Texas Secessionists working with Putin’s Russia…through Ted Cruz?

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Raw: Russian strongman Vladimir Putin is fostering division in America by backing extremist right-wing groups.

Kristofer Harrison, a Russia expert who served in the George W. Bush administration, explained the dynamic in a new piece published by The Bulwark.

“A couple weeks ago Senator Ted Cruz was speaking at Texas A&M University when someone asked him his thoughts on the Texas secessionist movement. He replied that he wasn’t ‘there, yet.’ It is important to understand that the modern secession movement is not a product of Lone Star pride. It’s an idea that has been force fed into the American conservative movement by Russia,” he explained.

“The shiny ball that caught Cruz’s attention was The Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM). TNM is Texas’s most prominent secessionist organization. In 2015, TNM attended a St. Petersburg gathering of worldwide extremists organized by Rodina—that’s ‘Motherland’ in Russian—the fascist-adjacent offshoot of Putin’s United Russia party.”

He explained why it was so bizarre to see Cruz duped by “Texit” movement backed by Russia.

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Here, featured on Rodina’s website, is Nate Smith, TNM’s executive director, in attendance. Howdy! Russia’s info warriors were very pleased with his comments at the event. This skulduggery got so bad and Robert Mueller indicted 13 Russians who were working with the Texas secessionist movement in 2016 to—please put down your coffee—spread misinformation about Ted Cruz during the presidential primary in order to help Donald Trump,” he wrote. “There’s a nice symmetry there. Some day when when Hollywood comes calling the film can be titled, ‘From Victim to Dupe: The Ted Cruz Story.'”


Read the full analysis.

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  1. Republicans have blocked in the Senate of the American Congress the further promotion of the draft defense budget of the country for the next fiscal year, reports TASS.
    The draft document worth $770 billion includes restrictive measures against Moscow. 60 votes were needed to move to the next stage of consideration in the Senate. However, 45 senators voted in favor, 51 voted against.

    Before the vote, the Republican leader in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, said that his party members would block the draft budget, since the Democrats with the majority did not allow the approval of a number of proposals. We are talking about a package with 18 amendments, among which are additional sanctions against the Nord Stream-2 pipeline.

    • As was mentioned previously, Andrew, Biden could stop the US neocon/neoliberal assault on Russia in about 5 minutes if he stopped sending American warships into the Black Sea to provoke incidents, stopped military aid to Ukraine and Georgia, stopped military exercises with non-NATO nations in Europe, and finally closed the new American missile bases in Poland and Romania that can launch cruise missiles with nuclear warheads. He won’t do this because Russophobes in Congress simply wouldn’t have it. They would demand that the USA provoke the Russian bear into doing something stupid, which they won’t. Putin and Lavrov have all the cards at this point and there’s nothing the Anglo-Zionist Empire can do about it, except start WWIII.

  2. “Now in Russia, they got it mapped out so that everyone pulls for everyone else—that’s the theory, anyway. But what I know about is Texas…And down here… you’re on your own.” – Loren Visser, Blood Simple

  3. Cruz a Latino-fascist nutcase wannabe folk hero.
    THE No1 advocate for military invasion of Cuba and Venezuela.

    Russians buying Facebook ads supporting Trump by endorsing Cruz?
    Sounds dangerous!
    Its eroding the foundation of American democracy!!
    (sarcasm, sorry cant help it)

    Better send in Robert Mueller!

    You know the guy appointed to FBI director two months before Israei blew up the twin towers using mini nukes.

    Weird, I googled “who was FBI director during 911” to make sure about that,
    It said John O’Neill

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