I’m a Navy veteran. This is what the January 6 anniversary means to me

Are American veterans armed and ready for a war to the death against Neo-Nazis and the corporate right...oh fucking yes they are....


DB: As a Navy veteran and concerned citizen of our great nation, I feel it is time to lift my voice with the millions of other Americans who believe our core values are being challenged by the whitewashing of the events that occurred on Jan. 6, 2021.

I am infuriated that the whitewashing is being committed by most Republican federal office holders and MAGA media outlet personalities, particularly those on Fox News, where their outright lies are misinforming millions of Americans about what really happened that day. In my mind, promoting these lies threatens the values that truly make America great.

I believe that Americans value honesty and transparency from our elected leaders in government. I believe that we value free and fair elections where all eligible citizens are given every opportunity to cast their ballot. I believe that we value peaceful transitions of power that allow our democracy to function without falling into authoritarianism, oligarchy, and/or civil conflict. I fear there is a growing segment of our nation that is choosing to forego these values for political gain by any means necessary.

During my service in the Navy, I was lucky to be stationed on a ship that embarked on a cruise to the Mediterranean and Black Seas in the mid-1990s.

We stopped in Odessa, Ukraine, which had recently been freed of the yoke of authoritarianism under the rule of the Soviet Union. Ukrainian citizens basked in their new freedoms to elect their own leaders and take part in guiding the fate of their country. They knew well the oppression inherent in authoritarian rule. Today, Ukraine is fighting off an attempt by Russia to return them to the days of authoritarian rule. America cannot allow even the possibility that authoritarianism takes root here.  Read more..




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  1. We will not need guns. Veterans should speak at town hall meetings. Don’t give them the ground.
    Because we have free speech, that is where they attack, and that is where they flourish.
    They want to be the only ones who have it.
    Britain and Israel love it when we are at each others throats. They will seek to keep it that way while pretending to be our friend. Monarchy and religious states, do not want a secular democracy to succeed. We need Freedom From Religion.

    • Religion has nothing to do, always is about money or as said at 1992 James Carville, is the economy…. and you know as the sentence end. 🙂

  2. Hate to break it to you, Mike, but Steve Bannon-style Christo-fascism is coming whether we like it or not. The longer that he and Trump are allowed to run free, the more apparent it is that democracy and the rule of law is doomed in the USA. There will be some “catastrophic and catalyzing event — like a new Pearl Harbor” (PNAC) that will be the pretext for declaring martial law and suspending the US Constitution. I’m certain Israel is working on a redo of 9/11 that will fit the bill.

    • The controllers already have all the power they need.
      They’re just playing games now, toying with it as they slowly tighten the noose.

  3. Dear Sir-
    I want to be with you!
    I want to fight against the Fascist Nazis that hate The United States
    of America!
    I took an Oath to protect the Constitution of the United States of
    America against all Enemies both Foreign and Domestic,
    I am in the VA Hospital. well not in the Hospital, they don’t have
    wi-fi there, I am in the CLC, please bust me out and I will fight with you. Tell Imre and anybody else from the 173rd Brigade and they will help you get me out.
    Thank You for protecting America!
    She is worth it!

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