Black holes could be space-time portals

RT: Objects, including spacecraft, could pierce through the universe using several black holes as a ‘shortcut’, a new study suggests.

The new theory posited by French physicist Pascal Koiran marks a break from earlier research in the field of black hole studies. Previously, it was thought that a so-called ‘wormhole’ composed of two black holes would be prone to instantly collapse, thus making it impossible for an object to successfully travel all the way from one side and out the other.

However, by employing different metrics, the French scientist’s new model has arrived at a very different conclusion: “We show that the particle reaches the wormhole throat for a finite value t′1 of the time marker t′.” In essence, that means an object, for instance, a spacecraft, could pass through this wormhole portal intact and reach some far-away region of the universe, taking far less time than would be needed if traveling conventionally.

The study in its entirety will see the light of day in the upcoming issue of the Journal of Modern Physics D, though an abstract has been available since early October.

Yet, there are too many ifs as to whether this purely theoretical model has any bearing on the way the universe actually works. For starters, to create such a time-and-space tunnel you would need a regular black hole and a so-called white hole, which is essentially a black hole in reverse. While black holes never let anything out, their ‘twins’ never let anything in.

So, according to Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity and Nathan Rosen’s additions to it, if you were to connect the two, they would make up a bridge across time and space. However, if the laws postulated by another branch of physics, thermodynamics, are anything to go by, such a construct would be highly unstable.

Perhaps more importantly, the very existence of white holes has yet to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. At present, they remain a pure theorization, thus putting any talk of space-and-time portals on rather shaky ground.

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  1. String Theory suggests that the multiverse is made of different dimensions but the highest is 11th dimension. Beyond 11 dimensions, the universe would become unstable and dimensions higher than 11 would collapse to an 11-dimensional universe. This means, of course, that we don’t know squat about how objective reality is really constituted.

    Don’t run that one by crazy US Christian Zionists though. They’ll pull out their assault rifles and shoot you for talking like that. Thankfully, we still have the First Amendment to the US Constitution, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…”

  2. there was this post on the occult some moths ago..
    dropped few lines on polarity and origin of planets.

    like pacman the ones going through the hole appear on other side of the screen.

    the whole thing with these holes are, if in case of an constellation destroying event like which happened to sirius system its not a lived through cycle that an orb (planet, star/sun) should have as a normal orbs live, in case of sirius it was blown/imploded. for energy harvesting. the way they have been done before.

    the pull of the 3600 year bypassing system brought three planets here, while that starsystem crashed. that is the story of chi-rhon, jesus, mitras, horus and the falling of Anu in the stories. Seven planets with moons turned to asteroidbelt, their sun gone dark and heavy. that is the black sun. the reason it had to be destroyed is that the hole from sirius couldnt travel in its pull in this direction.

    the belt makes this solarsystem fly… away from the area it couldve pulled the b.h. to.

  3. Imagine if we decided tomorrow to eliminate physics and burn every book, and every person who knew what was in the books.
    That is what humanity decided to do with the very complete and formed product of the study of time many centuries ago, and still has not reconciled this. Physics acquiesced to Rome, and thus, has not been introduced to actual time. Every single university will call today Tuesday, and they have no idea, of the ramifications or the long term damage. To blatantly place ignorance in front of a loud pronouncement, is childish.

  4. According to some accounts, there is an EBE group that lives inside our sun, our moon is actually a Reptilian command and control station, much of our planet consists of inhabited massive caverns, and humanity is getting f**ked over every day, not just on the physical level, but on every single astral level. This includes the Reptilian chakra cord attachments, frequency fences, mind control beaming weaponry projected at different times of the day on timers, MILABS, gene modifying ‘vaccines’, DNA strand suppression, frequency attacks through space satellite arrays to alter thoughts, moods, and intelligence, Monsanto food modification to decrease lifespan from 500 or more years down to an average of 80, etc., etc.

    So, saying ‘black holes are time portals’ is no small step of the imagination, especially when researching extensively the 40 and back programs the Navy, USMC, Air Force, MILABS, etc. have been using on fresh recruits the last several decades for God only knows what purposes.