Armageddon? New Variants Are Coming, Driven by Vaccine Hesitancy and Willful Ignorance


“In this case, nowadays, I mean the immune naive — that’s people who have never been vaccinated, who have never had the infection in particular. That’s like tinder for a fire. It’s cannon fodder. The virus, as soon as it gets an opportunity, is going to rummage right through that population and it changes. It mutates as it goes.”

Yahoo Finance: Despite COVID-19 vaccines now being largely available, lagging vaccination rates create opportunities for the coronavirus to mutate and evolve into more dangerous versions.

“I think we just need to tap the brakes a little bit and get into the new world of expectations of COVID,” Dr. Michael Saag, associate dean for global health at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, said on Yahoo Finance Live (video above). “COVID is going to be with us for years to come, and we’re going to see variants emerge. And we’re going to go through this process several times, maybe many times in the future.”

In the U.S. and other countries with mass vaccination capabilities, most of those who are unvaccinated are that way by choice. In some other parts of the world, it’s often an issue of accessibility.

The Omicron variant, recently dubbed a “variant of concern” by the World Health Organization (WHO), was first reported out of Southern Africa, though it’s unclear whether or not that’s where it actually originated. Vaccination rates in the region are below the global average of 56% — in Botswana, the rate is at just 40% while South Africa’s is 30%. (Reports have indicated the variant has now been detected in the U.S. as well.)

“This coronavirus appears to go through populations, especially of the vulnerable,” Saag said. “In this case, nowadays, I mean the immune naive — that’s people who have never been vaccinated, who have never had the infection in particular. That’s like tinder for a fire. It’s cannon fodder. The virus, as soon as it gets an opportunity, is going to rummage right through that population and it changes. It mutates as it goes.”


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  1. Keep selling wolf tickets. The “vaccines” don’t prevent infection; but they may kill or maim you. At eighty years old I survived the virus without medical intervention. But I am not confident I could survive the vax.

  2. Omicron spreads through the population far more quickly than previous Covid19 variants so even if it has the same ability to put people who are unvaccinated in hospital it will now put more of them in hospital.

    Having three jabs protects people more than two jabs. If you are vaccinated you can still get Covid19 but you are unlikely to end up needing hospital care but you can still spread the disease to others.

  3. I’m waiting for the “Jingle bell” variant right now. Can’t see why you’ve become the propaganda center for Bill Gate$$!

  4. the vaxxed are now vaxxing the unvaxxed…the vaxxed are walking and talking spike protein factories…they are shedding them on everyone…so what difference does it make if you get the jab or hang around the vaxxed?…this is the dirty little secret…..

  5. I looked at the fake variant rollout list and was amused, mostly by the way media jumped all over it as fake. The funniest part was those who fact checked it. They, as fact checkers, are as phony as the list. One claimed it was part of a claim that 5g spread C-19, when the actual claim was that vaccines enabled 5g control. DARPA and Moderna? Gee, nothin to see here. Lies, half lies, half truths….the staples of control today. India says that the cases of Omicron are from Africa…S Africa/Tanzania…one was fully vaccinated. By Dec 1, there were 3 cases found in India, while cases and deaths continue to drop. By the 7th, there were 23, with no deaths attributed to Omicron. Strange that the media is eyeballing India for Omicron variant, yet India says it came out of Africa.

  6. Forcing and scaring and bribing folks to vaccinate is suspicious. If something goes wrong the drug dealers won’t be held responsible. We have to unite and fight for our right to choose.

  7. Manmade viruses created in laboratories extremely unstable and will “naturally” mutate like fucking crazy.
    What we have now is “NATURALLY OCCURING VARIANTS” (mutations) of unstable MANMADE SARS viruses designed in US military labpratories to kill specific races of humans and released into populations of first China, then Iran.
    But never any guarantee they will work as prescribed; both the “designer” military-grade SARS viruses, and the early untested vaccines or antidotes for them too, if they even felt they needed them since they were designed not to leave the countries deployed into (so dont worry!)
    Donald Trump was in command of any deployments of the US bioweapons arsenal when he was president so he is to blame but nobody will, since over half the US government was in on it and the rest plain stupid.

    • A hallmark mob fingerprint is to insulate the front power from the hand that actually gives the thumb. My position is Britain is behind Trump and was the seminal fluid that delivered him.

    • We have only been around for a couple hundred years. A divisive operation is neither hard to spot, nor is the origin invisible. The hair on the back is raised since inception and will not likely relax for another couple hundred.

    • I totally agree. How can I trust an unworthy government that dont give a damn about me and my people’s health.

      I remember the Tuskegee experiment and the Henrietta Lacks story and forced sterilizations and euthanizations without consent.

      I was vaccinated as a kid and in military for naturally occurring viruses. Covid is an unnatural manmade virus bioweapon.

      How in the hell does a virus spread over the whole earth so quickly? There was no pressure like this for the flu vaccine.

      I have had 15 negative tests and am relying on my healthy GOD given natural immune system. Why no info for building up immune systems by medical experts? Why are the medical personnel that don’t agree with the jab being silenced?

      I cannot infect others with something I don’t have. I have no physical health issues and nobody can force me to put drugs in my body. I betcha the ones pushing all this fear aren’t vaccinated either. I am fighting for my right to choose. This isn’t about caring for our health, it’s about power and control.

  8. Put this in the context of what Gordon told us in June of 2020, “We have multiple confirmations that a vaccine for COVID 19 not only exists but has existed for some time, since 2019, perhaps as early as 2017. We are also told that COVID 19, as VT reported in March, was deployed against China, then Italy, then France, then Iran and Spain and then the US as a ‘fund raiser.'”

    This means that COVID-19 is a US bioweapon created in a lab. These new variants must also have been created in a lab (chimeric viruses containing genetic material derived from two or more distinct viruses) and are being deployed right up to the present day.

    • Timeline was China covid19 A , Iran covid19 B B for But laced with sarin…then it spread into, Italy, Spain, then USA and rest of world but covid19 B is what spread everywhere, covid 19 A has washed itself out already, covid19 B still mutating still spreading.
      Actual deployments only in China, then Iran. Rest of the world collateral damage.
      Iran was the deadly stuff.
      NOTE China has beaten off its bioweapon attack very successfully. Read World0Meter site look up China.
      Why nobody speak about this? Could it be China has superior culture and smarter more intelligent people?
      I thought they were communist pinkos who eat bats cats and dogs and suck on armadillo penis.

    • I would add the information of the first investment to Moderna by DARPA , to create a mrna vaccine (an excellent tool) , to the timeline as a point of interest.
      If a chem lab reported a breakthrough, the very next thing would be money for an anti-dote.

  9. Who create opportunities for the coronavirus to mutate and evolve before all the rest of options are those who created it on lab and released it and still them are not in jail….

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