Ex-D.C. Guard Official: Michael Flynn’s Brother Lied to Congress about Jan. 6


Colonel Earl Matthews, a top Army attorney stands shoulder to shoulder with National Guard General Walker on Capital Riot

…from MSNBC

[ Editor’s Note: This story only lasted a day in the news, due to no fault of its own because we are in a heavy news cycle. Colonel Matthews’ 36 report literally charges the Army high command with perjury over its Jan 6 “official history” that it created, attempting to have the final word on the Pentagon’s conduct on January 6th in defending the Capitol.


Colonel Matthews with General Milley

VT Cold War veterans know more than a little bit about coups, as that period was an anything goes one for replacing any government perceived as not being sensitive enough to US interests, let alone those clearly aligned as Soviet Union allies.

Rule number on for all coups, before they can begin, is any opposition military or police intervention has to be completely neutralized as one of the most critical parts of the plan.

In Colonel Matthew’s report you see this happening during the first phone conference where he and the DC National Guard commander, retired Major General Walker, and the Pentagon Army command discuss how best to react to the Capitol perimeter breach.

The quick story is that instead of moving all available National Guard anti-riot resources to the Capitol as fast as possible, the Army command recommended a complicated, multi-stage operation, with further coordinating conference calls required to clear all movement permission.

VT veterans spotted immediately that this smelled like a pre planned purposeful delaying strategy to slow National Guard forces from reaching the Capitol quickly to give the rioters more time to effect the Trump plan of stopping the Biden certification.

And this is exactly what happened. The Army command attempted to have the last word on the event by issuing its own Inspector General’s report, apparently tidying up some loose ends on the real time notetaking of who said what to whom and when.

It also avoided interviewing those witnesses that had conflicting information and witnesses that could challenge the large number of “anonymous witnesses” that keep popping up in the Army command IG report, to a degree that Sherlock Holmes would not be needed to see that an independent reinvestigation is needed to address serious questions of perjured testimony in the IG report, as charged in Colonel Matthew’s report.

But the big hurdle there is that the Jan 6 commission staff has its hands full. And the DoJ is in a similar situation, and might have lines of authority conflicts.

All I can think of is a special prosecutor at this point, but I would bet the Army command is hoping that the current continuing chaos will contribute to letting its already tarnished IG report remain as the last word.

This would be grossly unfair to MG Walker and the DC National Guard, who would have loved to face off with the Trump mob on Jan. 6 to prevent a breach of the Capitol. This is a big deal that should not be swept under the rug… Jim W. Dean ]

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First aired December 06, 2021

A former D.C. guard official accused top generals of lying to Congress about Jan. 6 and criticized the Pentagon’s IG for whitewashing the army’s actions. Specifically, he called General Charles Flynn’s answer “outright perjury.”



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  1. Just an Idea,…a Flag can be flown over the Pentagon to honor a person.
    The page with details is on DOD help center under Public Affairs and Community Engagement.
    The Flag must be supplied.

    “Guidelines for Requesting an American Flag Flown Over the Pentagon

    The requestor must provide the flag.
    All requests must be submitted 5 – 15 business days prior to the event.
    Each returned flag will be accompanied by a certificate verifying the date upon which the flag was flown and the name of the person for whom the flag was flown. ”
    Jan 6 , 2022 would the appropriate request date. Follow the instructions on the DOD website to execute a pre-planned activity. Mailing adds some time, so now is the time.

  2. Trump has put people in place so it can overturns ballots that do not support him winning in 2024, the 6th January event in 2021 was just a practice run.

    I believe that the US is pulling everyone focus, especially China’s, on to East Asia whilst it prepares for its next conflict in the Middle East.

    For Israel to own significantly more land in the region which includes large parts of Iraq and Syria they will:
    1) First need these two countries to be significantly weakened – this has been done over the past decade
    2) Stop the rebuilding efforts using sanctions etc. – this is the current US policy
    3) Disrupt Iran’s economy – Biden has not agreed to the JCPOA agreement.
    4) Not recognise Putin as the leader of Russia when he is re-elected in 2024 – this has already been proposed by members of the US congress.

    Israel’s goal has always been to own significantly more land that it believes is rightfully theirs, US power dominance is waning so the timeframe to do this is now very limited.

    By 2024 the right leaders will be in play – AUKUS is the start. Trump’s supporters have already organised for the right people to be put in place so they will ensure the electoral numbers come out in support of a Trump win. Josh Frydenberg will likely be the leader of Australia and the UK leader will be a Tory who is also aligned with the strategy’s requirement. The Quad is so India will be involved.

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