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As it was easy to imagine, the rise to power of the Taliban in the new Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan is causing an increase in the level of tension that risks further exacerbating the already difficult relationship between Sunni Muslims and Shiites within the country afterwards. the retreat of American troops.

If you are not an expert in geopolitics and military intelligence, it becomes absolutely easy to blame ISIS-K (the Islamic State of the province of Khorason, an Afghan stronghold of extremist cutthroats) for the latest brutal attack in Kandahar, in the heart of the movement of students (Talib in Afghan) of the late mullah Mohammed Omar.

The massacre in the Kunduz Mosque on Friday 8 October 2021

But the explosive suicide bombing that caused 47 deaths and 143 injuries (complete report by Russia Today below) took place in a Shiite mosque, which is the confession of Islam that for decades has been opposed by the Sunni matrix (Deobandi) preached by the Taliban themselves.

In some countries, such as Syria, the Shiites are one of the main targets of Sunni mercenary jihadists, protected by Turkey and Qatar, who finance them under the common religious and political movement of the Muslim Brotherhood, also Sunni, with tacit support of NATO as highlighted in previous investigations.

The tragic news from Kandahar comes after another mosque, also frequented by Shiites, in Kunduz, in the north of the country, was targeted on 8 October, with a budget that according to the BBC itself speaks of at least 50 deaths even if others sources reported far more serious bulletins. Both attacks took place on Friday, the most important day in the week for Islamic prayer.

“Al Nusra (Al Qaeda) Terrorists Funded by Qatar”. Scotland Yard Investigates. Syrian Refugees’ and American Reporter’s Lawsuits against Doha’s banks


In order to legitimize their right to use Islamic extremists in Syrian territory, a Think-Tank close to Turkish President Recep Tayyp Erdogan two years ago released a dossier on the MOM operation of the Central Intelligence Agency in which it published the names of the 21 jihadist brigades armed by the American counter-intelligence and, to a small extent also by the Pentagon, during the Obama-Biden administration.

In those factions, Turkey has recruited former Al Qaeda or ISIS fighters, some of them freed from prison camps where they were detained for terrorism, in exchange for an enlistment of its own mercenaries among the troops, according to a strategy well established by Saudi Arabia with Al Qaeda’s fighters.


To this must be added two important information received from Russian intelligence. The first concerns the transfer of Islamic State prisoners from the Syrian and Iraqi areas to unidentified areas of northern Afghanistan. The second concerns an alleged summit that would have been held in Syria in recent months between 007 of the military counter-espionage of some NATO countries with some commanders of the Islamic State.

In the light of these reflections it is evident, as written in previous investigations and confirmed by official movements, that the Taliban regime has been left free to recapture Kabul and the entire nation to pass from “democratic” control in the light of the NATO troops, to the underground, dark and shady one of the CIA and MOSSAD, the Israeli counterintelligence.

CIA, Mossad & Talibans in Jihadist’s New Empire to Use Afghanistan against Iran and Russia

Beyond the disastrous Afghan economic problems, which the UN and the EU are trying to tackle with the usual hypocritical logic of exporting charity where they have allowed the spread of famine due to a specific desire for Western geopolitical and financial domination, the specter that hovers today over the Emirate Islamic in Afghanistan is that of a resurgence of religious conflict between Muslims between the Sunni Taliban majority and the Shiite minority.

In Syria ongoing War Crimes Allowed by NATO. Children Dead of Hunger and Disease. 400 Women Seized by Jihadists Turkish-backed

This had never happened in the recent past due to the good relations between the Taliban guerrillas and the Iranian Pasdaran, the Guard Corps of the Islamic Revolution who are also of Shiite confession. Iran shares 921 kilometers of border with Afghanistan.

This relationship was so close that it led some intelligence experts to suspect that a CIA surveillance plane that crashed in Afghanistan in January 2020 was in fact shot down by the Taliban with the complicity of the Quds Forces, the elite international department of the Pasdaran, in retaliation for the killing of the commander of the latter, General Qasem Soleimani.

In that plane crash, in fact, Mike d’Andrea, head of the CIA for operations in the Middle East, hunter of Osama Bin Laden but above all director of the operation to eliminate the Iranian general Soleimani, would have died.

CIA Middle East chief, Soleimani Killer and Bin Laden Hunter, dead on Jet in Afghanistan. Tasnim & Mirror told after VT & Gospa News

As long as there was the American occupation, the Afghan students who became fighters were comfortable with having relations and protection from Iran, persecuted by the West far more than it would have deserved after the ascent to religious power of Ayatollah Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini who restored Islamic theocracy (1978) in response to the previous Anglo-American coup (1953).

Now this subtle balance not only no longer seems indispensable, but could even have been the Taliban’s bargaining chip with US diplomacy and the CIA in order to have free rein in the constitution of the fragile Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.


This is why ISIS, created by Caliph Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, for many CIA agent and Mossad together, could today have regained freedom of action in the logic of a strategy of tension aimed at exacerbating relations between Sunnis and Shiites, therefore between Taliban and Iranians, with the sole objective of isolating more and more Tehran by allowing the Daesh terrorist jihadists operating in Afghanistan to consolidate their power as a threat not only for the Islamic Republic of Iran but also and above all for Russia.

Kabul Collision: CIA Director Negotiates Secret Deal with Taliban Leader… As we Forecast!

In fact, we will shortly publish an underground plan of an American military studies center, supported by NATO, the EU and the Weapons Lobby, on the war fronts against Moscow and against disinformation, a label already applied in pandemic by the Western mainstream media to all organs. of counter-information that dare to challenge the various Deep States of the New World Order and therefore are accused of supporting anti-Atlantic theories, destined to be repressed, even militarily, because they are considered Russophile. Below is the chronicle of the latest dramatic attack.

Read more… Even Italian Military Technology in the Gates’ Hands

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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by Russia Today

Islamic State terrorist group says Friday’s suicide bombing attack on a Shia mosque in southern Afghanistan that killed 47 people and left dozens wounded was carried out by its members. Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) has claimed responsibility for the attack on the Fatimiya Mosque in Kandahar province in a statement, distributed on social media by its Amaq news agency.

Exodus of Islamic Terrorism under Cia’s Nose! “Isis and Al Qaeda among Afghan Migrants”. Putin’s alarm confirmed by US flight to Qatar

The statement included the names of the two male suicide bombers, saying they first shot and killed the guards at the entrances to the site. After that, one of the attackers detonated explosives at the entrance to the mosque, while the other blew himself up inside the building, it added.

It is the second major attack by IS since the Taliban took power in Afghanistan in mid-August amid the withdrawal of US troops from the country. Last week, the terrorist group targeted a Shia mosque in the northern city of Kunduz, killing 46 people and injuring 143 others.

ISIS KILLS IN THE AL QAEDA’s LAIR. 113 dead in the Double Explosive Attack “announced” in Kabul

The Afghan branch of Islamic State, known as ISIS Khorasan Province (ISIS-K), had previously been active mainly in east of the country, but these recent bombings indicate that the group is expanding its operations, despite promises by the Taliban to restore peace and security in the country. The attack in Kandahar is presumed to be especially painful for the Taliban as the province is seen as the group’s spiritual heartland.

ISIS-K was behind the suicide bombing outside Kabul’s airport on August 26 during the chaotic evacuation of the US and its allies from Afghanistan. The massive explosion and subsequent gunfire killed 13 US soldiers and over 160 Afghan civilians.

BIDEN’S DRONE KILLED CHILDREN IN KABUL. Pentagon Confirmed the Massacre

US forces responded to the attack with airstrikes against IS targets in eastern Nangarhar Province and a drone strike in Kabul intended to target a terrorist, but which ended up killing 10 civilians, seven of whom were children.


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  1. So two mosque bombings as an early indication that some dark plot hatched by U.S./NATO/MOSAD “intelligence” has gone live…… to pit ISIS again’t the Taliban who will then (soon?) turn against Iran and ultimately & more importantly, Russia.
    As repored by Gospa a short while back.. When I read it here at VT, I said I don’t think the Taliban will take the bait. Only time will tell. In the meantime, Iran & Russia have a lot of cards to play to out any such scheme, and blast the preps who we are told are doing this plan. If Michael DeAndreas wasn’t safe from a hit, what about these ISIS goons when Iran & Russia get their number, locations and every thing of theirs…????!

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