DOJ seeks toughest Jan. 6 sentence yet for ex-MMA fighter who punched cop

…from Politico

[ Editor’s Note: This will have the rest of the rioters sweating bullets if they know there is video of them attacking the Capitol Police, something to ponder over the holidays and maybe enjoy their last Christmas at home for a while.

That said, expect to see woven into Trump’s 2024 campaign his jihad to pardon all the insurrectionists. There will also probably be a big fundraising campaign to lighten the final hit the people will be taking, if those running for office don’t hoover it all up.

What I don’t know is when the DoJ finally gets around to deciding what it wants to do on the sedition charges. Will those sentenced for their initial offenses have some exposure there?

It would be the only real deterrent that I see. All of these people who do a few years will be cult heroes when they get out and might not have to pay for a drink at a bar for the rest of their lives.

The small fish will be forgotten if the big ones are rounded up and get their full measure, and that includes all the Congress Critters involved with the planning and logistics. An example has to be set to match the level of what they were attempting to do.

Personally I would give them life in prison, so they are always there for future wannabe insurrectionists to see what can happen. Thus ends my cheery missive for today …Jim W. Dean ]

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First published … November 04, 2021

Fairlamb, a Trump supporter and brother of a Secret Service agent, pleaded guilty in August to two charges.

“A former Mixed Martial Arts fighter, he joined the storming of the police line on the West Terrace, obtaining a police baton and screaming ‘What Patriots do? We fuckin’ disarm them and then we storm the fuckin’ Capitol!’” prosecutors said in their sentencing memo.

“After exiting the U.S. Capitol, Fairlamb aggressively followed a line of dramatically out-numbered Metropolitan Police Department officers, screaming vitriol at them as they attempted to traverse the over-run Terrace.”

“After isolating an MPD officer from his fellow officers, Fairlamb shoved the officer and then punched his face shield,” prosecutors added.

Two days later, Fairlamb celebrated the attack and warned of more violence, “They pulled the pin on the grenade, and the blackout is coming,” Fairlamb said at the time.

…Fairlamb, a Trump supporter and brother of a Secret Service agent, pleaded guilty in August to two charges: obstructing Congress’ effort to certify the 2020 election and assaulting a police officer. He’s the first of more than 100 defendants charged with assaulting and impeding police officers to face sentencing, and his case is likely to become a benchmark for the others.

You can read the full Politico article here.

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    • I don’t remember seeing that, but yes, we have to protect ourselves from out dedicated enemies using our comment board comments to lay a Q-Annon number of some kind on us. They have total control over our wikipedia, as anything we corrected, within an hour the West Bank housewives had changed it back, a tactic to continuously distract our work. We decided not to play the game with them.

  1. Let me add that you are doing a superb job of moderating this site, unlike The Saker and the cesspool that is the Unz Review.

  2. And this is true because some dude on the internet told you it was. The Cult of Trump is badly afflicted with psychological projection… Projection is the process of displacing one’s feelings onto a different person, animal, or object. (Wikipedia)

  3. Don’t be distracted by the “noise” coming from these cases! The Jan 6th event was a “psy-op” brought to you by the US intelligence agencies. It makes me wonder what other operations these outfits are pursuing. Connect the dots!

    • That the Cult of Trump are patsies in all of this is beyond dispute. They think and act like the brown-shirted thugs who were used to bring Hitler to power in 1933. True-believers all, they will blindly follow der Führer into the apocalyptic conflict that is to come. That will be the end of the USA as we know it and the beginning of overt Christo-fascism. As Sinclair Lewis once said “When fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.” I would add that they’ll be wearing MAGA caps and carrying assault rifles as well.

    • It wasn’t a psyop, it was more of a scam, brought to you by DFT , and the people who participated did so knowingly, and are responsible for their own discernment, just like everyone else. It is the epitome of the case where maximum sentencing applies. It is violent election fraud, insurrection, and Trump had just raised the sentencing for damaging federal buildings I believe.

  4. Don’t settle for less – Give evidence and testimonies their leader is a fucking child molester.and paid off many kids families with millions to shut them up.
    Then put him in jail with great fanfare don’t let him out.

  5. Recommending 44 , and happy with 15. How many judges and lawyers buy and use cocaine ?
    More than 90% of people would even imagine. Priests and cops too.

    Wednesday, October 27, 2021
    “U.S. District Judge Richard D. Bennett sentenced Troy Lee Neal, age 42, of Elkton, Maryland, to eight years in federal prison, followed by five years of supervised release, for conspiracy to distribute controlled substances and possession with the intent to distribute cocaine.”

    44 months, is a sentence for many things. It does not stand out at all.

    “A once high-flying political fundraiser who prosecutors said gave illegal campaign contributions to Joe Biden, Lindsey Graham and a host of other U.S. politicians was sentenced Thursday to 12 years behind bars.” 15 to 20 is the sentence that deters.

    • Jenna Ryan,…”one of the faces of Jan 6″ ,.. and someone who has vociferously claimed white privilege and did storm the capital with intent,… got 60 days.
      Not exactly a “crackdown”.

    • 60 f*cking days!!?

      David, you’re pissing me off! And so right!

      I did 4 months for a f*cking BS probation violation!
      (And while I was there, literally doing slave labor & seeing no sunlight, read in Reader’s Digest about a billionaire’s son caught smuggling 15,000 AK47’s into NY. Guess how much time he got?… 6 months!)

      Spoiled Brat DramaQueen Trumpers get the same… Privilege.

      And like DramaQueenDon, they think they’re being persecuted! Crucified! F*cking brats.

    • The idea that unity comes through compassion is likely the agreed methodology deployed by Pelosi and Biden admin. This is also very convenient to the dems for when the Repubs regain the executive,. protection of the office is protection of anyone who holds it in the future.
      We also do not know, if Trump has something, and we all know he rummaged through all the drawers with great zeal and with as many resources as any would grant. There is near zero chance he left empty handed.

  6. Continuing to prosecute these foot soldiers while letting the generals run free is not doing anything to stop the next inevitable insurrection from happening, Jim. The crazy Cult of Trump is becoming more emboldened each and every day and Merrick Garland sits on his hands and does nothing. Make an example of Bannon, lock him up. He deserves prison time much more than this dude.

  7. Still less than a Black woman got for voting while on probation. #OnlyInUSA.

    If they were chanting Allahu Akbar instead of Trumpu Akbar they’d be in Gitmo…

    Those who survived.

    • Of course, if they faced anything near the Capitol law enforcement presence vs BLM, it would all be moot.

      Because they woulda took their pussy cosplayer asses home.

      👆 Ha, Why Trump “grabs them” so much!

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