Rep. Schiff: Bannon’s indictment will ‘without a doubt’ lead others to comply with Jan. 6 panel

…from Politico

[ Editor’s Note: Despite the obvious aspects of the news, the fact that it followed the DC Court’s quick but thorough opinion on Biden making the privilege call because he is the current President, and Trump is not the King, created a needed boost in positive momentum.

We also had the quick Appeals Court stay, which was expected, but asking for written arguments from both sides, ASAP, as it has scheduled its hearing for November 30th.

But Bannon going to trial will not be a lickety split process, and if he loses, he will of course appeal all the way to the Supreme Court.

So we are looking at months for a final ruling, but with the possibility that the courts moved some of the earlier Trump litigation along quickly, with the Supreme Court quickly refusing to take two of Trump’s Appeals, which killed them.

These were the Trump appointee court decisions, where I am sure he had felt they would rule his way, but they did not, twice.

The Court tends to be extremely carefully in not soiling its reputation. Keep your fingers crossed that the judiciary realizes the importance of justice delayed is justice denied, and I don’t think they want any of that splatter all over their robes in such an historic case, or cases as it may be… Jim W. Dean ]

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“…a Republic if you can keep it.”

First published … November 14, 2021

Rep. Adam Schiff on Sunday said the Justice Department’s move to charge Steve Bannon with contempt of Congress will “without a doubt” sway others to cooperate with the Jan. 6 select committee’s subpoenas.

“And indeed even before the Justice Department acted, it influenced other witnesses who were not going to be Steve Bannon,” Schiff (D-Calif.) said on NBC‘s “Meet the Press.“

“Now that witnesses see that if they don’t cooperate, if they don’t fulfill their lawful duty when subpoenaed, that they too may be prosecuted, it will have a very strong focusing effect on their decision-making.

So it’s very positive. I view this as an early test of whether democracy was recovering. If our law is to mean anything, it has to be applied equally. And so I’m very glad that Justice Department has moved forward in this fashion.”

Bannon’s indictment was quick work by the department, a prosecution decision that typically takes months for DOJ lawyers to make, people familiar with the process of handling congressional referrals told POLITICO.

…Bannon’s case falls in the extreme, given he refused to even appear before investigators under subpoena. As it already has, the case will likely present complicated questions about executive privilege, particularly for outside advisers like Bannon.

You can read the full article at Politico here.

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  1. I could never figure out just who this Bannon fucker really is….you look him up on wikipedia and it says an anti semintic pro-Kremlin website.,…oops that is VT haha…
    Bannon had something going on with qn old castle in Italy training fools to be like him there or something – just wierd stuff, ….then he is advisor to trump his campaign manager, and trump fires him and then he is still no1 trump toadie or trump his toadie who knows I think he is Qanon lets see if that shit dissapears when Bannon finds his soul mate Bubba while in prison.
    Bannon took over Brietbart news after Andrew Breiitbart died mysteriously (assasination for not being right wing enough?) I dont know its a sick world. Wouldnt doubt Bannon had him murdered blamed antifa never underestimate trump buttlickers or those trump licks butt of.

    • Bannon’s obsession with the Italian fascist, Julius Evola and his reading of the 1997 book, The Fourth Turning, show exactly what his plans for the USA are all about. In his mind, we will ultimately replace barely-concealed corporatism with out-and-out Christo-fascism that Sinclair Lewis predicted will come to America wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross. Crazy US Christian Zionists, Trump’s true-believer zealots, are all for it.

    • It’s confusing to understand the pos because it’s related to Likud and their grip on power. So it’s designed to deflect and confuse. Trump is a Likud operative plain and simple. So a couple of antisemite labels on him and his entourage which includes Bannon and the rest of Likudniks and you won’t connect them to the wife of Adelson who is financing everyone now. Miriam the $30 billion woman megadonor is the new front for Likud but you will never see that.
      Read Breitbart to see how the Israeli right is controlling the Israeli left in the US.
      If you read Breibart

    • You forget that these clowns own Wikipedia. Bannon is an entrepreneur in the Trump model. Create something out of nothing and then sell it as expert knowledge. John Bolton wrote the thesis on that process. And people believe that any of these shit stains are worth the price of toilet paper. The US population deserves what they are getting and they just beg for more. Holy perpetual nonsense, Batman!

  2. The slow walk to handcuffs for Trump began in 2017. The SC will see the splatter and raise it four slime balls, but they will not sully the court for Trump.
    He likes people who are out for themselves, and that is what will make sure the clown bus remains stuck in the sand and out of gas.

  3. It’s becoming more and more obvious that the only way Trump will ever come back into power again will be through some illegal unconstitutional way. The Cult of Trump is done with elections and the rule of law. That’s why they’re out in the streets looking for Antifa to mix it up with, and inventing them if they can’t actually find any. That they are patsies in a grand plan to bring down the USA hasn’t apparently dawned on them. MAGA was always MIGA, Make Israel Greater Again. A redo of 9/11, coming right up, folks.

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