Russia to Lebanon as Syria Heats up and Iran Attacks US al Tanf Base


DISCLOSURE: Sourced from Russian government funded media

VT Damascus: Five drones and rocket launchers targeted US occupation forces’ illegal base in Al-Tanf area in Syria and caused damage to the base and considerable casualties which are unreported.  There were American deaths, fewer than 10.

Terror groups backed by the US and Israel have set off explosions in Damascus, killing dozens, while Iran killed Americans…number unknown…hidden by the US…after Iran unleashed a retaliatory attack on the ISIS/US training center in al Tanf in southern Syria.

Five combat drones led the attack.

  • The attack on the base was carried out by resistance forces in retaliation for the attack on Palmyra city.
  • The US military base in the Al-Tanf area is located near the Jordan border and it houses US occupation troops.
  • US, embassy in Damascus issues, a communiqué denouncing the criminal act of terror against a civilian bus, and asks all parties to respect the cease-fire and refrain from aggressive acts, and concentrate of following the path of entente to save human lives!

Putin is paving the way for entering Lebanon with special elite Syrian forces dear. Russia will be stationed in Tripoli.

The Turks are in Tripoli as well

Hizballah has no choice but to ally with Russia

The Devil you know.

Beirut and its suburbs will be controlled by the NATO headed by France

It is a big game dear to expel the Iranians from the region

Iran will be fucked at the end.

It is a Masonic plan dearest. Everything is preplanned.

The Syrians will reoccupy part of Lebanon through the Russians. History repeats itself.

South Front: October 20th was a day of escalation in Syria’s north, with casualties on most, if not all sides and October 21st dawned with an expectation of even more fighting and preparations for the ensuing chaos.

Most significantly, several explosions rocked the US-led coalition garrison in the southeastern Syrian area of al-Tanf, where some 200 American troops are deployed. Arabic media reported that five suicide drones struck the garrison.

The attack was reportedly carried out by Iranian-backed forces. The Allies of Syria Operations Room, which commands Iranian-backed forces in Syria, vowed to response “very harshly” to the October 13 Israeli airstrikes that targeted the outskirts of the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra. That attack reportedly originated from the direction of al-Tanf.

It all began on the previous day when the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) boasted with its reinforcements on the northern frontlines sent there to deter a Turkish ground operation against the Kurdish groups in the region, in which many civilians would also suffer.

Then “a series of unfortunate events” ensued, beginning with an IED attack on an SAA bus in Damascus city that left 14 SAA soldiers dead.

Then, near the frontlines, a large explosion rocked an SAA ammunition depot on the outskirts of Hama city, along the Hama-Homs highway. Reports put the casualty number at 6, all possible members of the National Defense Forces or Iranian-backed factions. The reason behind the blast was dubbed a technical failure.

Later in the day, Turkey carried out a drone strike on the northeastern Syrian town of Kobane which is held by the US-backed Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The drone strike came just ahead of the expected Ankara operation against Kurdish forces in the countryside of Aleppo, where Kobane is located.

Prior to that, the artillery of Turkish-backed forces hit positions of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) near the town of Tel-Tamr in Syria’s Hassakah governorate. Several areas were targeted, and it is very apparent that Turkey’s increased activity in the past several days is preparing the situation for the upcoming operation.

Possibly taking advantage of Ankara’s forces and proxies being focused on the Kurdish-controlled areas, SAA and its allies are turning their attention also towards Greater Idlib.

On October 20, 10 people were killed and at least 20 others were wounded in a series of artillery strikes that targeted the town of Arihah in the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib.

The strikes were attributed to the SAA. The town of Arihah is a well-known stronghold of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), the de-facto ruler of Greater Idlib.

HTS and its allies shelled several artillery positions of the SAA in what they claimed to be a “response” the strikes that targeted Arihah. No casualties or material losses were reported.

It is a week of escalation, and all sides are expecting the others to make the first move so that chaos ensues. It is highly likely that Turkey cannot focus on both defending the so-called “moderate opposition” in Greater Idlib, while attacking the Kurdish-controlled areas, and Damascus and its allies are betting exactly on that.

From the Jerusalem Post:

An attack aimed at Al Tanf, a remote US outpost in Syria near the Jordanian and Iraqi border, was reported on Wednesday night. There were no casualties, according to a statement by American officials.

There was a “drone attack on US troops in Al Tanf, Syria,” BBC correspondent Nafiseh Kohnavard reported, adding that local forces said the drone came from the Iraq-Syria border area. Other online reports said rockets and not drones might have been used, but US officials confirmed it was a drone attack.

Pro-Iranian groups have increasingly used drones to target US forces in Iraq, including at the airport in Erbil, as well as Al Asad Airbase and US forces based in Syria.

The drones were likely manufactured in Iran and trafficked to Iraq, though some of them may also be constructed in Iraq. Iran has exported drone blueprints and technology to Yemen, the Gaza Strip, and Lebanon, as well as to pro-Iranian groups in Syria and Iraq.

 Missile fire is seen over Damascus, Syria January 21, 2019. (credit: SANA/HANDOUT VIA REUTERS)

An Iranian drone flown from Syria targeted Israel in February 2018, and a drone flown from Iraq or Syria entered Israeli airspace this May. In both cases, Israel shot them down. Hamas also used Iranian-style drones in the conflict in May.

Iran has trained drone operators across the region at its Kashan base. Israel revealed information about this base in September.

An Iranian drone was used to attack a tanker off the coast of Yemen and Oman in July; two crew members on the tanker were killed. Iran also targeted Saudi Arabia in September 2019 with drones and cruise missiles.

The attack on Al Tanf is an escalation. While pro-Iranian militias in Iraq have increasingly used drones, the use of drones in Syria against US forces is relatively rare.

These drones tend to be “kamikaze” drones, meaning they fly into their target. In June 2017, the US downed an Iranian drone near Al Tanf. An Iranian-made drone also targeted a US-led coalition patrol in June 2017 in the same area.

Al Tanf is a garrison where the US-led, anti-ISIS coalition has trained Syrians. Near Jordan, it is a lonely base and outpost facility. It was established in 2016 and 2017 and has been cut off from the rest of the coalition forces since 2018.

There have been questions about whether the US would remain at the outpost. The Iranian and Syrian regimes, as well as Russia, have often described the US presence at Al Tanf as illegal. In addition, pro-Iranian commentators have claimed that the base serves to collect intelligence and enable airstrikes against the Syrian regime.

In recent days, increased tensions between the regime and Syrian groups in Idlib, where Turkish forces are stationed, have led to clashes. Turkey has threatened a new offensive. A bomb in Damascus killed 14 on Thursday, and Syria has blamed terrorists. In November 2019, Russia alleged that Israel overflew Jordan to carry out airstrikes in Syria.

Iran has been entrenching in Syria near Albukamal, at the T-4 base near Palmyra, and also in Deir Ezzor in recent years. Hezbollah has also sent forces to the Golan Heights. This means there are tensions between pro-Iranian groups in Syria and the US and Israel.

US forces in eastern Syria back the Syrian Democratic Forces against ISIS. Over the past year, the Syrian regime has attempted to renew ties with Arab countries, doing outreach to Jordan, Iraq, Egypt, and the Gulf states. The reported drone attack comes in that context.

Iran’s drones have become an increasing threat across the region, from Yemen to Syria. Reports said explosions could be heard on Wednesday night near Al Tanf as a result of the drone attack. It is not clear if the drone or drones were shot down.

The US Marines have reportedly tested or used a counter-drone system that can be put on rifles near Al Tanf. The US has other anti-drone weapons in Iraq, such as the C-RAM (Counter rocket, artillery and mortar).

It is not clear what counter-UAV solutions the US has deployed in Syria.


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  1. They don’t call them “Resistance” for nothing. The only positive response from US is to pack up and go back home. The resistance will fight no matter how US / West want to respond. US is illegally occupying Syria, stealing its oil, bringing terrorists into the country and trying to destroy it -All for the sake of the Talmudic apartheid regime. When there is no justice, the only way to tell US enough is enough is by force.

  2. Is this what being owned felt like for America’s black slaves in the 1800s. No control of their own lives & their children’s lives too. All the money squandered on things that don’t help, but hurt US the American citizens…??? If you or I were to challenge all the illegal war’s and their unending illegalities, it would be thrown out because citizens have no standing to hold any administration accountable to follow their own laws.

  3. With everything censored it’s hard to really know what’s actually going on in Syria, other than the obvious. We have no legal right to be there at all. Syria was on the list of seven nations that General Wesley Clark said would be “taken out” after 9/11. Seven primarily Muslim nations were destroyed, all for Israel.

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