Poland blackmailing Belarus with military deployment to border: Lukashenko

Poland's Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki (C) and Defense Minister Mariusz Blaszczak (R) meet with border guards and troops at Poland's border with Belarus, on November 9, 2021. (Photo via AFP)

Press TV: Belarus’ President Alexander Lukashenko has accused Poland of blackmailing his country by sending armored vehicles and troops to the border amid an escalation of a migration crisis.

Poland has closed its border with Belarus as hundreds of migrants, trying to cross into the European Union, are stranded in freezing temperatures on the border between the two countries.

Reports said Poland planned to send Leopard tanks to the town of Biala Podlaska on the border with Belarus.

Lukashenko warned Warsaw against the deployment, saying, “It’s obvious that this is either some sort of training or blackmail.”

“Pardon me but fighting against migrants with Leopards?” he told Russia’s National Defense magazine on Tuesday. “We are well versed militarily and understand what it means today to wage war with these poor people on Poland’s border with, say, Belarus, and to advance columns of tanks.”

The president also warned against the military movements “in the heart of Europe and even more so [in a conflict] with Belarus. saying that, “In today’s world, taking up arms is tantamount to death or suicide.”

The West accuses Belarus of coordinating an unprecedented wave of asylum seekers in retaliation for existing sanctions imposed by the bloc on his country. Lukashenko has denied the allegations.

Poland’s Deputy Interior Minister Blazej Pobozy said in a tweet on Tuesday that Warsaw was “sending to that place expanded detachments of troops from the border guards and the police and soldiers.”

“Their number as of now totals about 20,000,” he said.

Observers warn that Poland’s deployment could trigger a confrontation on their common border.

Polish border guards beat migrants: Belarus

The Belarusian border guard service said in a statement on Wednesday that Polish guards were beating migrants at their shared border.

“Judging by the numerous injuries on the bodies of the migrants, the Polish security forces mistreated the people and, using force, pushed them out behind a barbed-wire fence on the border with Belarus,” the statement said.

“According to the refugees, they were detained on the territory of Poland where they had tried to ask for protection and refugee status,” it added.

The border guards also shared images showing four ethnic Kurds with bloody clothes and one with cuts on his hands. They said the men had been given medical assistance.

Polish border guards say about 800 migrants are staying in a makeshift camp near the border crossing post of Kuznitsa. Another 3,000 to 4,000 people are also staying in the forested areas along the entire length of the Polish-Belarusian border.

A total of 12,000-14,000 migrants may be staying in Belarus, according to Warsaw.

Meanwhile, Germany has urged EU member states to “stand together” to support Poland in securing the border.

Members of a Kurdish family from Dohuk in Iraq are seen in a forest near the Polish-Belarus border, on November 9, 2021. (Photo by AFP)

Germany’s outgoing interior minister, Horst Seehofer, accused Lukashenko of “using people’s fates with the support of Russian President Vladimir Putin to destabilize the West.”

Seehofer’s deputy, Stephan Mayer, also said that Berlin “could send police very promptly to support Poland if Poland wants that.”

Lukashenko has said previously that he would not hesitate to invite Russian troops to the country in the event of an extraordinary foreign threat.

Belarus shares a border with Ukraine in the south. It also borders Poland and Lithuania in the west, Latvia in the north, and Russia in the east.

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  1. First off, thanks to both Konehead and Andrew for their invaluable input on this issue. The AngloZionist Empire, of which the USA is just a vassal state, has long had it in for both Belarus and Russia. Most US Ashkenazim are refugees from the Pale of Settlement that Catherine the Great set up in 1791. Consequently, the tribal enmity toward Russia has been a prime mover for US neocons, like Victoria “f-ck the EU” Nuland and her husband, Robert Kagan. They and other neocons are why the USA staged the coup in the Ukraine. They are also why the USA has troops in Syria, which as you know is just part of Greater Israel, from the Nile to the Euphrates.

  2. Latest report from Minsk Belarus:
    About 500 Iraqi/Kurds out by city center today,
    They not typical migrants, they have money.
    One guy said he just came from border, is going right back.
    He can take a bus or a taxi too. A taxi driver told us he has taken two trips out there already.
    Those in city stay in hotels All hotels full.
    There are reports of shots fired from and/or at Russian soldiers in Smolensk by Polish soldiers.
    The Polish have pulled up tanks to border, Russian jets doing flyovers on Belarus side of border.
    Its not going to take much for this standoff to erupt into a war.
    One false flag incident either side and its a war between NATO and Russia the way it is now .
    The Iraqis jusst pawns to be sacrificed. They know dont seem to care too much, they have already been invaded twice by NATO and USA. They just want to go to Germany is what they all say.

  3. I live in Minsk Belarus right now, your VT correspondent haha
    Belarus has zero homeless people, no guns, no drugs, no migrants, no protests, no gay parades (but russian tank parades), many beautiful women, lots of vodka.
    The president here says he would rather be a dictator than gay. (hows that western culture)
    Belarus I like to say is more Russian than Russia is.
    Russian lanquage, people, culture, TV, music, food, cars (NO pickup trucks!)
    I have lived here off and on for five years (Seattle other home) NEVER has there been any “migrants” here at all to see. First thing you notice coming from Seattle is practically everyone is white russian.
    But now there are hundreds of Iraqis who congregate near the city center and hang out in front of a shopping mall. I talked to some – they are all from Iraq. They came in on the fairly new 30 day free visa program, they flew in on passenger jets. Everyone I talked to a nice guy.
    Week ago taxi driver said that he doesnt like to pick them up, they all want to go to border,
    Now taxi drivers say if they take any to border they will be arrested.

    • I think policy now is to not send anymore Iraqis and war refugees to EU borders, but that was the plan initially – to fuck with now “fascist” Poland loaded with US tanks troops and missles and Lithuania the same now too.
      Also its revenge for EU sanctions on Belarus, and also pointing out to world just how it is that EU/NATO really operates; destroying countries invading them, killing millions, and then the refugees that result from the wars, they then block with armed troops at the borders. The people and victims of war and massacre in Iraq of course are not to blame, it is the US, NATO who dont give a shit about anyone from Iraq or other arab countries they destroy (for what reason) and this policy continues.
      Only good Iraqi is a dead Iraqi it seems now hundreds might freeze to death soon and again nobody cares.
      Not that the thousands on border could soon die as collateral damage from a rain of russian missles, should Poland move a single US/German tank onto Belarus soil. Tense situation going on. No fucking joke. Lukashenko a bit loony as in soviet style fist thumper (vodka and in power 24 years) Duda in Poland a real live fascist Russian-hater supported by US military.

  4. This is a very topical issue right now. 2 weeks ago I was on vacation in Belarus. At the railway station, 2 young black guys approached me and asked me in English with a French accent how to get to the city of Brest. It’s just on the border with Poland. There are three components to this problem:
    1. Any foreigner can come to Belarus and stay there without a visa, as far as I remember, for about 5-7 days. So, they use this way. It costs mad money, but it works.
    2. None of them will be allowed into Russia. We have no refugee assistance programs, no language courses, no housing for them and absolutely no benefits. Any illegal migrant will simply live like a stray dog on the street. Before the first meeting with the police. It is the same in Belarus. No one will allow them to behave criminally, as in Europe. They’ll just get beaten up a lot by the locals.
    3. It is not the fault of the Russian Federation, Belarus, or even Turkey that hordes of these young men are breaking into the Euro paradise. This is a question for the NATO countries that destroyed those countries.

    • Hi Andy
      Since tje summer, its been a 30 day visa free policy in Belarus for many countries USA citizens were excluded after Oct 15
      Americans also cannot get transit visas through Russian airports anymore,
      The two black kids- people in USA would not understand, as usually you would never see two black kids in Belarus, its rare occurence as its usually all white russians in Belarus….My wifes mom has never seen a black person except on TV!
      but not now, the visa free program brought in alot of iraqis espcially and guys from Cngo too but its really all iraqis I see in Minsk.

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