‘Friendster for Bigots’ Nunes Quits Congress to Work for Donnie


First published 7 December 2021 on VT

Raw Story: U.S. Rep. Devin Nunes, the far right wing California Republican infamously known for accepting propaganda from the Trump White House then breathlessly calling a press conference to claim he had just shared information from “whistleblowers” with the White House, is quitting Congress to head Donald Trump’s new “media” company, Trump Media & Technology Group.

The news, which comes from The Hollywood Reporter’s media and business writer Alex Weprin, comes on the same day news broke that two federal government securities agencies are investigating that same Trump company. CNN also reported the news.

“Congressman Devin Nunes will be CEO of Donald Trump’s media and tech company. He retires from congress and starts at TMTG in January,” Weprin writes.

Nunes, who in 2018 alleged an FBI conspiracy to hurt Trump, was in line to become Chairman of the powerful Ways and Means Committee, under the assumption Democrats will loose control of the House.

Many were quick to mock Nunes.

MSNBC political analyst Tim Miller, an editor-t-large for The Bulwark, calls Trump’s “media” company, TMTG, Friendster for bigots



Devin Nunes’ resignation reveals a depressing truth about the destruction of democracy

Salon: In any time before, leaving Congress to work for Donald Trump would be a huge financial step down in the world, like trading a job as a corporate lawyer for selling handmade Christmas ornaments in the park.

Trump is, after all, one of the most spectacularly incompetent businessmen of all time. He is a man who was gifted a real estate empire and a billion dollars by his father and producer Mark Burnett, yet somehow managed not only to burn through all that money but also to go another one billion dollars into debt.

Leaving your cush job as a congressman on the verge of chairing a prominent House committee to work for the guy who somehow lost $2 billion seems like a bad bet. But it’s a bet that Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., is taking.

On Monday, the Trump loyalist announced that he’s leaving the House to take a job as the CEO of the newly-formed Trump Media & Technology Group, even though, as Jon Skolnik reports for Salon, “Trump’s new social media platform is reportedly under investigation by federal regulators.”

While it’s tempting to snicker at Nunes and hope this business venture fails as badly as every other Trump business, the depressing truth is that Nunes is probably right that this is a cash cow. Due to the huge right-wing base that can be endlessly milked for profit, being a fascist stooge these days is like printing money.  Read more…


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  1. Not one word here about what Biden is doing when it comes to the rule of Law nor any questions about how he is protecting Democracy? Why is that ignored here while Trump and the so called Trumpsters are referred to as if they are the most evil things affecting this country and the world? Vaccines are championed here while news from many scientists veiws are ignored while we all bow down to Falsy? Time will expose these things for what they are.

    • Because it is crystal clear they want to subvert a democratic voting process.

      Just as Mattis was fooled by Holmes, and others by Smollet, …people get fooled.

      Trump, is the biggest fakest, con man with the most power in US history, and anyone who supported him will slowly digest that, or go the grave in denial. He would throw his children under the bus, and demand your loyalty. That is who he is. A professional Liar, in a land of liars all playing the game of pretend. We do not need an IQ test, when we have Holmes and Trump.
      The adam and eve of modern US.

      And btw, when did that pandemic break out ? And when did Trump officially change residence ?

  2. Mr. Odell,
    to some degree, I must admit that your writing touches souls of many, all living things in our life has ending nevertheless, no one ever dies n comes back within days… undermining of our precious ‘DEMOCRAZY ‘was put in test by a man who have manipulated our judicial system, turn whites against colors skins, questioning of VETERANS their life’s at Arlington National Cemetery, molesting young girls, boys, stealing billions for self business practices, hate, bigotry, racism, cutting unpresented deals evil of the evilest putin does not need to be president of this great nation of ours… “I said we do not kill our children’s” comment U claim is really baseless n meritless…

    • I wasn’t really hoping a lot of people agreed with me on that one, but non-violence is the way.
      The reference to children is the ‘man children’ that we now see.

      Perhaps my position would be, I will not pull the trigger, but I might provide material support, or logistical support, if the intention is clear. But there is a hundred ways more preferable.

      Killing, is the cowards way, unless 100% indisputably in defense with no other alternative. Only children do it for sport and personal gain,. that is my position.

  3. Everything the ReTrumplicans are doing right now hinges on forcing Biden from office as soon as possible. That they’ve given up on democracy and the rule of law is blindingly clear. Nunes is banking on the upcoming coup that will change everything. Don’t ever think this couldn’t happen in the USA. The “brownshirts” are already in the streets duking it out with Antifa. Trump’s crazy base is ready to roll to support whatever their fearless leader decides to do next. It only remains to be seen what the new “Reichstag fire” is that will plunge the nation into chaos.

    • As unlikely as it might seem to many that Trump would never be allowed to get anywhere near the White house again; in these crazy premeditated days of rule by chaos, for the cryptocracy to place Trump back in “power” is not too totally inconceivable. 😳😲😏🙄😉

  4. I love it. Nunes saved us all the trouble of trying to prognosticate where he was going.

    Just listen to the sound of your toilet flushing.

    Thanks Devil,….. I mean Devin.

    • I was asked today, why more people (white hats) do not use assassination in the US and why it always seems like good people get killed but none of the bad guys like Trump. They asked why is Trump still alive ?

      I said, we do not kill our children, we teach them slow and steady, and let them choose their own path. Ours is not the forced direction. We know better than to bear the burden of having killed any person. There are times when it feels like the right thing. But, generally speaking, it is the path of the coward (the path of the assassin). Who did you expect would ever do such a thing ?

    • Our society likes to solve things by killing. This is childish. But, it has gotten so out of hand, that it occurs to people , hey, why not just kill those 3 or 8 people and we can be done with it.
      If you are a parent of a teenager, do you not search your mind, and find that violent examples do not work out ? Then the answer is, creative teaching solutions at teachable moments. Timing and expertise. The Crumbleys are perfect and Nunes is gone……….he was never taken seriously in any way that we should feel threatened. Compare to Cheney. Even he, is forced to learn from his daughter, though she could step on the gas a bit.

    • In the course of the human day care facility, called modern society, children sometimes and often lately kill each other. We the messengers or elders or teachers, do not do that.
      This is how we know who kills everyone,. It is not a question to us.

    • That all being said, and being as delicate as any responsible blabber on the internet should be.
      Yes, there are many willing to be called upon. But, the conditions and assurances are a far sight higher than what passes for acceptable in other arenas. And , it is not the right path.
      So, it would have to be a crazy good plan and reason. Not some strife over 30 cents or 3 dollars a gallon of gas puke liquid. Not some, crazy beliefs about religion,…not some grab for power and control. Not for any flag. Not for any border. Not for any favor. Not for any childish reason, and that is all that has been going on. No elder or messenger, or teacher has had anything to do with it. It is the children in the playpen being violent.
      The protector spirit of a people signs up to protect, not to kill. The reasons for action, must be the highest standard and immediate. It is a feeling most share in basic training. This isn’t a joke. Ending a life to protect another, requires more reason than children give. Wa wa does not cut it.

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