than 16 are now barred on online live-streaming and video platforms (

Anybody who can send me a link about the West protecting children from gaming addiction and media exploitation, please leave a comment below.

For all tech companies, Baba Beijing came out full force to protect consumers’ personal information and limit what can be stored on company servers, including global giants like Apple, Samsung Windows and Ericsson. Rafts of data protection laws were passed to make sure.

This includes removing Didi Chuxing’s from all app download sites, this the world’s biggest taxi hailing service, while regulators can scour its data privacy polices (

Meanwhile, back at the Western ranch, everybody knows that the deep state is vacuuming up and storing every piece of data they can collect on every human being on Earth (

Maybe seeing how the “Woke” movement has rent Western society asunder, Baba Beijing banned effeminate men and “vulgar internet celebrities” from TV and gaming (, while encouraging media to promote Chinese traditions and culture.

There is growing outrage among the Chinese people about media stars who have double nationality, which is against national law. Some are canceling their international nationalities, such as Nicolas Tse ( and Maria Cordero ( Other big name Chinese stars, such as Jackie Chan and Jet Li are feeling the Sino-heat (

Chinese media notables are also standing up to foreign meddling in their country’s internal affairs. More than 40 of them have canceled high-paying foreign sponsorship contracts, since these companies swallowed the Big Lie Propaganda Machine’s (BLPM) projectile vomit about Xinjiang Province and its Muslims ( Jackson Yee and Zhou Dongyu, who starred in the Oscar nominee film Better Days, Liu Yifei of Mulan fame, actress Song Dandan and Chinese-born Academy Award darling Chloe Zhao are a few of the notables.

This kind of pride and financial sacrifice to honor the Chinese nation is going vertical. When acting stars Huang Xuan and Victoria Song Qian announced they were canceling their promotion of H&M, an amazing thing happened. There was so much outrage about all these international companies trashing China, Alibaba removed H&M for all sales and even its stores were removed from national map apps.

To make the point, the CPC wrote an editorial saying,

H&M, Nike, Adidas, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Converse, New Balance, Phillips-Van Heusen, Tommy Hilfiger, etc., are malicious backstabbers.

To drive to message home and abroad, the Chinese Foreign Ministry warned international concerns to respect the country’s laws and the people’s expectations, saying,

Chinese people do not allow some foreigners to eat Chinese food while smashing Chinese bowls.

To say that the Chinese nation has more than had it with the West’s BLPM and its endless attempts to overthrow their communist-socialist way of life is a gross understatement (

Something my wife and I have always talked about is the over-priced, mediocre “international” schools in China, since we taught in them for ten years. They are international in name only, since 95% of the students are wealthy Chinese nationals, with passports from Hong Kong, Canada, the US, UK and elsewhere.

If they didn’t have one, families would pay poor African embassies $10,000-$25,000 for one. I had students “from” these African countries who didn’t even know the names or locations of them.

My wife and I saw anti-CSAI (communist-socialist-anti-imperialist) Western teachers give lessons equating communism and socialism with totalitarianism, conflating Mao with Hitler and many other egregious insults to truth and the history of Chinese people, something I’ve written about up close and personal (

In line with all the other measures that Baba Beijing is taking to protect the people, private schools and tutoring centers were ordered to become non-profits, leveling the playing field and making them accessible to lesser fortunate families (

Not only that but all Chinese public schools are expected to stick to the message of China’s communist-socialist goals of being wealthy, powerful, technologically and militarily unassailable; fully integrated with Taiwan and Hong Kong by the 100th anniversary of the country’s founding, in 2049. Now, 147,000 education inspectors will visit schools, K-12, to check curricula and in-class teaching ( This educational struggle between conservatives and liberals in China’s classrooms is not new, something I’ve also written about (

There are many other examples, but the last push for the Chinese people’s rocket trajectory into the 22nd century is the CPC’s continued leveling of society’s playing field. President Xi has been talking this up since he took office in 2013. Three years ago, the whole government swung into action, mobilized the people and invested over $100 billion to eliminate extreme poverty by the end of 2020, for which they succeeded. A TV serial drama was even produced to tout this amazing achievement (

This, while poverty is increasing in Eurangloland, especially in the USA (, UK (, but also in neoliberal austerity France (, which I can see everywhere I go.

Now, Baba Beijing is promoting shared prosperity for all the haves, including people and businesses. One of the most visible and critical jobs in China is the motorcycle delivery services, for which millions work long, hard hours. All vendors, big and small will now be required to provide insurance, guarantee a minimum wage and not apply the strictest delivery time algorithms  ( I watched and depended on them for many years. The whole retail economy would collapse without them. They deserve every bit of this new law.

Alibaba’s biggest online marketplace rival, JD followed suit by increasing common annual driver wages from 14 to 16 months’ pay (

Shared prosperity includes reducing food waste throughout the supply chain and promoting thrift to all the citizens, so legislation called Clean Plate Campaign has been passed (  Alibaba jumped on board and has created a massive food bank to distribute unused vittles to the disadvantaged, all over the country (

China’s big companies took the cue and have begun establishing huge funds or contributing to poverty elimination foundations to go beyond the poorest already helped, but to move up the economic ladder to the disadvantaged. Billions of yuan have come forth, including from aforementioned Tencent, agricultural online platform giant Pinduoduo, Xiaomi smartphones, mega-online service delivery platform Meituan and ByteDance (of Tiktok/Douyin fame) ( and

We’re not talking about millions, it is billions of dollars. Alibaba contributed one-third of its cash, 100 billion yuan ($15.5bn) to fund its now massive foundation to help achieve a ten-point program for the disadvantaged ( This was after Tencent had doubled its foundation support to the same level.

Since becoming CPC General Secretary in 2012, Xi Jinping has been kicking ass and taking names high and low throughout the Party, kicking out, fining, demoting and imprisoning hundreds of thousands of members and he is relentless in keeping the metal to the petal ( and

In his 1 July 2021 CPC centennial speech to its 95 million members, Xi warned them to make sacrifices for the country and the people, and evoking the nation’s tens of millions of martyrs, who gave their lives to liberate the masses from Western colonialism and foreign fascism – to even experience pain (

Funny, I have not heard Biden, Johnson, Macron and Merkel inspire their peoples this way. In the US, we’d have to go back to Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Great Depression, as FDR pulled the country out its own heavily censored mass famine Holodomor (

Not stopping there, the CPC just came out with its bilingual Human Rights Action Plan of China: 2021-2025 ( To see what REAL democracy is, take a few moments to read about the Chinese people’s trajectory from 1949 into the future.

In sum, to define all these jaw dropping laws, regulations and initiatives, Baba Beijing and the CPC are saying NO to Eurangloland’s ersatz, Potemkin democracy; soul-sucking tittytainment, society destroying woke identity politics, including the trillionaire dictatorship and its global capitalist psychopaths who run the whole show.

My good friend, comrade and author Wei Ling Chua ( sums it up best,

Western democracy is about allowing the capitalists to corrupt the entire political process, openly allow legal corrupt activities via political donations and backdoor lobbying. 

The difference between China’s socialist democracy and Western capitalist democracy is that:

In China, the government motto is “Serve the People”.

Therefore, the voices of the 99% are not only heard, but their dreams are realized for equal opportunities, enjoyment of basic human rights, such as affordable housing, public safety, health care, water, electricity, Internet access, public transport, education, nature disaster recovery relief, favorable tax rates, etc., and the ability to start a family and having children are guarantee by government policy.

So true, especially since 1949. Baba Beijing, the CPC and the Chinese people are unstoppable, as they race into the 22nd century.

Postscript: This new document was just released and can be found below, in bilingual format,

The CPC: Its Mission and Contributions (full text in both Chinese and English)



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  1. Fuck! Seems like China just picture perfect society by this account… Nothing wrong whatsoever eh…not a bit of criticism throughout whole article. There has to be something to complain about you would think”
    Well I have some; Why are so many rich as hell Chinese coming over to Seattle, Vancouver BC, SF, and buying up ALL the fucking real estate that can be consumed, and as consequence raising prices of homes so ridiculously high priced that no normal person who works for a living could ever afford to by a home in these cities now?
    My Mom’s house in Bellevue, bought in 1954 for 14K, now goes for 2.4 million! House itself not worth anything, its that property that Chinese investors want to build big mansion on.
    I have been told that 99% of homes bought in the Bellevue WA area
    (suburb of Seattle) comes from “Chinese money” I beleive it too, parks, roads, sidewalls, shopping malls, Chinese guys and families, sometimes 9 out of 10 people are Chinese. I dont mean Asian, (Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese etc) But Chinese from mainleand China.
    Wierd! and whats going on? I am not racist have Chinese friends no problem not going to start any anti Chinese campaign more power to them really, but it is very strange never thought it would be like this in my hometown when a kid.
    Question: If Chinese society so great why do millions come over here if it is such a crappy place compared to their homeland? Are they masochistic? Invasion by purchase?

    • Just guessing here, but China’s phenomenonally spectacular wealth creation would as a byproduct, naturally spew out some brazenly self-worshipping money lovers, who would take the money and run.
      No one ever said China was perfect.
      That place doesn’t exist in this world.

  2. “Keeping the well”, is the duty of government,..and as the well is a sacred symbol representing the wealth of the community, it belongs to the community. Everyone cashing a US social security check, has the socialist and communist parties of the US to thank for that. From the I-Ching notes (Legge trans) # 48 – {The origin of “Santa’s” 8 reindeer}..”intended to represent a portion of land, divided into nine parts, the central portion belonging to the government, and being cultivated by the joint labour of the eight families settled on the other divisions. In the centre of it, moreover, was a well, which was the joint property of all the occupants.
    What is said on Žing might be styled ‘Moralisings on a well,’ or Lessons to be learned from a well for the good order and government of a country.’ What a well is to those in its neighbourhood, and indeed to men in general, that is government to a people. If rulers would only rightly appreciate the principles of government handed down from the good ages of the past, and faithfully apply them to the regulation of the present, they would be blessed themselves and their people with them.”

  3. It looks like China is doing everything right; as much as possible.
    They have certainly risen like a rocket.
    Jeff J. Brown’s “BIG RED BOOK on CHINA” is well worth its modest cost.
    For anyone who is unaware of the real situation in China as I was, it is a true revelation of China’s “one for all and all for one” economic miracle.
    China didn’t get to nearly a billion and a half people with a 5000 year history by being stupid.

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