End the Economic Sanctions and the New Afghan Government Must Occupy its Seat in the General Assembly


To the Honorable Secretary General Antonio Guterres

United Nations

New York, New York 10017

RE: End the Economic Sanctions and the New Afghan Government Must Occupy its Seat in the General Assembly

To the Honorable Antonio Guterres:

The new government in Afghanistan is legitimate. It has the right to occupy a seat and have a representative in the United Nation’s General Assembly. The recent decision of the United Nation’s General Assembly Credential Committee to defer, which in effect is a denial, is unfair and harms the Afghan people and creates instability in the region. Over the past five decades, the Afghan Freedom Fighters mainly consisting of villagers have fought and defeated numerous occupying countries for Afghanistan’s sovereignty. It is the graveyard of empires. Now, the United States, Russia and other war profiteering and NATO countries want to impose their wills and influence on the United Nation’s credential committee and continue to interfere in Afghanistan’s sovereignty. That influence is evident by the recent decision to deny the new Afghan government representation.

If human rights violations are a criterion for occupying a seat then for example China, Russia and the United States would be denied a seat based on their poor human rights track records. So many documented war crimes and human rights violations were committed by the United States and the former Soviet Union in Afghanistan. Not to mention the human rights violations and genocide committed by China against its Muslim population.

Afghans continue to be terrorized by the international community and various war profiteering countries through economic sanctions on and seized assets of Afghanistan. Afghanistan’s monies and assets have been wrongfully denied to the Afghan people. This is “economic terrorism”. Afghanistan needs to move forward, care for and immediately feed its people. But it cannot do that now because of this “economic” terrorism. Afghan villagers, many women, children and the elderly, are starving and are forced to become refugees. Afghans have suffered for five decades because of the illegal foreign wars, invasions of and occupations of its country.

Moreover, the 1990s has clearly demonstrated how economic sanctions ultimately were a failed policy, generating instability in the region and world versus positive change. These sanctions not only will create instability in the region but also create significant problems for Europe through mass migrations, which we are already witnessing. It’s quite evident that it’ll cost European nations billions of dollars handling the influx of migrants, many without the infrastructure. These issues could easily be solved with dialogue and elimination of economic sanctions.

Afghans are not beggars. Afghans are proud and independent people. They will not beg for food or refuge. The eagle on the Afghan national flag represents that proud independence; whereby the eagle never eats dirty or leftover meat. Afghanistan does not want the dirty leftovers of the international community. For the damages to its people, culture, natural environment, and infrastructure committed by the United States, NATO and the 50 countries, and Russia these past five decades, Afghanistan needs to seek compensation in tribunals. Afghanistan must hold these countries liable for all of the damages it caused in Afghanistan and to its people. Afghanistan is a country rich in pride and extremely rich in natural resources such as rare earth elements and lithium. Afghanistan can take care of its people by legal action and good decisions regarding its vast untapped resources, which should benefit Afghanistan and not foreign countries and war profiteers.

The new Afghan government must establish legitimate, fair and lawful tribunals to prosecute those individuals and countries responsible for war crimes and human rights violations. Based on the lack of any legal justice these past five decades, it is obvious that the Afghan people are going to have to pursue legal justice themselves because the world has not and will not. The genocide, massacring, torturing, slaughtering, carpet bombing, drone striking, sex trafficking of hundreds of thousands of innocent Afghans are war crimes and human rights violations. The stealing of Afghanistan’s natural resources and the contamination of its environment with radioactive byproducts of war and mineral and REE processing are crimes.

Muslims around the world are watching the United Nations to see if it brings justice for the Muslim victims in Afghanistan, Iraq, China and other countries. It is time that the United Nations takes action and moves to have those responsible for these war crimes and human rights violations prosecuted and held responsible. Ultimately, the new Afghan government will have to take legal action in lawful tribunals as the United Nations and the world have done nothing these five decades. The United Nations and the world have failed the Afghan people.


It is time that the new Afghan government occupy its rightful seat in the General Assembly. The United States and NATO with 50 countries lost the war in Afghanistan and had to withdraw. These wars were not in the interest of the average American citizen, or the average Afghan. Interference in Afghanistan’s economic and political sovereignty must also end now. Positive outcomes will only come through open dialogue, mutual respect and sincerely creating a pathway for trade and commerce. A policy of economic promotion will create a stabilized region while economic sanctions will kill millions of innocent Afghans and create further instability.



Kadir A. Mohmand

Founder of ANPC

Former Representative of Afghan Freedom Fighters for North America in the 1980s

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  1. Kadir A. Mohmand makes good points, I’m sure.
    But just like every other activist, vocal or otherwise, seeking positive change or offering logical observations and criticisms, offering reasonable starting points for attaining to higher equitable outcomes;
    all that is heard by the forces responsible for situations and predicaments calling for redress, is blah blah blah blah.

  2. Why do we continue to dance around the simple fact that we invaded Afghanistan for all the wrong reasons? It was never about nation-building. It was never about bringing democracy to Afghanistan. It was never about liberating Afghans from the fundamentalist Taliban. It was always about, as General Wesley Clark put it, taking out 7 Muslim nations in five years, all for Israel. That was why Israel nuked us on 9/11 and got away with it. We proceeded to destroy nation after nation over the past twenty years. Only Iran has escaped being destroyed and is all the stronger for it.

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