Dolan Explodes With Passion Against the Davos Demons’ Plans for a Transhumanist Tyranny


                by Rich Scheck for VT

Ufologoist Richard Dolan was on fire in his end of the year podcast in which he went full throttle against the emerging Dystopian tyranny of the World Economic Forum’s Davos Demons!

Perhaps his passion has been reignited by the apparent return of the Divine Feminine energy of his wife, Tracey Garbutt Dolan, whose name appears often in the chat room.

Whatever the combination of factors, the man who showed up in the hour long video demonstrates why this long time political activist has suggested several times in recent years that Dolan is the best person within the UFO community to lead the fight for Disclosure as a candidate for the president.

Most of what he powerfully articulates resonates with my own views that have been captured in dozens of published articles and in privately circulated emails that I have written in the last few years.  Obviously that pleases me and perhaps my work has had some influence on Dolan’s thinking.

Irrespective of whether he reads my material, his views reflect a deep understanding of the political crisis confronting humanity and the relevance of the UFO question to the discussion of how to deal with the profound challenges facing us all.

I understand why any sane person would be extremely reluctant to take on the risks of campaigning for high office.  But if you consistently put yourself out there boldly for folks to hear your impressive analysis of the issues while skillfully communicating your ideas to a wide audience, people are going to see you as a natural leader and source of inspiration.

To the extent the issues he raised are essentially political in nature, hoping he will find the inner strength to to elevate the conversation by doing something like run for president is to be expected.

Dolan has the maturity, intelligence and integrity to appeal to the twin populist factions within the US that have  been brilliantly set against each other by the Globalists in a successful divide and conquer strategy that has the country on the brink of collapse and/or civil war.

Richard’s understanding of how the Davos Demons at the WEF have achieved this state of chaos as a precondition for their plans to establish a Hunger Games type totalitarian dystopia is a major element of his analysis.

I believe that qualifies him as someone with the proper credentials to be considered as presidential material. Hopefully, the new year will see him strengthen his resolve to address these issues in the bold manner demonstrated in the above video.

Hopefully, either Dolan or someone with a similar level of expertise, will emerge to inspire and empower the multitudes to push back even harder against those aspiring tyrants spouting noble lies and disingenuous false narratives that have sent humanity hurtling towards the abyss.

I applaud Richard for his courage in speaking truth to power, for his perseverance in tackling the fascinating subject of Ufology and his willingness to keep the torch raised high in the spirit of providing enough light to dissipate the darkness rapidly unfolding around us.

It is my deepest wish that the New Year brings him much joy, prosperity and the blessings of a strong family life.  I have not always agreed with his judgment but join his countless fans in my appreciation  of his work and our collective gratitude for all he has achieved.

If we can replicate his enthusiasm and hard work, I’m betting we can overcome the plans of the Davos Demons for a transhumanist tyranny.



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